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The Surprise Las Vegas Trip Report

Hi Guys!  So I decided to go to Vegas and not tell anyone.  I figured I could handle acknowledging maybe three people doing a smug “I told you so” about me not going back.  I will also let you know I have already acknowledged four of these comments.  So if you must, feel free.  But I am going to ignore you.

I had some vacation time booked from work.  I was going to go somewhere.  I booked flights to and from Vegas.  Then I got buyer’s remorse and cancelled them within 24 hours.

I kept watching the rates and eventually, booked again.  Then came time to book my rooms.

It started with Boyd being a dick.  If you are a Boyd player, you already know the deal.  If you are not a Boyd player, then let me summarize it for you.  Boyd completely stopped their offers for a tiny bit.  Looking back, we now all know they were just adjusting their comp system so your comped nights could be used at all properties, rather than separate offers for separate properties.  But at the time, we did not know this because there was no communication.  I did however, have my Sapphire reward which is three free nights, immediately after making Sapphire.

My Sapphire reward was good at any Boyd property.  My choices for other nights were to stay at Orleans or pay for a room.  I decided I was never going to stay at Orleans again.  I love that hotel and casino but honestly, I never leave it when I am there. It does not matter what my plans are, I can never leave.  I just sit for hours and go degenerate.  Sometimes I try to leave.  Sometimes I even make it outside.  But when I start walking to the bus stop, I get so annoyed at the lengths it takes to get anywhere that I go back inside.

(Yes, I am aware of the free shuttle, which goes nowhere I would want to go.)

So I decided to book and pay for Four Queens on Hotwire.  You can pick out which one is Four Queen because it is the only three star hotel without a resort fee.  It is usually around $30, which makes it cheaper than paying a resort fee on a comped Strip hotel.

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The last two nights were at the Mirage, from a MyVegas reward.  I had to pay the resort fee, but it evens out because by staying at an MLife property, I was able to use rewards that you can only use when staying at an MLife property.  Which means I got to use two rewards for the Bellagio buffet and $25 free play.

I get six rewards because degenerate.  So I booked a bunch of crap, not sure what I would exactly be using.  It ended up being brunch at Excalibur and breakfast at Mirage.  I also got a free candy bar from Hexx.

I really liked having a short and secret trip booked.  There wasn’t the build up, the insane time spent making an itinerary.  It felt light and care free.

I was armed with my American Casino Guide, but had issues getting my Member Rewards Book from Las Vegas Advisor.  They mailed it to me twice, and the post office ate it twice.  I did not expect them to keep sending me books.  But at the same time, I wanted my book.  I knew I could go pick it up, but I don’t drive and wasn’t really into taking the bus there from Downtown.  Luckily for me, they offered to have it dropped off at my hotel.  This company gets a ton of shit for their lack of customer service, but I have to say that they truly went above and beyond for me and I am so grateful.

I booked a flight that left NYC a bit earlier than normal so I arrived a little bit earlier than normal.  This seemed fair since my trip was going to be really short (for me.)  I actually got to see daylight outside the plane window.

view of daylight from flight to las vegas

view from plane window flight to vegasview from flight to las vegas

I landed in the JetBlue terminal, which McCarran likes to call the International Terminal without any consideration for people flying JetBlue who do not know they are now in the International Terminal since why would they be if they are not flying international?  I did not know where to catch the WAX bus here.  The signage was the opposite of helpful. So I took the shuttle that goes between terminals.  As I was getting off the shuttle at the OG terminal, the WAX bus was pulling in.  Wahoo!

As the bus is about to reach Bonneville Transit Center, I remember that I had downloaded “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” to my MP3 player, to bring me luck in Las Vegas.   I quickly put it on, in hopes that I can get through one full play before reaching my hotel.  I did, which was somehow the first time I had ever heard this song in it’s entirety?   It is supposed to be a light, fun song.  Yet somehow I got mad at it, like who the fuck are you to tell me what a lady does and does not do? Yes, there is something wrong with me.

