Budapest, Hungary

The train to Budapest was actually quite enjoyable.   The seats were very comfortable and they were out in the open and not inside a cabin. I do not like cabin seating.   I don’t want to spend hours face to face with someone. I arrived in Budapest at midnight.  I walked outside. It is POURING.  I […]

Croatia – Zagreb and Plitvice National Park – May 2012

I left Budapest when it was still dark out, headed for Zagreb, Croatia.  My time in Zagreb was really to visit Plitvice National Park.  I had gone back and forth so many times between staying in Zagreb and staying at Plitvice.  Staying in Zagreb meant it was easier to leave once my Croatia stay was […]

Where Will You Go in Europe?

How do you pick what trip is perfect for you?  Well that’s up to you really.  Don’t listen to other people, do what YOU want.  I once read a message board where some woman posted that her niece (or whoever) went to (wherever) and hadn’t planned enough time in that city and that “The poor […]

Vienna, Austria

I am really glad I kept a diary.  If I had to write this from memory, today would start out as “took the train from Bratislava to Vienna, dropped my stuff off in my hotel and hurried to see Prater Park because I could not wait to ride the Riesenrad!!”   But reading my diary, that […]