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Las Vegas Trip Report: Visiting My Beloved Riviera

I am at California hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.  I didn’t sleep all that well because I am on a party floor.  There are several rooms with what appears to be a very large, extended family, who are celebrating their “Most Important People on Earth” win and being the most important people on Earth, they have no reason to consider that anyone else may be trying to sleep.  Must be nice!

Today I am headed to the Strip.  I want to eat breakfast at Planet Hollywood and visit my beloved Riviera.   Breakfast is $10 off with the Las Vegas Advisor coupon.  I had some comps as well and it ended up costing me $1.07.

There is only one other table near me with people at it.   Either my server was invisible or I was, because I only saw her one time.  That’s okay though because this buffet has smoothies.

After eating, I got an iced coffee from Starbucks and walked across the street to Bellagio.  I wanted to play in Cosmopolitan, but I had only been inside one time during this trip and lost money.  I love Cosmopolitan too much to risk losing a second time and killing my extreme love for this place forever.

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I attempted to get photos of the Bellagio Conservatory, but of course, it is closed as they do the change over from Christmas to Chinese New Year.

bellagio conservatory las vegas changeover to chinese new year bellagio conservatory las vegas closed bellagio conservatory las vegas construction bellagio las vegas conservatory construction

Of course, I took these two photos, as I do on every trip and probably did earlier in this trip:

paris las vegaslas vegas strip from bellagio people mover

Bellagio interior walkway:

bellagio walkway las vegas bellagio walkway las vegas chinese new yearBellagio reception and Chihuly ceiling:

bellagio las vegas receptionchihuly ceiling bellagio las vegas

I played $20 in Cleopatra and cashed out when my iced coffee was empty, which also nicely coincided with my $20 now being $40.

Across the street to Cromwell to my Ultimate X machine!   This machine was so nice to me this entire trip and continued loving me today!  I have been fantasizing about this machine since coming home.

two x 3 ultimate xkings x 4 ultimate x

I left here up $220.

I walked over to Ellis Island, stopping in Westin for Starbucks.  Here is a view of the High Roller from this way.

high roller las vegasInside Starbucks, there was a man on line behind me who was on the phone, talking about how he lost his wallet and could only eat at Starbucks for the rest of his trip, because they would let him charge it to his room.  Not sure how he was going to do that without ID but not my problem.

I went to put some half and half in my coffee and discovered that some asshole had unscrewed the top so it spilled all over.

At Ellis Island, I have free play coupons from both American Casino Guide and Las Vegas Advisor.  I get $10 from one and $20 from the other (You get to pick a chip for your free play and the $20 was just me being lucky.)  I was hoping to have a great free play day like I did last week.   I was almost at zero with it when I had a $30 win on four card nickel Keno.  I cashed out and ran.

I tried taking the 202 to the 108 to get to Mardi Gras casino to use my free play coupon in Las Vegas Advisor but I don’t think the 108 stops there on the way downtown because I didn’t see it.  My bus driver also did not stop at Westgate, even though I rang the bell.  I had to walk back from the Sahara monorail station.

westgate las vegasI had $10 free play here from Las Vegas Advisor.  I tried finding the player’s club, looking in the spot it was in the last time I was here.  A woman asks me if I need help. I tell her I am looking for the player’s club.  She asks me “Did you get your free play and show tickets?”  Oh you are a time share person.  I say “I just need to find the player’s club.”  “What do you do for a living?”  I answered “nothing.”   She says it must be nice, I say it is.  I don’t have any idea why I am lying to her, other than I do not want to talk to  her.

The player’s club is now merged with the cashier.  This means the line is twice as long and with only one person working it, three times as slow.

I get my free play and lose it.  Then I went degenerate on a Buffalo slot machine.   I haven’t really gone degenerate in days.  As much as I enjoy shoving all my cash into a machine and having zero wins, I left here angry at myself.

I crossed the street to walk past my beloved Riviera.

riviera las vegas signriviera las vegas convention center closed riviera las vegas convention center expansion riviera las vegas food court sign riviera las vegas neon museum sign riviera las vegas sidewalk

riviera las vegas riviera las vegas zone change sign


I walked over to Encore, intending to take Strip photos.  I got a few of Encore, which is better than I did last time.

wynn butterfliesencore las vegas butteryfly sculpture

encore las vegas

I broke even on Cleopatra Keno.

I wanted to keep going and perhaps end up at Cromwell again, for my beloved Ultimate X machine, but the sun was killing me.  So I took the Deuce back Downtown from Wynn.   It was 2:31 when I boarded the bus.

I took a nap and then went to El Cortez to visit Happy Feet massage.  $20 for an hour long foot massage, yes please!

You walk up the spiral staircase near reception.  When I got up there, I was offered free water or tea.  Then I was taken to the room.   There are a whole lot of massage beds in there, no privacy.  But you aren’t getting undressed so who cares?  I was the only person in there at this time (7:00 pm.)   There is a hook behind your bed to hang your stuff.  This is easily the best bargain in all of Las Vegas.  I tipped $20 so even for $40 total, seriously best bargain.

Afterwards, I played some Cleopatra Keno.  I cannot win.  I just cannot.  I  used to spend hoursssssss at these machines at El Cortez.  Now?  Nope.

I did a final desperate try at four card Keno and it laughed in my face as it took my money.