I get off the bus and check into Four Queens.  I let the woman checking me in know that I would like a smoking room, but if she does not have one, that is totally fine.  When you book through Hotwire, they automatically add your preference as non smoking.  The last time i was here, you may remember I begged and begged for a smoking room, I will take your worst room ever, please.  And they gave me their worst room ever.  This time though, I am only going to be in my room for a few hours so I can live with whatever they give me.

She lets me know she does have a smoking room. YAY.  She hands me my keys and my Las Vegas Advisor that was dropped off.   I go to my room.  I unlock the door and inside is a suite.   SWEET!

four queens las vegas suitefour queens las vegas suite roomfour queens las vegas suite bathroomfou queens las vegas suite makeup areafour queens las vegas suite shower

Of course this is completely wasted on me because GAMBLOR, but it was still pretty cool.

I went outside and crossed the street to Binions.  My plan for this trip was to establish myself at both Binions and Four Queens.  Both properties share an owner, with only Four Queens having hotel rooms. I figured one full day of play at each may get me on their radar.  I have danced on their radar before, but fell completely off it. I’d like to try again.

At Binions, i had $10 free play from my Member Rewards book.  Turned that into $100 on Keno. This would be a very nice first night cash out, go to bed and still have a full budget with an additional $100.  But you know, the whole thing where I planned to give Binions a full play day?  That gave me the green light to lose that hundred, plus a full day’s budget, so I could hopefully get on the radar for a comped $30/night hotel.  Because obviously.

I played around for three hours.  I was up and down and up and down.  This was my biggest up:

dollar jacks binions

Binions has a Motherlode promotion.  You get to swipe up to three times a day.  At 5 points, 40 points and 300 points.   I got three swipes.  The first was for a free gift, that I didn’t even bother asking what it was.  The second was for $10 off their cafe.  This is an excellent prize.  The third was for $50 free slot play.  That was incredibly exciting for me.   I played it on a Buffalo slot machine and lost.  And kept going and lost some more.

I grabbed french fries and a coke from McDonalds and was in my room by midnight.  That was when I realized I did not remember to use my American Casino Guide for double points at Binions, up to 500.  I was not going back out to do that.  So sleep it was.

I ended my first night down $100.  Yes, even with the two big wins.  Because possible comps on a $30/night hotel.  Because degenerate.  I didn’t check my little cheat sheet or else I would have stopped earlier.  200 points gets you a buy one, get one offer.  500 points gets you a full comp. I did 400 points.  Great job.  Idiot.

Las Vegas Trip Report: Moving from Bellagio to Four Queens

This morning I am awake at Bellagio at 7:00 and out the door at 7:40.  I decided to go to Monte Carlo for their buffet, using a MyVegas reward.  I am in the spa tower, which is conveniently located near the tram.  But it isn’t running because it is too early.  I walk all around the platform looking for a sign with hours on it and never find one.  Does it start running at 8:00?  Or 9:00?   If I leave, it will be 8:00.  If I stay, it will be 9:00.  I say screw it and leave.

View from the tram platform:
Las Vegas strip view from Aria tram platform at Bellagio

I head outside to walk and end up playing at Cosmopolitan. I stop to check on brain surgery bear.  He is doing better.

Bellagio Las Vegas conservatory brain surgery bear on the mend

His friend seems to have caught his illness though.Bellagio conservatory Las Vegas sick bear Continue reading

Bellagio conservatory Las Vegas Bellagio Las Vegas reception

Las Vegas Strip Paris from BellagioI haven’t been to Cosmopolitan in awhile. They had sent me a teaser offer a couple of years ago and I had intended to focus a lot of play here to try and keep them coming.  Unfortunately, my stay was during a horrible losing streak and even I was unwilling to go that far into future days’ budgets to keep them happy.  So I accept that our love affair is over.  But since I am here, and since there is a Starbucks…You know how it goes.

I went to where the Double Double Bonus video poker games I used to play used to be located.  They are not there.  Where are they?  I don’t know because I never found them.  I thought I did but when I put a $20 into a machine and hit max bet, I noticed max bet on this machine was 100 quarters.  Oh hell no.   But it is too late as my credits are already gone.   You know how this goes too. You think “Okay, this is it.  I will win so much money and have an anecdotal story of how I made a mistake and it paid off and now I am rich!”  Except it didn’t happen. I didn’t even get Jacks or Better.

