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Las Vegas Trip Report: Moving Downtown to Fremont Street

I am awake way too early this morning.  But I have to be.  Because it is my last (and only second) morning waking up on the Las Vegas Strip during this trip.   I have coupons from Lettuce Entertain You, which includes a flat out $20 off Mon Ami Gabi.  No purchase necessary.   There are also coupons for $10 off Stripburger, $15 off El Segundo, $25 off Joe’s and $30 off Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  You can sign up here for the 2018 coupons.

BUT before I eat, I must play.  Cromwell Ultimate X video poker:
Ultimate X double double bonus fours cromwell Ultimate X double double bonus video poker aces x 3 cromwell las vegas

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The walk to Mon Ami Gabi:

Ballys Las Vegas Bellagio Las VegasParis Las VegasI ordered Eggs Benedict with coffee and the entire meal was covered by the coupon.  Sweet!

I resisted playing in Paris because I always lose here.  And I always follow that up by going degenerate.  And I have to check out of my hotel and move to Fremont.  This horrific move was brought to you by Dr. Desert Heat, in a collaboration with Nurse Stupid Lack of Bus Stops on The Strip.

I walked from Paris to get my stuff at Flamingo and then back to Paris to catch the bus.  Because stupid.  I was intending on taking the SDX.  So I let the first Deuce go.  As someone was boarding it, she threw her lit cigarette into the trash can.  Why.  So I yelled at her as she was continuing onto the bus.  She ignored me.  Because of course.

I am still waiting for the SDX.  Yep, waiting still. Some more waiting.  And waiting again.  And still.  And some more.  Where is the god damned bus.   I quit.  You win Las Vegas.  I get on the next Deuce bus that comes.  And take it to Fremont Hotel.  Where I check in, look in a mirror and see that I am completely burned from waiting for the bus.  With sunscreen on.  Oh great.

I am in room 616.  It is a bit smaller than my last room here, and that room was small.  I don’t have room photos because shitty blogger.  But I have some views!
fremont hotel las vegas room view binions fremont hotel las vegas room view

The air conditioning in here is not working properly.  The thermostat is also a liar.  The top right knob will not move any further to the left so maybe it is actually set on 40-something degrees (why is that even an option) but it will not go below what it claims is 70.  But it isn’t, because it is warm in here.

fremont hotel las vegas thermostat

I am sunburned and cranky so first up is a nap.   Guys, I slept for six hours.  I usually don’t even sleep that long at night in Vegas.

I was up and back out at 8:15.  I made a beeline to El Cortez to play my Buffalo slot machine again.  Look at her go!

el cortez buffalo 600 x 24

I left here up $260.  My next stop is The D.  This is my last chance here.  I have been trying for awhile now to get back on their radar.  But I cannot seem to get anything going and it is just straight loss.  Tonight I am trying a final $100 and then it is good bye forever to this place.

I lost that $100 so fast.  On Buffalo.  But because degenerate, I am going to go back and try it one MORE time in the future and play video poker.  I am just not going to do that on this trip because FUCK YOU The D and your stupid name.

I had $10 free play at Fremont that came with my offer.  I tried it in a Cleopatra Keno and lost it.   I grabbed a donut from Dunkin Donuts and called it a night.

Las Vegas Trip Report: Last Day of a Winning Trip.

I wake up at Mirage this morning, and I don’t want to go home.  I really don’t.  I sit and check flights, considering staying an extra day, like I did back in December.  In the end, I agree to go home.  But I am not happy about it.

I am so exhausted from my insistence of visiting every Strip casino, and doing it all in two days.   I would love to just stay in this bed for a few more hours, but not allowed.

I got dressed and walked over to Bellagio to use a free MyVegas buffet reward.  For anyone who says  “How hard is it to mess up breakfast?” I present to you a tray of salmonella.

salmonella bellagio buffet las vegas

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No, that is not cheese.