I stopped at Binions of course.  I love this casino.  Always have, always will.   I won no money, but did win another deck of cards.  No, thank you.

On my way back to the room, I bought McDonalds because 24 hour breakfast.  Suck it.

Gambling Day: + $30
Gambling Trip: + $690
Miscellaneous: (breakfast, tips, coffee, water, soda, massage and McDonalds):  $61.32
Comps used: California room
Freebies:  nope.

Saturday, January 9, 2016
Breakfast: Red Rock buffet 8-11 free MyVegas
California prime rib points
The D up to $100 free play ACG

Las Vegas Trip Report: The Boring, Rainy Day Where I Check into Longhorn

My alarm went off this morning at the Mirage hotel and instantly, there was pain shooting through the side of my face, pouring out of my ear.  My throat is swollen.  I don’t want to get up.  Not now, not ever.

I am supposed to be eating breakfast at Bellagio this morning.  I have to do this today as the only way I can redeem my MyVegas reward is if I am staying at an MLife property, and this is the one and only time I will be doing that on this trip.  But I don’t want to get up.  You can’t make me.  So I went back to bed.  Now that I am home, I hate myself so much.  I have 1.5 million points to use on MyVegas that I will never be able to use.  And I really should have done this.

I also again missed my opportunity to take photos of the Bellagio conservatory.  I really suck.

I showered and got dressed and ate at the Mirage buffet, free via MyVegas.  I was so surprised the buffet was empty.  There were a million people at the elevators.  CES starts today.  My personal hell on earth.

I get seated and am told drinks are self service.  I like this because it means I am not reliant on a server to bring me more coffee.  I don’t like this because it confuses the tipping.  Who am I tipping and for what?  The woman who asked me if I wanted hot sauce?   Does she get the same tip as someone who serves me beverages?  Do I tip myself for serving me beverages?  I have no idea.

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This buffet isn’t really good.   It is extremely spread out.  I guess when it is not empty it seems normal.  It just seemed to me that there was a lot of walking and not a lot of decent choices for food.  But the coffee was the best I have had so far this trip, and that includes my many trips to Dunkin Donuts.  Good job, Mirage!

Love theater at Mirage:

mirage love theater las vegas

I decided in advance that I would not be gambling today because I need to stop having losing days.  That said, it is raining outside and I always win when it rains.  So I try $10 in Keno and lose.  Sigh.

I go upstairs, pack and try and check out on the television.  I keep getting an error message telling me to call the front desk.  No.  I will not.  I will simply leave without checking out.

I walk over to Flamingo and catch the 202 to my spa appointment.  When we stopped at Gold Coast, the world’s most annoying man got on the bus.  I hate this person so much.  It seemed that he wanted to eat the Gold Coast buffet, but they would not let him pay for his daughter’s buffet with whatever option of payment he was trying to use, because she is under 21.  (She was with him, and appeared to be about ten.)   I have no idea if he was trying to use a coupon or voucher or what.  I just know that he was not happy about  this and would not shut the fuck up about it.  On and on about how the customer is always right, how the daughter needs to stay in school so she doesn’t end up doing an idiot job like buffet cashier.  At some point, a teen aged guy came down the bus stairs and recognized this guy, asks him “You go to (whatever)  park, right?” The guy confirms yes, he does.  The teenager says “I work there, I see you a lot” and says hello and good bye.  When the teenager gets off the bus, the man goes into a rant to his daughter about how only stupid people work at parks.  If this guy wasn’t so lazy, he could go to college and get a real job.   How do you fucking know this guy is not going to college while working?  GOD SHUT UP.  But nope, this teenager must be lazy and according to this man, he is going to end up working at the Gold Coast buffet one day.   I must have been on this bus for eleven hours because that is how long  these life’s lessons went on.  Every time the topic of conversation changed, it would go right back to the Gold Coast buffet.  So. Painful.  He even made his daughter rip up a business card from the Gold Coast manager.  How dare they not allow him to have whatever he wants, despite there being rules.  Do they not know who he is?  He will never play there again and he is excited to see the day they inevitably go out of business over this huge faux pas on their part.  OH GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.  You are riding a bus in Las Vegas.  You are not the high societal man you think you are.  Buddy.

I am having a microdermabrasion and pumpkin peel.  I believe this took just over half an hour and left my skin feeling nice and soft.  The aesthetician asked me where I was going after this (I had my bag with me) and I lied and said Sam’s Town because I didn’t feel like explaining that no, I know what Longhorn is like, no I don’t care, yes I am going to be fine.  Well it turns out she was going near there after this, and do I want a ride.  What an extremely nice gesture.  But I have errands to run / don’t like accepting favors from strangers, so I politely declined.

From here, I took the bus to the Las Vegas Advisor office to pick up my coupon book for 2016.    It is now pouring out and walking in the rain with my bag would have seemed like death, except the walk takes you past a homeless village with people living under tarps and tents, so really….I was the most fortunate person heading down that street in this rain.

las vegas advisor

I continued on from here to Boulder Highway and switched buses to get to Longhorn.  This whole trip took a very long time.  I get that people who drive everywhere in their normal lives view a fifteen minute bus ride as the end of the world and a waste of their WHOLE ENTIRE DAY OH MY GOD.  But the way they picture that fifteen minute bus ride to be, was exactly how this whole entire ordeal was really for me.