I put in a second $20 and this time play five quarters.  I hit four of a kind fours.  Look at that pay table.  They short you on the Royal Flush if you are not playing max bet, which again is 100 quarters.  I didn’t realize this until I took the photo.  I cashed out gave the machine the finger and moved on.

cosmopolitan las vegas video poker fours

I played some Ultimate X, some Cleopatra Keno, some more Ultimate X.  And before you know it, I had blown through my entire budget for the day.  Without having eaten breakfast yet.  Because of the stupid tram my degenerate gambling problem.


It is only 8:30 am and my day is basically ruined.

I walk across the street to Planet Hollywood.  Their breakfast buffet is my favorite buffet in all of Las Vegas.  They have a $10 coupon in the Las Vegas Advisor coupon book.  I have used mine back in January.  But I have a second one.  Since you present it at the cashier and not at the player’s club, I get away with using it a second time.  I didn’t really enjoy it because I was so full of self loathing that there was no room inside me to fit any food.

Back across the street to sulk and pack as today is moving day again.

I get an error message when I try and check out on the television.  I get an email to check out online, doesn’t take.  I am not going to the front desk so I don’t check out at all.  I tried.

Outside and across the street to catch the bus to downtown to check into Four Queens.  I let the first bus that comes go, because PEOPLE.   The second one is relatively empty.  We pass my beloved Riviera.   Or what was my beloved Riviera.  I haven’t been here since they murdered her.  I miss her so much.  I gave the new parking lot that replaced her the finger as we drove by.

I get off the bus and walk to finally take this guy’s photo:
Mannekin Pis The D Las VegasI attempt to check in at Four Queens.  They have no rooms available right now (absolutely fine) but no smoking rooms at all (not fine.)  I begin whining, begging, pleading PLEASE.  ANY ROOM.  I WILL TAKE ANY ROOM.  EVEN A BROOM CLOSET PLEASE.

I am assigned the worst room in the hotel.  I do not fault them for this, they tried to give me a better room and I refused it.  For all I know, this room was never intended to be rented out again until after the renovations were done.  Hell, for all I know, this room has sat empty for ten years because no one wanted it.  Except it maybe didn’t because I was told housekeeping hadn’t gotten to it yet, so my key would not be available until 1:00.

Four Queens has a “Going Green” promotion going on that you have to specifically ask about, it doesn’t automatically apply.  What it is, is that for every day you waive housekeeping, you get $10 dining credit.  This is a fantastic promotion.  Dining is cheap here so you could get a completely free meal just for hanging up a Do Not Disturb sign.

I have it applied to my room and off I go to gamble. First stop, Binions.  I lose some more money on both Cleopatra Keno and Double Double Bonus video poker.  Then I pull out a win on a Buffalo machine.  This machine makes a really loud noise when you put cash into it.  The first time I yelled “CALM DOWN” at it.  Every time after that, it would startle me.  No matter how many times I played this machine on this trip, it scared the daylights out of me.

Binions has a promotion named “Motherlode” that is fantastic.  You can swipe your card at three points, first is at 5 points, second is 40 and third is 300.

You can win anything from a deck of cards (of course!) to free play to dining to cash.  I had played long enough to earn 40 points, which gets me two spins. I won $5 free play and $10 dining.  This caused a first world conundrum.  I have $10 dining at Four Queens I need to use today, and I now have $10 dining at Binions I need to use in the next 24 hours.  I am obviously going to use it to get a Binions burger because Binions burger.  I cannot use either for breakfast tomorrow if (a) I am getting a Binions burger today (b) I have plans to go to Santa Fe for breakfast tomorrow.  Life can be hard sometimes.

I lose the $5 free play and it is now 2:30.  I was told I could get my key at 1:00.  And now I am being told nope, 3:00.  I do not want to keep gambling.  Well I do want to.  But I lost my daily budget before breakfast this morning.  I am now playing (and losing) with my winnings.  So I decide to get on a bus and go check out Lucky Dragon.

Lucky Dragon is a new casino located on Sahara.  I took the Deuce and walked over.  This place has a huge distinction from every other casino in Las Vegas that the entrance is actually on the street.  You are walking on Sahara and you do not not have cross a parking lot to enter it. It is right there.

