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2 thoughts on “How to Contact Me

  1. Joanie Elsten

    I stumbled across your blog after Googling “bus ride to Ana Capri” (I’m still WTF’ing over it.). ;). Just got back from Italy two weeks ago, first time abroad since ’87 (late start as an “adult” going international..yep.). I had to laugh over your rumination over Venice; I felt the same too! :/ Though, I think at that point I was.just homesick. I loved Italy, but I found it a bit chaotic (mostly re: train travel). Appreciate adventure and learning new cultures but it just seemed..a lot of things were made a lot harder in Italy than they should have been? I don’t know.

    Another interesting twist is that I traveled with a friend who lives in Brooklyn and I live, where else..Las Vegas. Haha! Lastly, Croatia and Austria are next on my list, for Europe. India eventually (I used to live in Saudi Arabia and my closest friends were Indian and Sri Lankan; love the culture.). =)

    Will be subscribing to your blogs. And, if you are ever in Vegas, let me know! I work at the spa at Caesars Palace; I can get you a day pass to there during the week. =)

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I always get excited when I find people who did not love Venice. I used to think I would go back and redo it, starting with venturing out while everyone is still asleep. Now I am over that idea and I have moved on.

      India! I am planning a trip next year. It is difficult because summertime is way too hot for most of India. But I want to go to Ladakh and Leh, and you can only really go there in the summertime. So I guess its a two trip kind of country, but I want to do it all right NOW dammit!

      You are so kind to offer a day pass! I will be back in Vegas in 55 days. I will be sure to contact you, thank you so much!


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