Longhorn hotel.  Loved it!  I would stay here again forever and ever.  It is not a fancy five star hotel, so no one should be expecting that.  I paid $40/night during CES. Have you ever checked prices for Las Vegas hotel rooms during CES?  Please do not do so if you are faint at heart.  Places like Circus Circus manor rooms were over $200, as were El Cortez pavillion rooms.  Even the Hostel Cat was sold out of private rooms!

Plus, there is no resort fee, you get free coffee in the lobby in the mornings, and you get a coupon book when you check in.   I got $5 free play, there was a match play in there, and slot club points that got me a free meal (and then some) just with those points, before I even played.  I cannot say enough about this place.  They also have self service laundry.  I needed that at this point in the trip.

longhorn hotel las vegas longhorn hotel room las vegas longhorn las vegas hotel room

longhorn hotel bathroom las vegas

I was also given a peep show outside my window.   Down below, there is a pool and a hot tub.  Three women were in the hot tub (why I do not know, it is FREEZING and pouring outside) and then they decided to go in the pool (see aforementioned WHY.)   Two make it in, one slips and falls and lands flat on the ground, sans her bathing suit bottom, which is somehow around her ankles.  Yeesh.

Now that I had my Las Vegas Advisor coupon book, I was itching to go downtown and gamble.  So I did.

I took the bus and walked through Four Queens, stopping to use my $10 free play on Cleopatra Keno.  I won $15.  This is off to a good start!  I got some Dunkin Donuts and then continued, with the Plaza as my next stop, where my free play vanished lightning quick.

Up next, Binions.  I got to play for a while but never really hit a cash out point.   I did get enough points to do a daily swipe at their promotions booth and won a deck of cards.  If I had collected the decks of cards every time I have won one, I could build a life sized mansion out of them.

it is still pouring outside.  I love how the neon reflects on Fremont Street in the rain.

fremont street las vegas rain reflecting neon

Next stop is The D where I had $5 from a mailer…until I had nothing from a mailer.  That $5 was gone in seconds.

I walked over to Downtown Grand.  I really do not like this place.  And it does not like me.  Free play, shmee play.  Gave me nothing.

Last stop on my free play run is the El Cortez.  Surely I am going to win big here.  I mean, I have had more than my share of bad luck on this run so destiny owes it to me to win.  Right?  Wrong.  I lost the free play.  Then I converted all my points into free play and lost that too.  I was playing Cleopatra Keno, $5 at a time on nickels.   I never once even got it converted to $5 cash, let alone doubling the $5, which is my preferred cash out point.  Sigh.

I took the bus back to Longhorn and called it a very unsuccessful night.  You know, because it was.

Gambling Day: – $10
Gambling Trip: – $10
Miscellaneous: (tips, water and Diet Pepsi):  $34
Comps used: nada
Freebies:  Mirage breakfast, free via MyVegas

Tuesday, January 5, 2015

Breakfast: Bellagio buffet 7-11 free MyVegas
Eiffel Tower half off $14 LVA 10-5
Check into Longhorn
$10 for $5 ACG
$10 for $5 hotel
2400 points hotel
Boulder Station half off LVA 4-9 $9.99
Plaza 10x slots

Las Vegas Trip Report: Y’all Know What Four of a Kind Threes Look Like, Right?

I finally make it to The Cromwell.  I am insanely excited about this.  I loved this place when it was The Barbary Coast.  Hated it when it was whatever the hell stupid name they tried using after changing it from Barbary Coast.  Am so curious to see what it looks like now.

View from outside:
flamingo cromwell las vegas nevadaAnd some bonus Strip photos since this is my first time on the Strip during this trip.

ballys paris las vegasstarbucks ballys las vegas

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I checked in and they are fancy here.  After I was all ready to go to my room, I am told “I will come around to hand you your key” as if handing to me over the counter would have insulted my “I look homeless”ness.

There is a free coffee station for guests at the elevators.  Since I am paying $60-something in resort fees, I fully intend to drink $60-something in free coffee.  Try and stop me.

The elevator walls beg the question of “What came first, Cosmopolitan or Cromwell?”  (Hint: Cosmopolitan)

cromwell elevator las vegas
I get to my room and it seems even smaller than I remember the Barbary Coast rooms being.  It is much darker, that is for sure.   I am on the side of the hotel with THE wall.  If you do not know what I am talking about, then allow me to explain.

When The Barbary Coast was being redone from whatever the hell they were trying to call it after “Barbary Coast” to Cromwell, they decided the main focus would be Drais night club on the roof.   They added a pool up there and then had to build a support wall. This means that the bulk of rooms on the North side of the hotel face this wall.    I used my zoom to make a fake view, but the wall is indeed there.

cromwell las vegas strip view

cromwell las vegas room view

The room is done very nicely.

cromwell las vegas hotel room cromwell las vegas hotel bed cromwell las vegas room cromwell las vegas room chaircromwell las vegas closet cromwell las vegas bathroom

cromwell vegas roomEven with every light on in the room, it is still dark.  Not sure if the wall played a part in that.  I also didn’t really like the feel of the room.  They have wood floors, which make cleaning easier, but they also mean things echo in here.   I don’t recall ever in my life having so many people knock on doors in the hallway.  But this happened all night long and the knocks would echo through my room.  Finally they stopped and once morning came, housekeeping began creating more echoing knocks in my room.