I thought I would continue to Palace Station afterwards but there is a gate type thing that blocks off Sahara if you want to keep walking in that direction.  This may be poor urban planning, this may be a purposeful blockade to keep pedestrians from leaving.  You could always head back towards the Strip to catch the bus.

I sign up for a card and “win” $8 free play.  I used it on triple line Double Double Bonus video poker, nickel denomination.  I don’t like this place.  The machines all have that new machine smell, so the place is burning wire scented.  I did not take a walk around but the place looks tiny.

I lost my money and head back to Four Queens.  I am finally given my room.  The room that I begged and pleaded for.  PLEASE I WILL TAKE YOUR WORST ROOM IF I CAN SMOKE PLEAAAAAAASE.  The more I got “noped” the more I would beg until she finally relented and gave me this room.  It isn’t really fair to judge the Four Queens by this room as she did not want to assign it to me, I begged for it.  But out of the dozen times I have stayed here, this was the worst room I have gotten.  So if you are reading this and considering staying in my favorite place to stay in all of Vegas, do not let my room deter you.  You will likely get a better room.

There is no plug by the nightstand so the alarm clock is on the desk in the corner.  Four Queens Las Vegas desk

There is also this suicide maker, convenient for when you cannot open the window far enough to jump out of:

Four Queens Las Vegas death

That room view though.

Four Queens Las Vegas room view

I drop my stuff and go back out to claim my Binions burger.  It is fantastic as always.

I gamble around Four Queens, which is something I rarely do.  As much as I love being here, comps just do not come my way here.  So long ago, I gave up trying.  I am better off putting my money in a casino that will reward my play.

I lose some more money and give up.  I take a walk to Walgreens to get some water before going to the room.  Some guy says “Excuse me Miss, you dropped…” and as I am looking down, I catch the rest of the sentence “your smile.”  My response: “Ugh, that fucking thing.”

I have a tendency to draw in people who just love to comment on the fact that I am not walking around like a maniac with a smile on my face at all times ever.  So many “It cant be that bad!” and “Smile!  It can’t be that bad!” and just so many, sooooooooo many, complete strangers who are constantly telling me to smile.  Remember this post about that altercation I got into with that guy outside Plaza?  Like seriously, YOU aren’t smiling either, asshole.


I head to my room, unable to keep my phone charging near my bed since there is no plug there.  So I set the sun as my alarm clock by sleeping with the drapes open.

Gambling Day: – $400
Gambling Trip: + $90
Miscellaneous: (bus pass, coffee, water, tips): $24
Comps used: $9.99 Total Rewards credits to make my Planet Hollywood buffet free after the $10 coupon, $2 in points at Walgreens that were on my card – does this count?
Coupons: Nope
Freebies: $10 free dining at Binions, $5 free slot play at Binions, $8 sign up promotional free play at Lucky Dragon.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Breakfast: Planet Hollywood LVA $10 or ACG 20% 7-11
Check into Four Queens
Double Points Four Queens + Binions ACG
Downtown Grand 5x ACG / 500 points = pull tab
Dinner: Four Queens Go Green credit
Rainbow Casino
Emerald Island earn 100 points and spin the wheel
Stations 10x slots, 6x vp
Sam’s Town 15X Buffalo, 11x reels or 7x VP

Las Vegas, Nevada: Closing Day at the Westward Ho, Crazy Lady at the El Cortez and My Revenge on Loud Hotel Guests

So, shortly after booking my December trip to Las Vegas, I read that the Westward Ho would be closing their doors on November 17.  I wanted to go, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to have two trips so close together.   I’d have to fund this trip with my December Vegas funds and I didn’t really want to do that.   Of course, I didn’t abandon the thought.  I checked my Harrahs offers and found I had two free nights at the Rio.   Well that was it, I was going to Las Vegas to say goodbye to the Ho!

Thursday, November 16, 2005 – Day One of Four

I left work at 5:00 and took the air train to JFK.  I wouldn’t do this if I had luggage with me.  Most subway stops in NYC (including the ones at my home and my job) don’t have escalators.  But since I just had a small bag, it was okay.

