Las Vegas Trip Report: We Stayed at the Westward Ho!

This is an old Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts. While it was current at the time it was written, a lot of it is now completely outdated.  Much of what you read about may no longer exist.

Friday, March 29, 2003 – Day Nine of Nine

This morning, the alarm goes off at the exact nano second of the beginning of Billy Squier’s “Lonely is the Night.” Yes! This is a great way to start the day!!!

We get dressed and run out the door for our last day. Our first stop is the Riviera buffet. Saying it is not good would be an understatement. It is not as horrible as the Frontier buffet. But this is only because the Riviera had slightly edible donuts, whereas the Frontier had a grand total of zero edible items.

After breakfast, we walk back to the Frontier with a stop at Walgreens.

We pack and get out of the Frontier. We are not ready to leave yet though since our flight isn’t until much later. So for our last hotel of the trip, we head to the Westward Ho where we have a room for our last day just in case we need it.

If you have ever wondered what a Westward Ho room looks like, here it is:

Westward Ho Las Vegas bedsWestward Ho, Las Vegas, deskWestward Ho, Las Vegas, dresserWestward Ho, Las Vegas bathroom

We hurry up and “unpack” (to us, this now means “open your suitcase, dig though it, get bored, forget what you are looking for, and run out the door”) and play slots for hours.

I get $50 on a Lobstermania, $40 on Risque Business.

We head over to the Rio to have lunch at the Carnival World buffet. It was SO good.

Once we are done eating – guess where we headed? Slots! My mother takes the Uncle Sam machine (that’s MY machine!) and I lose on everything around it.

Rio casino:

Rio, Las Vegas - Casino

We take a break to watch the Parade in the Sky show. We loved it.

Rio Las Vegas, Parade in the Sky Rio Las Vegas, Parade in the Sky Rio Las Vegas, Parade in the Sky Rio Las Vegas, Parade in the Sky Rio Las Vegas, Parade in the Sky

We were up on the second floor watching. There was a bar below us where the bartender would walk around pouring shots into people’s mouths. It was during this sight that I decided I MUST stay here on my next trip. It just looked like so much fun. If it wasn’t our last day, and we didn’t have mere hours left before going to the airport, I would have ran down there with my mouth wide open.

The parade ends and its our “last chance to gamble before leaving” so we run back to play slots. I play the new Price is Right. I LOVE this game. I win and win and win and win. I cash out with $95.

Back to the ‘Ho. I win $65 on a Frequent Flyer game. This is the second time I won on my last day with my mother. Apparently she is my “last day good luck charm”.

We took a cab to the airport (BOOOOOOOOOOOO) and got there 2.5 hours early.

At the airport, I put $5 into a “Little Green Men” slot and play for close to an hour on it. I cashed out solely because I wanted a cigarette. I was up $10. I moved to a smoking room with more slots and played a quarter game named “Triple Play” and won $75. Once I am full of nicotine, I move back outside the smoking lounge to play “Frog Prince” and turn $5 into $45. This is ridiculous, no one wins at the airport, right? Back to the smoking room for our absolute last cigarette before we land back in New York. I finish with a $75 win on my Triple Play machine again. Go me!

Now it’s time to go home. I was upset. But JetBlue’s wonderful Direct TV fixed that. The entire way home, VH1-Classic had “Metal Militia” on. Five straight hours of non-stop metal videos. I spent the entire flight with the sound up as loud as it would go, head banging, giving the metal horns to the tiny screen and mouthing every word. I couldn’t believe how wonderful this channel was

The flight was smooth until the last 15 minutes. Then it was very bumpy and I did the whole “You are going to die and it’s your own fault for being so stupid that you put your life in jeopardy and for what? To gamble?!?!?” self loathing thing. But we landed alive and I’m ready to go back.

[This trip was a Christmas present to my mother, who had Breast Cancer during this trip . She passed away three years later.  Going through these older reports and re-reading them has been very heavy to say the least.]

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