I dropped my stuff off and went to play in the casino.  I went to get a new card since I did not have mine with me.  I was given $5 free play.  Cool!  I sat down at a quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine and got four of a kind for the first time in days.  It was glorious!

quarter eights

From here, I went upstairs to take a nap.  When I went to plug my phone in, I realized I left my charger back in Henderson.  No no no no no no no no noooooooo.

After napping, I went across the street to Bellagio to pick up some show tickets I had pre-purchased / redeemed via MyVegas, including for tonight’s performance of “O”, which in case you are somehow unaware, is the water based Cirque du Soleil show at Bellagio.  This is my third time seeing it.  I was able to get Cirque gift cards on Living Social during a Christmas promo where I got a $100 gift card for $72, and a $50 gift card for $36.  Excellent promotion.

The show was great, as always.

Afterwards, I played a bit of Cleopatra Keno at Bellagio.  I like the Cleopatra Keno here.  I sure as hell did better here than I did at Rainbow.  This specific machine plays weirdo trumpety fanfare music when you get the bonus.  I have never heard this before, not even on this machine the last time I was here.

After losing as much as I was willing to lose, I had to walk to Walgreens next to Planet Hollywood to get a new phone charger.  I stopped and played a bit at Cosmopolitan and lost lightening quick.

Walgreens did not have a charger for my phone but they had a USB cord.  It just so happened that my fancy Cromwell room had a USB plug built into the dresser.

usbTip:  Flat screen televisions also have USB plugs in the back.  I used these later in the trip when I was at less fancy schmancy hotels that did not have USB plugs.  The only downside is that you need the television on to make them charge.  So if you do not like sleeping with the television on, you have to suck it up to get your phone charged while  you sleep.  You can also use the USB slot in your laptop to charge.

However, on the way to my room from Walgreens, pre-charging my phone, I stopped in the casino and sat down to play some Ultimate X.   I am playing three hands and am dealt four of a kind threes.  I got the kicker on the one line that had a multiplier (3x).  So I got 3200 nickels = $160.   I took out my phone to get a picture and the battery is completely dead.  Sigh.  Guys, this is the first day in many days where I have wins to take pictures of and I do not have the ability to.  I am so sorry.

I cashed out and put $20 into the quarter machine that gave me eights earlier, and it gave me…four of a kind THREES, sans kicker.   And my phone battery is still dead.  What are the chances of all these threes?  I was pretty psyched.

I went up to the room a tiny bit richer.  I made sure to grab some more free coffee and ate a brownie I had left over from my trip to Smiths grocery store in Henderson.   Plugged in my phone and went to bed.

Gambling Day: + $200
Gambling Trip: + $280
Miscellaneous: (phone charger, housekeeping tip) $20
Comps used: Comped night at Cromwell
Freebies:  Free breakfast, five cups of fancy schmancy coffee at Cromwell, free $5 slot play for reasons I don’t know.

World’s most boring itinerary:

Saturday, January 2, 2016
Check into Cromwell

O 9:30

Las Vegas Trip Report: the Fantastical Keno Win!

This morning, I was wide awake at the California hotel at 5:00 am.  I wanted to stick to my itinerary, which tells me to go to Santa Fe Station for breakfast.  I almost didn’t.  First, I am starving and don’t want to go all the way there.  Second, when I went outside, holy shit.  It is freezing out here.  I mean FREEZING.

Let me explain something, I know that Las Vegas is cold in winter. I have been here every winter for the past twelve years.  It is usually colder here than it is back in New York City when I am here.  I have a winter coat with me.  I get it.

But today it is so painful.  Colder than normal.  There is a wind storm going on that is blowing frozen knives into my skin.  I am going to die.  The only time i remember it being this cold in Vegas was during yet another wind storm in whatever year it was that my sister was here with me.  I remember we went to the movies at Neonopolis and then had to run into Walgreens to warm up because simply stepping outside the theater was too much for us.

Much like summer “oh but it is a dry heat”, winter here is “oh fuck it is a wind storm.”   Horrible.  I almost turned around walking to the bus.  Then I almost left the bus stop and said fuck this.  But I stuck it out and my first trip to Santa Fe Station was on!

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I got there a bit before the Rewards Center opened so I just had to play before it was time to redeem my MyVegas buffet reward.  I sat down at a nickel four card Keno game.  I hit “max bet” expecting it to be sixteen nickels, which is standard.  Nope.  FORTY nickels.  I don’t regret my mistake:

surprise santa fe casino keno win

Holy shit, I am rich!

What a great way to start the gambling portion of my day!  I played around a bit and went degenerate because why wouldn’t I when I am newly rich?

I play around some more and try for a $1600 quarter royal progressive that never happens.  I did hit for sevens though.

santa fe quarter sevens

Finally it is time to eat.   My buffet voucher is good for two people, but I am solo so typically this is a waste.  The cashier this time though, printed out two single receipts for me so I could give one away.  I gave it to the guy behind me.

Breakfast was okay.  The coffee was so bad, like notably bad, like I will never forget how bad it was bad.

I went back out and lost some more money and then went to wait for the bus back to Downtown.  So. Fucking. Cold.  Oh man I am never doing that again.