JetBlue flight departing at 7:15pm.  Or it was supposed to be.   We boarded and the doors were shut the door at 7:10.  At 8:00 we got an announcement that it would be another 45 minutes.    I hate that.  I also couldn’t get my two favorite channels (Travel Channel and VH1 Classic).   That sucked too.

After sitting on the plane for about seven hours, we’re in Las Vegas!

I took a shuttle to the Rio.  I have two nights comped here.  I’m supposed to have a premium “suite” with strip view, but I don’t.   No complaints though as it’s free.   I get room 471 in the Ipanema tower.   The bed was so comfortable.  I love the Rio rooms.

Rio, Las Vegas. Room 471 in the Ipanema tower

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Rio, Las Vegas. Room 471 in the Ipanema tower

I walked over to the Gold Coast and play a bit.  Do the typical win/lose/win again/lose again thing.   Back to the Rio where I do the same.   I found some new IGT penny games and played for a while.  Finally it’s 3:30 am and I’ve been up 25 hours.  Time for bed.

Friday – November 17, 2005 – Day Two of Four

I ended up sleeping until 11:00.   Exhausted.   I go downstairs and lose some money on my way to the buffet.   The smoking section was closed for construction.  Eat and take the shuttle to Harrahs.    From there, I walked over to Wynn and get my name on my card since I am still holding onto a blank one I was given when they first opened.  Lose some money here.  Then continue to Westward Ho to be there when it closes.

The Ho is supposed to close at 5:00.  I got there at 3:30 and found out it’s closing at 4:30.   The deli was closed at 3:00.  Good thing I had no intentions of ever having a Ho Dog.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Deli Closing SignWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Deli ClosedWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Ho Dog Mural

As I walked up, the Ho Dog sign on the side of the building was being painted over.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Removal of Ho Dog Sign

The gift shop was completely empty and closed.  All the signs were dark.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Closed and Empty Gift Shop

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Dark Sign Outside

I got on line for a margarita.  The man in front of me told me that when him and his wife got married, they stayed at the Ho.   He was really going to miss it.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Margarita Bar

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Bar Closing Sign

I started playing and soon after, there were announcements advising everyone to cash out now.   We were repeatedly reminded that they were closing.  If you waited until the last minute to cash out, and you needed a hopper fill, you would have to wait a long time because they anticipated a LOT of people would all need hopper fills at the same time.  As machines were being abandoned, employees began taping over the bill acceptors.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 slots shut down with tapeWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 taped up slots

There were also announcements that the Westward Ho came in dancing, and we would be dancing on out at 4:30.   Employees were giving out party hats and party favors that all said “Happy New Year” on them.  I’m guessing they’ve been in storage since New Year ’s Eve last year.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Dancing on out the Ho

I cashed out at 4:15 and went around taking pictures.   They had a big display of past mailings and pictures of jackpot winners.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas, Nevada wall of postcards pictures

At 4:30, they had a marching band start going through the casino.   With everyone “dancing on out of the Ho.” It was like a parade and went around the casino a few times before heading out the back door.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Dancing on out the Ho Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - dancing on out Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - dancing on out 3Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - dancing on out 1

At the reception desk by the back door, the employees were all waving good bye and saying “thank you!” as we all “danced on out the Ho”.   It was depressing as fuck.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Employees Saying Thanks

We go outside and the band plays “When the Saints Go Marching In” a few times while everyone was still dancing on out.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Parade Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - BandWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Closing Ceremony

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 thanks for the memories

[Note the nearly completed Hilton Grand in the background]:

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 17, 2005 - Hilton Grand Being Built in Background

Then the Westward Ho’s Elvis impersonator exits.   Elvis has left the building – the Westward Ho is officially closed.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Elvis Has Left the Building

The last hotel guests:

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Last Hotel GuestsWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 specials signs

I walked back out front and took pictures of the darkened signs:

alt=”Westward Ho, Las Vegas – closing night November 25, 2005″ width=”625″ height=”468″ />Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - darkened signsWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - darkened signsWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - darkened signs

They had the whole front closed off by barriers that said “closed” on them.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - ClosedWestward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Closed

Bye bye Westward Ho…..I’ll miss you.