I lose $40 here on Cleopatra Keno.  Cross the street to Planet Hollywood and cashed out even on Cleopatra Keno. Over to Paris where I redeem a free candy bar at Hexx, via MyVegas of course.  These are your choices for this reward:
free hexx candy bar las vegasIn Paris, I lost $40.  Not to be outdone by her fancy sister, Ballys stole $140 from  me.  Dammit. Maybe I did make the right decision to not extend my trip.

One last loss through Mirage.  On the Buffalo machine that gave me my huge win.  I guess I will not be visiting the High Limit area on this trip.

chihuly mirage high limit las vegas chihuly mirage las vegas high limit slots

I have a couple of hours to kill before going to the airport. I was not sure what I was going to do.  But I decided to do something I have never done on my last day.   Get a massage.

I called Happy Feet at El Cortez and made an appointment.  I took a cab to Four Queens and checked my bag.  I was really short on time to make my appointment so I could only go semi-degenerate.

Walked over to El Cortez and got an hour long foot massage.  This was the best idea I have ever had.  It curbed the last day desperate attempt to win a bazillion dollars.  And when I was done, I was short on time.  But not short enough that I had to forfeit one last round of Buffalo.  I love you Buffalo.

buffalo win four queens buffalo win second four queens las vegas

I left Las Vegas with $2400.  This sounds amazing.   But in all fairness, I was here for seven days.  Which means my budget at $200/day is $1400 total (Thanks to Patricia for correcting my original figure of $2400!)  So I did bring home my entire budget, plus an extra $1000 WOO!

When I got to the airport, I checked my email and saw that Cosmopolitan had sent me free play via email.  They did this back in December too.  If I had caught it before I left, I would have gone there instead of Downtown for my massage / Buffalo combo.  I am kind of glad I didn’t.  But it will forever haunt me wondering what would have happened if I did.  That’s the thing about Las Vegas.  You never know what will happen.

And Another Christmas Trip to Las Vegas Begins!


I always leave for Las Vegas from work, so that I don’t waste a night at home when I could be in Vegas that much earlier.  As always, I spent that last day at work all kinds of crabby and just dying to go.

I cannot believe I am actually going to say this but my flight left on time.  Wait, what?  Yes, it left on time.  I have never had an after work flight to Vegas do this, not ever.  So that was a nice kick off.

When it came time to board, they first called for people who need assistance or have small kids.  Zero people went to the gate.  Then first class, zero people went to the gate.  Then business class, about five people went to the gate.  Then it was my turn!  The flight was mostly empty which is something I have not seen in so long.  My flights to Vegas are usually empty due to the time I go, but last year I went during Thanksgiving and missed out on the empty flight the week before Christmas.

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Delta’s in flight entertainment is usually limited to movies, no live television.   This trip we didn’t even have movie options because we did not have individual television screens.  Dammit, I totally wanted to spend another six hours watching Pearl Jam Twenty on a Delta flight, since that is pretty much the only free movie they offer that I want to see.  Or did want to see.  I kind of got sick of it after having it on repeat for seventeen hours each way to China and back earlier this year.

The movie was some movie, Dolphin something, a kid’s movie.  I have a real knack for getting kid’s movies played on my Vegas flights.  I am sorry everyone on my flight, I jinxed you all.

For some extremely aggravating reason, all the podcasts I downloaded onto my phone would not play.  I had been saving these specifically to kill time on my flight.  So I spent the entire flight doing nothing other than staring into space.

We arrive a full 45 minutes early.  This is great for me because I am staying at Palace Station.  They have a free airport shuttle.  One leaves at 10:30 and the next is at midnight.  My flight was supposed to arrive at 9:45 so I was sure I would miss the 10:30 one, anticipating being late.

The shuttle for Palace Station leaves from Ground Zero, gates 21-23.  These gates have signs that say they are reserved for buses and the public buses do stop there.  So I was worried the gates had been changed but there at 10:30 was the shuttle.   We pull out of the parking area and it is POURING.  Monsoon like rain.  I get so excited, I always win when it is raining in Las Vegas.

I check in, one night on a MyVegas comp.  Read here for more information about that.