I get Downtown and play some in Main Street Station.  I lose on Friends and vow to stop playing this stupid machine.  I stop for a coffee at Lapperts and get a free donut I do not want but saying “no thank you” did not work.  Then I decide that today is my day.  Megabucks it is!  I am going to put a $100 bill through.  I got a $125 hit and cashed out at $176 and put another hundred in and lost it.

I played some Double Double Bonus video poker and some Keno.  Then came to the room for a nap.

Back out at 4:15.  First stop, Dunkin Donuts for hot coffee because it is so cold out that I will never make the walk to El Cortez without hot coffee.  I had to order it three times because she kept not hearing what I was saying.

El Cortez.  I have $10 free play from Las Vegas Advisor.  I also have a huge Keno win burning  a hole in my degeneracy so I lost $100 on Ultimate X Double Double Bonus video poker.  And then another $40 on Keno.

Downtown Grand was next with $5 free play from Las Vegas Advisor.  I am NEVER coming back here again.  I lose the $5 and a $20.  Then I decide I want to play quarter four card Cleopatra Keno.  At four quarters a card, this will cost me $4 each game.  Which I am fine with.  Which Downtown Grand is not fine with because it will not let me play more than four quarters TOTAL for each game.  So one quarter on each card. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.  Bad Downtown Grand, bad.

I did hit quarter sevens here though:
quarter sevens downtown grandI leave here and go to The D to use my $5 free play from an offer that I will not use because it is buy one night, get the second night free.  Nope. Never.

the d las vegas

I don’t have my card but I am already settled so fine, I’ll play without it and then get a new one later so I can use the free play.  But the guy next to me is reading all my cards aloud to me so I need to cash out.  May as well go get a card then…

I get a card and am given my $10 food voucher that also came with my offer.  Because at this point, I really need all these food vouchers I cannot stop collecting.  I don’t even bother collecting anymore of the Boyd ones that I have enough points for to use the American Casino Guide coupons to collect.  I wish I could even them out and use them later in the trip but they all expire before I will need them.  I still have a Gold Coast buffet voucher in my wallet that expires in December as well.

I play and lose at The D.  I go to Four Queens and get $10 free play from Las Vegas Advisor and lose that as well.  I have now lost my entire night’s budget.  I want another coffee from Dunkin Donuts but I cannot bear to have to yell my order three times again so I pass. It is so fucking cold outside.

Back to California for some more money and then to Main Street Station for the buffet.  I have a free voucher from yesterday’s play at California / American Casino Guide coupon.  The woman in front of me hands me a receipt and tells me my buffet is on her.  No it is okay, I am already here for free.  Figures my Santa Fe Station karma comes back when I do not need it.

After eating, I decide to play $100 on quarter Supertimes Pay video poker.  Of course I do.  This is what you do when you have won money, you lose more money.  So I followed the rules and came back to the room to sulk….and to get more money to lose more money.  And I did.  As I am typing this, I have no idea why on earth I thought it was a good idea to play dollar video poker.  But if I had won, well…yeah.

Last ditch effort got me a last ditch four of a kind win.

california jacks

I was in my room at 9:00.  Spent some time typing stuff I cannot post because I refuse to pay for internet.  And was in bed by 10:00.

Gambling Day: + $800
Gambling Trip: + $1380
Miscellaneous: (tips, coffee and coffee): $9.37
Comps used: California hotel stay
Freebies:  MyVegas buffet at Santa Fe Station, Main Street Station buffet via a coupon in American Casino Guide. donut at Lapperts that ended up being my dinner.

Today’s itinerary.  I did not make it to Suncoast or Rampart because it was too cold out to be on a bus.  That plus I needed to use the free play coupons that I did not use last night.

Saturday, December 26, 2015
Breakfast: Santa Fe Station 8-11 free MyVegas
Suncoast 4:30-9 50% off LVA
Suncoast 5x points ACG
Rampart $10 free LVA
Downtown Grand 2x points promo
Ellis Island 10x

Silver Sevens slots 10x vp 4x

Las Vegas Trip Report: Did Someone Order Aces?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

This morning I woke up at 4:00 am in my comfortable bed at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in beautiful Las Vegas.  I could not fall back asleep so I got dressed and went to gamble.  Obviously.

There is a Starbucks near Orleans but I do not know if it is open 24 hours so I settled for gas station coffee from Terribles next door.  Yes I know you can get coffee for free while playing.  No, I would rather not have to be at someone else’s mercy for coffee.

I wanted to play the nickel Keno machine I had won $940 on a year ago TODAY.  But it is taken.  Because it is 5:00 am so obviously that one machine would be taken.  So I settled for the Double Double Bonus video poker machine that had been kind to me last night.  She was kind once again.

straight flushquarter jacks video poker winquarter aces video poker win orleans

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I now had $350 and could not believe my good fortune.  I started to play all my favorite money suckers, including Ultimate X.

ultimate x video poker threes x 3

The more I kept telling myself to stop it, the more I kept going.  Finally I lost all my wins.  You fucking asshole.  I could use creative accounting and think “Oh hey, I only lost $80 because that is all I brought down” but…well there is no but. I only lost $80 SO THERE.

Breakfast was at the Orleans coffee shop.  My room offer came with $10 dining.   Everyone here was nice and friendly and all “Happy holidays!” and I was all “You asshole, why did you not stop gambling?!?!”