Westward Ho, Las Vegas - closing night November 25, 2005 - Legal Chip Cashing Notice

I crossed the street to the Riviera.  I don’t know  why.  I don’t like this place too much.   I’ve done okay in their casino a few  times, but I don’t see the point in playing there.  I don’t like the hotel rooms and I never want to stay there ever again.   So playing there, when I could be racking up points somewhere else, is dumb.   But I am dumb so I lost a bunch of money there.

Riviera, Las Vegas, Nevada

I decide to get out of there and that’s when I have my revelation.  With the Westward Ho gone, I have no reason to venture north strip anymore.   I don’t like the Riviera, I can’t even bear the thought of walking into the Circus Circus (more because of haunting memories of the grown adult blowing snot rockets in the bathroom, than the kids running rampant), the Stratosphere is inconvenient, as are both the Hilton and Sahara.   They have you walking past pretty much nothing to get there.   And while the monorail argument could come into place here, I will counter with “Why am I going to pay $6 round trip to go to a casino that has no appeal, when I could save my $6 and stay where I’m already at?”.   I just really have no reason to go north of Wynn any longer.   Of course, I am typing this knowing I am booked at Stratosphere and Circus Circus in December.  But perhaps this will be my last time venturing further than Wynn on the strip.

We shall see.

While waiting for the light to cross to the Riviera, there was a family waiting next to me with two kids.  One of the kids started touching the porn advertisements on the pole.  The father reprimanded him.  The other kid said “I am overwhelmed at the lack of things for kids to do in Las Vegas”.   The light changed and people started walking so I didn’t hear the parents’ response.   But I wish I had heard the justification of why they dragged their kids to a place where one was “overwhelmed” at how there was NOTHING for her to do there.

I walked back to Harrahs and shuttled over to the Rio.  Dropped off my Westward Ho casino cups, walked to the Gold Coast and shuttled to the Orleans.  The shuttle driver seemed as if he wasn’t going to let me on without a room key.   But eventually he did.  I can’t tell if this is a prelude for what’s to come or not.   They do now have signs on the bus that say they are for hotel guests only.   This used to be the policy solely for the Suncoast casino.

I played a bit around the Orleans.  I kept losing at video poker so I turned to penny slots.  On my last $5, I won $100 on a Mermaids machine.   Yay!   I go outside and wait forever for the shuttle back to the Gold Coast.  Eventually  I got tired of waiting and went back in and lost my newly won $100 over a few hours of playing all the new penny slots over by the reception area.   I ended up cabbing back to the Rio, in a cab covered in Avenue Q Astroturf.   Very fuzzy cab.

fuzzy avenue q cab, Las Vegas

Saturday, November 18, 2005 – Day Three of Four

Up around 7:00 am.  Go to the Rio buffet and lose some more money on my way back.   I hung around the room a bit before checking out.  I took a cab to the Bellagio and got some pictures of the Autumn Conservatory Display.

Bellagio Registration - Las Vegas, Nevadabellagio conservatory8bellagio conservatory6bellagio conservatory3

Afterwards, I walked over to the Aladdin.  They have a $5 free slot play coupon in Showbiz Magazine ($5 totally free, not “play XXX and get $5 free”).   I used mine on a Laverne and Shirley slot and win $70.   After cashing out, I took a bus downtown.

For those of you who don’t know, they now have double decker buses going downtown.  They are called “The Deuce”.  They seem a lot more popular than the buses were before.  It’s more like a tourist attraction than a means of transportation.  Or at least, that was my opinion.    The bus crawled.  It took over an hour to get downtown, mostly because of all the people getting on asking 23943298742389 questions.   This is where I got my idea that these people were all first time riders, riding for the attraction.

We get downtown and I head to the Four Queens. All of my stays here have been in the north tower, so I ask for south tower.   I think this may be the first time I’ve ever made  a room request other than ‘smoking please’.  I won’t be doing that again.

I get room 1843.  Decent room, I think it’s a bit bigger than the rooms I had in the north tower.   But I think those rooms were king rooms and this was two queens so who knows.

