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Atlantic City: Ultimate X Video Poker Porn

Back in July, I went to a fest in Philadelphia.  As always, I make a stop in Atlantic City for a few days to kill time before I need to be there.  This trip I stayed in Atlantic City Tuesday – Friday.  I left Thursday for Philadelphia and came back Thursday night.

I only kept notes from my first night and the final tally, so this will be mostly photos and less text.

I arrived with a reservation for the Dennis Tower at Ballys.  I did not want to stay in the Dennis Tower.  Hell, I didn’t want to stay at Ballys either.  But it was the only hotel coming up with all three nights comped.  The guy who checked me in upgraded me to the Ballys Tower.

Ballys Atlantic City hotel room

I loved the view.

Ballys Atlantic City ocean view room

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view from Ballys hotel Atlantic City New Jersey

I am very excited to report that Ballys now has a Dunkin Donuts in the lobby!   Every time I went, the line was insane.  But I am still excited.

I played mostly video poker, with some Cleopatra Keno.  I also played a 50 Lions slot machine.  I experienced every gambler’s dream.  I accidentally hit max bet and got a $250 line pay!

I left home with $300.  I left Atlantic City with $600.  This was after spending money on food (I arrived with no comps, oh no!), the bus back and forth to Philadelphia and lots of BEER in Philadelphia.

Here is some video poker porn for you.

four of a kind fives double double bonus video poker ballys atlantic city ultimate x dealt fives ballys atlantic city ultimate x four of a kind nines x 4 ballys atlantic city Ultimate x quad sevens x 4 ballys atlantic city ultimate x video poker fives multiplier ballys atlantic city ultimate x video poker kings multiplier ballys atlantic cityultimate x video poker aces kicker multiplier ballys atlantic city

Funny how I did not want to stay at Ballys because it is my unlucky casino.  But on this trip, she loved me.

I also visited Borgata and holy shit this casino hated me so much.  I also never once got to play my favorite Cleopatra Keno machines because they were always occupied.

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atlantic city

My Last Stay at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City

I made two trips to Atlantic City this past summer.   I never posted about either of them because I am the world’s worst blogger.  I am now going to post some pictures from this trip before I get to posting about a third trip last weekend.

For both summer trips, I stayed at Trump Plaza and both times were my last times staying here as this hotel and casino closed soon after.

Trump Plaza Atlantic City New Jersey

You know what else closed too?  These guys, Showboat and Revel:

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Revel Atlantic City

Taj Majal will likely be next.   This is my choice for prettiest Atlantic City casino.

Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City New Jersey Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal casino Atlantic City Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino Atlantic City New JerseyHilton closed earlier this year.  Caesars Entertainment managed to close the casino at Claridge without much news about it.  It is now used as just a hotel for Ballys and Caesars guests.  I have stayed in this tower, it is horrible.  Mind you, I am not a cul de sac namby pamby who requires a fancy hotel.   But the lighting in my room was horrible.  I was trying to write in my diary and it was too dark with all the lights on to see what I was trying to write.  That kind of horrible.

Sands used to be next door to the Claridge.  It was demolished to make way for a new property that was never even started.  Somewhere along the way, it was made into a fenced in park with positive words scattered around it.  I personally think it is stupid.

weirdo park

When I checked into Trump on one of my trips, the line was not moving at all.  I stood there forever wondering what is it that people do when they are checking into hotels at casinos that they stand there for 238743 hours talking to the desk clerk.   I mean seriously, every freaking time I check into a hotel attached to a casino, it takes every person in front of me a ridiculously long time.  Yet it only takes me about three minutes.

Finally it is my turn to check in.  I say “I don’t care about anything except that it is a smoking room.”  He says back to me “you are the easiest person I have had in…” and completely drifts off to the point I think he is never going to finish the sentence.  Then he snaps back to reality and continues with “ever.”

He gives me my keys and off I go.  OH HEY.  I got a suite!  How exciting!

Trump Plaza SuiteTump Plaza suite living room Tump Plaza living room suiteRoom view:
Trump Plaza viewAnd a filthy telephone:
Trump Plaza dusty phoneI guess if I needed to call someone and did not want to use that phone, I could just use the house phone by the elevator.  Oh wait…

WP_20140811_001[1]Here is Bally’s Wild Wild West.  This will be the new prettiest place once Trump Taj Mahal closes.

Ballys Wild Wild West Atlantic City boardwalk Atlantic City Boardalk Caesars Wild Wild WestBallys Wild Wild West Atlantic CityBally’s casino:
Ballys casino Atlantic City New JerseyBallys Wild Wild West Casino Atlantic CityAnd back outside we go…

Caesars Ballys Claridge Atlantic City New Jersey

Atlantic City sand sculptingSteel Pier amusement park Atlantic CityAtlantic City beachAtlantic City beach at sunsetAtlantic City Beach New JerseyI would tell you more about the gambling portion of this trip except that it was so long ago I don’t remember any specifics.  I know I lost both times, which may be the real reason why I don’t remember.  Sorry guys.