I was back in my room by 7:00 am and went back to bed.

I woke up at 11:11 (make a wish!) and went back out.   First stop was Hooters to use both the American Casino Guide and Las Vegas Advisor coupons for $10 free play each.  The Las Vegas Advisor coupon is straight $10 free play, American Casino Guide is play ten and get ten.  I got LVA loaded and went to play to get the ACG loaded.  I left the free play on my card and put $20 cash into Family Guy. I love this game and you cannot use free play on it.  This machine had been nice to me in the past, but that was not the case today.  I also noted that the “repeat bet” button is still broken, just as it was last year.  Great job, Hooters slot techs.

I put my $20 free play into Cleopatra Keno and got it up to $100.  I cashed out at $75.  I then realized I needed one more single for the bus and rather than break a $5 bill, I decided to put it in Cleopatra Keno and play one game at $1.  I got the bonus and won $22.  I cashed out at $79 to get singles.  Yes, cashing out at $22 would have also gotten me singles, but I AM GAMBLOR.

From here, I walked over to Ellis Island Brewery and Casino to use some more coupons.   I had one for $10 free play from American Casino Guide one for a chance to spin a wheel for $10-$100 free play from Las Vegas Advisor, and a “earn 200 points, get a free entree” coupon from American Casino Guide.

I sat down and played Double Double Bonus video poker. It took me $60 to get the 200 points for the free entree. $60 for $20 free play a $10 meal seems fair, no?

I asked my server if I could get anything on the menu.  They don’t have anything listed specifically as entrees.  She said that it came as a credit and she could see what they took off.  I ordered steak and eggs.  With a root beer, it came to $14.31 and the coupon took off $14, making my soda free as well.  She comped off the $.31 so the entire meal was basically free.  For $60 that is.

After eating, I lost another $40 on Cleopatra Keno because why wouldn’t I?

Next stop: Tuscany casino to use the $10 free play coupon in American Casino Guide.   I put it in a nickel Cleopatra Keno, hit “max bet” and it turns out max bet on here is 80 nickels.  Yeesh.   I hit five balls and won 500 credits ($25) but put that all back in because why wouldn’t I?  I also tried a Flinstones slot, which was terribly mean to me.  Then I left.

I took the bus to Gold Coast from here.  I have two coupons, one for play $10, get $10 free play from Las Vegas Advisor and one for a free buffet for earning 200 points, from American Casino Guide.

I sat down at a quarter Double Double Bonus video poker game where the cards were dealt way too fast and there was no way to change it.  I decided to stick it out and boy am I sure glad I did.  Last hand.

quarter twos gold coast

I still did not have 200 points so I put another twenty in and well….

quarter aces gold coast 1

I got my 200 points.  I went to the player’s card booth to get my buffet coupon (good through December 30) and my free play.  I went back to the same machine and OH HEY.

quarter aces gold coast 2

I feel like I was only in this casino for like fifteen minutes. And I won $500.  Minus what I put in, and then kept putting in (come on now, you know I did) I netted $400.

I took the free shuttle back to Orleans and stopped at the Player’s Club to use some coupons there.  I have play $10 get $10 from both Las Vegas Advisor and American Casino Guide.  I also have $5 free play from my offer.  I have to do them one at a time. The boothling offers I can come right back to him instead of getting back on the line, which is absurdly long.  I come back and only have to wait for him to finish the person he is currently helping.  Only it is not a person, it is a couple.  Because I guess when he said “next” they both went up instead of one person going up and then the other waiting their turn.  They were up there for so long, asking so many questions.  The female half was carrying an American Casino Guide book which annoyed me because you do not need to carry the book.  Fucking cut the coupons out.  I kept growing more and more impatient.  Finally I get the second coupon loaded and decide to save the third one for tomorrow.

As I am walking away, I am thinking about how much I do not like people.  Of course, this is perfect timing for me to spot some woman who is playing a machine, with her feet up on the chair next to her.  Not like on the bottom of the chair, but on the actual chair so that if anyone wanted to sit, they could not.  She was totally relaxing as if this were a chaise lounge. Did I mention she was not wearing shoes?  Because she wasn’t.  I guess she mistook the casino for her living room.  I lost it.  I gestured towards her fucking disgusting feet and told her “YOU ARE FUCKING DISGUSTING” and kept walking.  Then I decided to go back and take her photo, just to be a complete fucking dick.  But as I turned around, I saw her with her feet back under her own chair, where they belong.  She was in the middle of putting her shoes back on her feet.  WHICH IS WHERE THEY BELONG.  So I let it go.

I used my $15 free play in my now favorite Double Double Bonus video poker machine and got nothing.  I tried again to play the Keno machine I won $940 on a year ago TODAY and some dude was on it.   I played around a bit and then decided to go to my room.   The hallways here reek of weed.

I did some stuff like not really packed for a move tomorrow, wrote a blog post and then went back down to gamble.  I lost $80 and called it a night.  I was in bed by midnight.

Gambling Day: + 300
Gambling Trip: +380
Miscellaneous: (coffee, cigarettes, bus fare, tips and some more Diet Pepsi): $47.77
Comps used: Orleans hotel stay, $10 dining at Orleans with offer.  I also had a coupon sheet given to me at check in.  The only one I used was 10% off at Java Coast, which saved me $.31 on an iced coffee.

