Las Vegas Trip Report: That Time I Went Degenerate

Note:  This is an older Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts and anyone else who loves fun.  It was written back in 2008.  Most of this information is now outdated and some places mentioned no longer exist.

Saturday, December 13, 2008 – Day Two of Twenty One

I wake up at the California hotel.  My big plan of sleeping in is foiled by the light pouring in from the window shutters. Noooooooo. I’ve read people complain about how Main Street Station and the California have shutters instead of curtains and the light pours in. I never understood it, who goes to Las Vegas to sleep? But now I’m TRYING TO SLEEP and the light wakes me up. I’ll get over it.

I went downstairs and again tried to get my Boyd points combined with my Coast points.  This time it was done in about two seconds, no arguing, no telling me it can’t be done without me going to the Gold Coast.  That’s what I thought!

Today’s itinerary tells me to go to the Golden Gate for breakfast and use my Las Vegas Advisor 5x points coupon. I get there and realize I left the coupon in my room. No problem, I am only going to play $35 anyway.  I can use the coupon later in the trip.  I still have twenty days left after all!

I go to the coffee shop and there are no tables available. It’s 9:00 during the slowest week of ANY year, let alone this crappy economy year, and there are no tables available.

I start to get annoyed and upset that so far everything is going wrong on my trip. Block it out. Come on, there’s some pretty slot machines, play them. They will make you feel better. Ahhhhhhh there we go.

I lose $55 in the Golden Gate.  Remember, I was only supposed to play $35.

I went across the street to the Las Vegas Club, to the Great Moments Cafe for their breakfast special. Bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns all for $3.99. it was really really good. It came on a fancy square plate. The total was $6.82 with coffee.  Don’t you love how specials nearly double when you add something as simple as coffee to them?

What is up with the Las Vegas Club? It is so empty.

Las Veags Club empty space

From here I ignore the fact that I am supposed to go back to my room after breakfast.   Instead I hit Dunkin Donuts inside Fremont for some iced coffee.  As I’m reading my notes, I realize I had completely forgotten about some of the stupid things I did on this trip. For example, I lost the rest of my day’s budget playing nickel Super Times Pay video poker. Then I put in a $100 bill from my future budget and played quarters. Lost it. Put in ANOTHER $100 bill and continue playing quarters. Quarter Super Times Pay video poker is not in my budget. I guess I felt that since I was playing outside my budget, why not just keep losing everything?

fremont stp jacks

royal deuces fremont


According to my notes, I got up to 799 credits, which would have given me my $200 back but I didn’t cash out and went down to zero. Wow I suck.

I went to Binions to play a Press Your Luck slot machine.  I won and put it all back. Time to go back to the California.

On my way to my room I play some sort video poker called Super Double Bonus Poker. I got dealt a straight flush. I’m reading my notes as I’m typing and the next sentence is “cashed out at $243.75 – no clue how”. So basically, if I couldn’t remember that day how I got that high, I certainly have no chances of remembering it now or ever.

Now I’m hungry again. Great. I was supposed to just go out for a quick run and come back and shower.  Now that I’ve finally made it back to my hotel, and am headed towards my room, I need to eat because I’ve been out SO long that its now lunch time.

I hit Main Street Station’s Triple 7 Brew Pub and got a burger. Sooooooo good. I had the best waitress ever. She was quick, didn’t make me wait for anything, brought me a new soda before the first was done (if you have never eaten here, the sodas are the size of a Big Gulp).

Now my notes say out of nowhere “got four of a kind 2’s and also sixes”. This might pertain to the $243.75. I am a mess here. I have half an entire notebook full of notes and yet I still can’t figure out what I did.





After eating, I try an Alfred Hitchcock slot machine. Wow – awesome. This is my new favorite machine. I didn’t document what I won on here, but I can tell you this was my favorite game for the remainder of my trip. I got back some of my losses and yet I’m STILL not going back to my room after a “quick run to eat breakfast and come right back”

I put a $100 bill in some stupid Quick Hit machine.  Once I’m down $80, I get a progressive hit for $90.  Do I stop? Of course not. I go back to Super Double Bonus Poker and I’m dealt 2’s. Yay!


I play Treasure Chest poker and am dealt four to the royal, minus the Jack.  I don’t get the Jack. I go upstairs to shower and am horrified to see that it is somehow now 5:30 pm.  How did that happen?   I left my room with the intention of getting a quick breakfast before showering and now its 5:30?

I get dressed and check out the money situation.

Yeeeeesh. I have:

money for tonight
money for tomorrow
money for Monday
nothing for Tuesday
nothing for Wednesday
nothing for Thursday
nothing for Friday

Good thing I don’t care because I am a degenerate and degenerates don’t know how to care.

I shower, get dressed and head back downstairs. Dinner is at the Pasta Pirate at California. I get what I like to call “The Dick Table”. It’s a very wobbly table that has two chairs.  You could not have a second person sitting there because the second chair (and most of the entire table) is pretty much in every server’s walkway. It’s funny because I always read inquiries about solo dining and do you feel you are treated different.  It’s something I never noticed ever. But this – I notice.  It’s kind of impossible not to when every server slams into your table while walking by.

I have the filet mignon special.  The meat is great, and I don’t like the potatoes. After dinner, I go to the ABC Store to get me some Diet Pepsi. The wind is blowing like a maniac. On my way back to the California, I walk through the Las Vegas Club.  I see a Happy Days slot machine.  I have to play it even though I don’t have my Las Vegas Club card.  I leave up FIFTY BUCKS. Go me, I need this.

I head back over to Main Street Station and try Treasure Chest video poker again. I never get four of a kind but I get enough full houses to double my $20. We are in the danger zone with my budget so I cash out. I try Hitchcock again and he gives me some money. I didn’t write how much and I sure don’t remember. Back to the California and I play a game named King of the Wild. It’s terrible. But then I hit a bonus and won $115.84!!   Wooooo.

I try the game next to it and lose $50 of my big bonus win before I finally JUST STOP IT ALREADY.  I go upstairs and fall asleep at 10:15.

king of the wild 11584 win

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