Four Queens, Las Vegas, Nevada beds

Four Queens, Las Vegas, Nevada room view Four Queens, Las Vegas, Nevada room view2

I drop my stuff off and go to Binions for a burger.  I’m down a bit and rather than go to the cash machine, I decide to nap.  I started to set the alarm and then had the thought that I have not gone to sleep without the alarm set in so many months.  Weekends included.   So I decide to just sleep forever.

Forever turned out to be until the Fremont Street Experience started.   Eighteen floors up, loud as hell.  I never heard it in the north tower.  So north tower from now on it is!

Up and out I go.  I stop at Starbucks and then hit the Plaza for nickel video poker. I ended up playing for a long time.  When I come back in December, I’ll be spending a lot of time here.  Made my way back to the Four Queens and played some penny video poker before bed.   I hit four queens four times (at the Four Queens).   Yay!  Time to head back to the room.

I went to bed and about ten minutes later (2:30 am), I hear a door slam.   Loud.   Oh look.  The people next to me are loud.  Well I shouldn’t say “people”.  I could only hear one of them ranting and raving.  A woman. Who won’t shut up.  Ever.   She is SO LOUD I feel like she is in the room with me.  Whoever she is with, has pissed her off by picking his/her nose at the dinner table.  This goes on FOREVER.  I can clearly hear every word she is saying.   At 2:30 am.   This went on until FOUR AM.  All I could think was that this was MY fault because I requested to be in this tower.  Finally she shuts the fuck up and I go to sleep.

Sunday, November 19, 2005 – Day Four of Four

As always, last day = up at the crack of dawn to get in every last minute.   I’m up at 6:00 am and head downstairs.  I take advantage of the house phones by the elevator (both on the 18th floor, and then again in the casino lobby) to dial room # 1841 to wake up that loud woman who kept me up the night before.   Neener neener neener.

Breakfast was the Golden Nugget buffet, followed by iced coffee at Starbucks.  I’m ready to play, let’s go back to the Four Queens!  While playing, some man came up and tried to sell his glasses to the woman next to me. She wasn’t interested.  Then he started talking to me.  What’s my name, where am I from, etc.  I shooed him away with my hand and away he went.

Walked over to the El Cortez and started playing nickel video poker.   I kept getting four of a kinds.  Maximum coin was only 5 coins so for a quarter a hand, I was doing pretty good.

Lunch was at Careful Kittys Café at the El Cortez, paid for with a comp.   The food had no flavor, which I guess is better than bad food.

After eating, I went back to my machine and someone was on it.  Get off my machine!  She finally did and I went back.  I played for so long that my fingers were starting to cramp.  They really hurt.  This has never happened to me before.

Something else that has never happened to me before – I FINALLY saw one a crazy person at the El Cortez!  I must have been there about 25 times so far and this was my first time actually seeing one.   This woman was on a machine near my machine.  She put her ticket in the machine and instantly hit “cash out”.  So the ticket is there and the machine is beeping for her to take her ticket. Except she never does so it just keeps beeping.  Finally someone can no longer stand the beeping sound, so he goes and shosw her that she needs to remove the ticket to stop the beeping.  The crazy woman takes the ticket she puts it back in and hits cash out again and does not take the ticket again.   The machine is beeping like crazy.  She starts hitting every button and yelling about how the machine is broken.  Someone tries to help her (again) and she starts screaming and calling him a thief for trying to steal her ticket.   She sat there with the machine beeping for what felt like an hour.  Everyone was annoyed.  No one was going to help her after she flipped out about the last Helpy Helpteron being a thief.  Ugh – that stupid beeping sound.  She was talking to herself and drinking an empty beer and spitting all over the floor.  Finally an attendant came over to “fix” her machine and showed her the ticket.  She thanks him.  He walks away.  She puts it back in and hits cash out.  Beep beep beep beep beep.  That was it, I had enough.  I cash out and leave.

Sadly, I only had a couple of hours left before I need to be at the airport.  I thought I was going to take the bus there.  After about 90 minutes, we had only reached the Bellagio.  I got out, watched a fountain show and then caught a cab the rest of the way.

Bellagio Fountains - Las Vegas, Nevada

Flight home, uneventful.

And in 25 days, I shall return for my “real” trip.