Today’s itinerary.  I did everything on it except go to Cosmopolitan.  I wish I would have done that.  I am going to miss all the Christmas stuff on the Strip since it will likely be gone by the time I get there.  Oh well.

Thursday, December 24, 2015
Breakfast: $10 credit mailer
Orleans ACG play $10 get $10
Orleans LVA play $10 get $10
Orleans $5 freeplay offer
Gold Coast $10 freeplay LVA
Gold Coast 200 points = free ACG
Ellis Island free 200 points ACG
Ellis Island play $10 spin wheel ACG
Ellis Island $10 free play LVA
Ellis Island 10x
Planet Hollywood / Rio 50 points = free buffet
Palms $25 freeplay with 5k points LVA
Palms $50 freeplay with 15k points ACG (or 2k slots)/strong>
Tuscany $10 free play ACG
Hooters play $10 get $10 ACG
Hooters $10 freeplay LVA
Cosmopolitan: Artomatic

Las Vegas Trip Report: The Time My Flight Was Cancelled!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009:  Day One

Oh wait, my flight is cancelled?   Never mind…….

Thursday, July 30, 2009: New Day One!

My flight is supposed to leave at 10:18 am  It doesn’t.  I’m following up on my new tradition of taking a picture of the departures screen so you can see mine is the only flight on this board that is delayed.

flight delayed

Continue reading

I stop at the new JetBlue food court and get a sandwich, a cookie and a Diet Pepsi for $20.33.  Jesus, good thing I have last night’s budget still intact.

We ended up taking off at 11:30.  There are approximately three pages in my notes detailing how much I HATE flying to Vegas but I’ll spare you.

We land at 1:40 and I’m in my room at Harrahs at 2:45.   I asked for no tunnel and the cab driver said “Miss, I never take the tunnel” with a tone that implied how dare I even suggest he would.  Cab came to $17.80 which seemed high to me but I haven’t taken a cab from the airport in forever.

You know how when you stay at Harrahs you get a coupon sheet?  Well I got it and they all expire tomorrow.  Great!

I could have asked for a new one and I also could have asked for the coupon sheet I was due from booking my first night through Expedia (which was last night and I didn’t get to show up for since my flight was cancelled) which included a Paris buffet coupon, but I didn’t.

I got room 1742 in the Carnaval tower.

Harrahs Las Vegas RoomHarrahs Las Vegas ArmoireHarrahs Las Vegas bathroomHarrahs Las Vegas Room View

I don’t have a “Do Not Disturb” sign. This is one of my HUGEST pet peeves in Las Vegas.  And this trip is even worse because I am actually flying to California tomorrow and leaving my stuff in my room for three nights.  So I really want the damn sign.  I normally just make a fake one but sometime they pull it off the door and don’t replace it.   I don’t want to chance it.  I see a housekeeper and ask for one and she says “Noooooo, we don’t have those” and then handed me one of those “please help us conserve the environment!” signs that you see hung on towel racks and tells me to use that.

This isn’t good enough for my peace of mind so I steal one off someone’s door.   I’m sorry to whoever’s door I stole it off it.  If I had waited a bit longer, I would have picked my next door neighbors since they were loud and annoying and smoked weed in their room, but I didn’t find this out until later on tonight when I was woken up to discover this.  By then I could not remember which door I actually stole it off of.

I attempt to make my first stop Gold Coast but god help me if I can’t just walk out of Harrahs without playing something.  So I try Keno.  Why.  I lose $60.  I then walk through the monorail entrance to the Imperial Palace to avoid Carnaval Court, but the escalator isn’t working. So I make my way to Barbary Coast (don’t even try to tell me it has a new name, it is a stupid name and I refuse to acknowledge it) by walking the Strip.   This is a lot of effort to get to some stupid off strip casino. Outside is it so hot, so full of people.

Inside the Barbary Coast I start my expected losing streak.   Today it’s Reel ‘em In Community Bonus slots.   I can’t win anything on here.   I did win $40 on Wizard of Oz though.

I then go outside and take the free shuttle to the Gold Coast.  Lose and lose and lose.  I was playing nickel Double Double Bonus Supertimes Pay video poker.  I got the 10x twice and each time got zilch.  I played a Wolf Run multi play slot machine (I need to never play this again) and lost on there.   Lost on Invaders From the Planet Moolah.  Lost on a bunch of games.  Lost lost lost.  Then I accidentally ripped my last $20 in half when I was pulling it out of the envelope and kind of HAD to stop.

Ate dinner at TGI Friday.  Then shuttled it back to the Barbary Coast and got a $90 bonus on a Star Wars slot machine before putting it all back.

Made a pit stop in my room where the door to the room across from me was open and there were a bunch of security guards in the doorway.  It REEKED of weed (this is a new Las Vegas thing for me, I hate the stench of it and on my last three trips I have been bombarded with it.)   I am trying to be nosy and see what is going on.  All I can hear is the security guard ask “is this acceptable to you” and a woman says “Yes.” I can’t hear much more because I can only play the “oh hey look I can’t get my door open” game for a few minutes before I feel stupid.

January 1, 2011: Last Day of an Epic Trip

Saturday, January 1, 2011 – Day Nineteen of Nineteen: Last Day

[This is the last part of a nineteen day trip report.  If you would like to start at the beginning, go here.]