I would have preferred using the night for either Red Rock or Green Valley Ranch, but those two have their last airport shuttles at 9:00 so that would not have worked for me.

palace station las vegas

I get room 21001, top floor.  My view is of the parking lot.Palace Station Las Vegas room view

My room is really nice.  I have only stayed here once before and I was in a courtyard room.  I might have been this time too had I not been so exhausted and remembered to ask for the OJ Simpson room.

palace station beds

I glance at the clock before I went out and it was 11:11, make a wish!

I went next door to 7-11 for some coffee.  The week before I left, I ended up in the brand new 7-11 by my apartment every night for a large coffee and I was craving  it by this point.  They do not have decaf made, they make me a fresh pot.  This takes a while and I am treated to an employee’s long thoughts on caffeine as I am waiting.  Very nice girl, but I am exhausted and i need to gamble let’s GO.

By the time I get back to the casino, I am allowed to play $70 before bed.  I spot a progressive quarter Double Double Bonus video poker game, the Royal is $1568.  I played for a very long time as the machine kept dealing me three of a kinds (but not connecting on any of them.)

I went to eat dinner and got sucked into playing video poker with a WHEEL just because I saw video poker with a WHEEL!  Lost.  Ultimate X, lost.  Supertimes Pay, lost.  Hey, wasn’t I going to eat?

I went to the Grand Cafe and had a late night special burger.  The only thing special about it was the price.  But I wasn’t exactly out looking for a great meal.

After eating I play one last $20 and go to bed with my first night’s budget left behind in the casino.  Sigh.

I got back to my room at 2:00.  So I was out for three hours, and only lost $60 (I left with $70, ten went to dinner.)   As much as I love nights like that, where your play lasts, I do wish it had happened on any night I was not falling asleep as I was playing.  There were times I was trying to hold cards on the draw.  Idiot is as idiot does.

Las Vegas Trip Report: Gambling, Spa-ing, Survivor. Perfection.

Note:  This is an older Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts and anyone else who loves fun.  It was written back in 2008.  Most of this information is now outdated and some places mentioned no longer exist.

Sunday, December 14, 2008 – Day Three of Twenty One

I’m up at 4:00 am – not on purpose. But since I AM up, I start getting all panicky. I have an appointment at the Palms spa to use my 50% off coupon from the Las Vegas Advisor.  I’m all freaked out about getting there on time. See, this is why I don’t do well with having plans that revolve around a clock in Las Vegas. It is 4:00 am and I’m having a near breakdown because I don’t think I have enough time to do all the things I want to do before getting to the Palms by 3:00.  Mind  you, the only things I have to do before arriving at the Palms in ELEVEN HOURS are  (a) eating breakfast (b) eating lunch.  Sigh.

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I’m out the door at 5:20 am. I head to Binions for breakfast only to find out their coffee shop is closed – opens at 7:00. It’s a Sunday; there are people here from Saturday. Are you kidding me?   I end up at McDonalds (yes, on vacation, yes in Las Vegas – suck it)

After eating I hit Binions. I play a Reel Riches slot machine that’s hidden all the way in the corner.  For some reason,  someone has put a palm tree over here so it sits on top of your head while you play.

reel rich devil palm tree binions

I then move over to a Survivor slot machine and I hit a bonus for $42.50.  Next I get a line win with a whole lot of Jerri’s for $53.40.

survivor jerri win 5340

I’m up $110.  I revisit the Happy Days slot at Las Vegas Club and accidentally hit MAX BET.  Thankfully, I get a line win for $45. Whewwwwwwwww.

After this I celebrate with an iced coffee from Starbucks and head back to my room. On the way I of course gamble. I try Hitchcock. I turn $40 into $70 and then I turn $105 into ZERO. Asshole. I’m back in my room at 7:55 am.

I take a shower and get dressed and head back out. I am staying at the California on two different reservations.   One is an offer I got for two comped nights, the other is an additional two nights I booked via Expedia.

I now need to stop at the front desk to check out of the first reservation and check back in on the second reservation. I start off by saying “I have two reservations and I need to check out and check back in” and I hand her my room keys. She doesn’t take the room keys and says she needs my ID and credit card. That’s fine. I hand both of them to her and she hands me back new room keys and a new room number. I explain that I want to keep my room. She says “I didn’t realize you had a room”. I started off by saying this! I swear! But what I did learn about this is that you can check in as early as 9:00 am at the California and they will not bat an eye.

I hit Binions and try a Press Your Luck slot machine. It had been so nice to me on previous trips. This time it’s hitting the Big Event bonus a whole lot, but each bonus is like less than a dollar. I go and find a quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine and I hit sixes twice. I get up to 500 credits and cash out at 300 credits. I don’t understand WHAT is wrong with me.

binions quarter 6s part twobinions quarter 6s

At 11:03 I am on the Deuce bus to the strip. I bought a 30-day pass online before leaving home.  As I try to use it the first time, the driver grabs it out of my hand and takes it before I even swipe it, and tells me “go ahead”. Not until you give me my bus pass back. He tells me I don’t need it back. Um, give it to me? Is this funny? It turns out he thought I had a one RIDE pass. No, it’s 30 day and it’s mine.  GIMME.

The Deuce is uncharacteristically empty. Even at Circus Circus, which is the stop of death, where you normally have enough people to fill a stadium waiting.  Today, there were only a couple of people.  Circus Circus is now a “time stop” (this was also new to me)  We had to wait four minutes. We pass the Frontier (rip) and they are dismantling the sign. Later in my trip they were putting in trees. I overheard someone say that Steve Wynn paid for both of these things because he wanted his guests to have a better view than a view of barren space. No clue if this is true.

View from the bus:

las vegas frontier sign dismantled

I get off at Caesars and walk around Las Vegas Boulevard to catch the 202 bus, which is also at a “time stop” so it was waiting for me when I got there. I get off at the Gold Coast and venture inside.  Wouldn’t you know it, I gravitate towards video poker WITH A WHEEL. This game lets you spin a wheel when you hit four of a kinds.  So you win the four of a kind win, and then you get a bonus on the wheel!

I play nickels and hit 4’s and get an extra 250 nickels.

gold coast 4s with a WHEEL

I also hit sevens on two lines:

gold coast wheel 7s twice

I head to the buffet. I did not realize it was brunch. I use my Las Vegas Advisor coupon for half off and pay the balance in points.

After eating, I try video poker WITH A WHEEL again and get to spin two more times. I hit nothing major though. Head over to the Palms. I get up $125 and this rules because I neeeeeed it. Then I do that “let me smoke a cigarette before heading to the spa” thing and I put $120 into a quick quads machine and leave with zero. HATE.

palms quarter 5spalms quarter 7spalms quarter kings

Check out this son of a fucking bitch:

palms straight son of a bitch flush

At the spa, I got the Green Tea and Ginger Enzyme Body Wrap treatment. it was soooooooo good. I wish I were back there now getting it again rather than sitting here NOT being pampered. Come out and play a bit. I go up to $125, down to $50.

palms quarter kings1

Why do I do this?


I attempt to take the 202 bus to the 108 bus to head back downtown. I don’t realize that the 108 towards downtown runs on Swenson rather than Paradise.  So I got off at Paradise and I walk on Paradise and I make it all the way to the convention center before I see a bus stop. This is such a long walk!  The entire time I was walking, I was so confused as to why there were bus stops on the other side of the street and not on mine.   Idiot!

I finally get back downtown.  On my way to my room, I play my way through Binions – stopping at Survivor of course. As I’m playing this game, Survivor the television show is broadcasting it’s season finale on the East coast. I am dying to watch it. Finally it’s almost 8:00 so I need to go. I stop for a to-go sandwich at Binions Deli and bring it back to my room with me.  I get in my pajamas, get ready with my dinner and Diet Pepsi and it is Survivor time!  I watch all three hours and go to bed.