One last morning waking up at the Riviera.  Sigh.  I am up at 7:30 and out at 8:30.  No no no no noooooooooooooooooo I DON’T WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.

I play quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:

$20-$75 – four of a kind fives

quarter fives Continue reading


Switch machines.
$20-$100 on four of a kind threes.

quarter threes

Put in another $20, should not have.  I was just being greedy, and the fair punishment for greed is loss.

I walk over to the Peppermill for breakfast.  It is so amazing to me how clean the Strip is after last night’s celebrations.  You can’t even tell anything happened here.

Riviera quarter Double Double Bonus video poker.  $20-$60 Kings:

quarter kings

$20-$0, greedy again, $20-$0

I go upstairs to my room to shower and pack.

One last trip Ellis Island for penny Ultimate X = lose lose lose.  Cleopatra Keno, get $100.  Go degenerate on quarter Double Double Bonus video poker because the Aces with a kicker progressive is $875.  Lose.

Imperial Palace, $100-$40 on Ultimate X.

I check in for my flight online and it says they are looking for bumps PLEASE.

On my way to the Riviera now, its 12:52.

Riviera, my last play gets $20-$60 with full houses and flushes and straights, but I gave back the winnings in an attempt to win eleventy billion dollars and not go home.

Time to go to the airport!  Delta is still looking for volunteers to get bumped.  Hey!  I want to be bumped!  Bump me please?  I did not check out of my comped room at the Riviera so that if I were bumped, I would have a place to stay for FREE.  Sigh, I don’t get bumped.  Home I go.

I get back to New York and decide to treat myself to a cab from the airport to my apartment.  This ends up with me being dropped off outside my apartment, which is blocked off by a mountain of snow that is higher than me. While I was in Las Vegas, I missed a blizzard in New York.

If Brooklyn gets 20” of snow, where do you think it is shoveled/plowed to?   There are mountains lining every sidewalk.  Walking through Brooklyn after a major snow storm feels like you are walking inside a maze because there will be snow walls lining the sidewalks.

So I have to either scale this mountain with my luggage or walk to the corner and then walk on the sidewalk.  There is a spot on this short walk that no one ever shovels EVER.  So by now it is icy.  And the sidewalk is narrow not only because of the snow mountains, but because it seems there has been no garbage pick up for days.  AND this happened at a time where people were throwing out tons of Christmas Day garbage.

Remember how I woke up this morning in Las Vegas and noticed how clean it was after a huge New Year’s Eve party on the Strip?   Take me back, please.  Take me back.

Las Vegas: Last Aces of 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010: Day Eighteen of Nineteen. Last Full Day :(

[This is day eighteen of a nineteen day trip report.  If  you want to start at the beginning, you can go here.]

Oh how I hate going home.

I am still at the Riviera.  I wake up at 10:00 and am out at 11:00.

Whoa what the hell is going on here?  The Riviera is PACKED.  Damn, all these people must have piled in for New Year’s Eve.  Yesterday I had the casino to myself. Today I am unable to play MY Double Double Bonus video poker game because there is a couple on it playing one quarter at a time and holding all the wrong cards.  Oh hey look – let’s drop a pair of Jacks because you have a Jack and a Queen that are the same color but not the same suit.  Sure, that is the correct play!  I am so happy for you that you are on MY machine because with skills like that, you are just running up the progressives without any chance in hell of hitting one yourself!

That said, I lost $40 on Double Double Bonus video poker.

I walked down the Strip to catch the 119 bus to Ellis Island.   It stops right on the side of Palazzo, across from Treasure Island.

Treasure Island Las Vegas Nevada

The restaurant at Ellis Island is PACKED.  Being solo, I got in right away though.  Take THAT all you people with your big fancy party of twos and threes.

Continue reading

Ellis Island has two Ultimate X machines.  Both are taken.  I play a 50 play penny video poker game in the same back.  I am dealt Jacks for $125.  SWEET.

dealt 50 play jacksI try and make a big deal so that the Ultimate X hogs will get jealous and leave.  It doesn’t work.   I thought I finally got my wish when one guy got up but it turns out he was only going to the ATM right behind us.   UGH.

I try some Keno and won a little bit.  Finally it is my turn at Ultimate X.  I put in $40 and I load my $12 free play from my points and go at it.  I got as high as $50 and never cashed out.

Walking back to the Strip, I once again stop at the Westin for Starbucks.

I pass through the Barbary Coast and what is that?  OH MAN ULTIMATE X IN NICKELS!  WHEEEEEEEEE!   I WANT TO PLAY!

Well see, there is a guy sitting at the machine and not playing it.  I say “guy” because it wasn’t until a few seconds later that I realized I should be using the misnomer “DOUCHEBAG.”  Because you see, I asked DOUCHEBAG to move and he said “No” and then turned away from me. I want to grab him by his throat and pull him backwards onto the floor and beat some sense into his smug face.  But KARMA dammit.  This is so unfair.

I walk to Imperial Palace to Ultimate X  and I get my second royal on this machine!  No multiplier, but I don’t care!  Here it is in all it’s blurry glory:


Next I play Cleopatra Keno, played forever and cashed out only because I was starving.

Lunch (dinner?  It is 5:33) is at Hash House a Go Go at the Imperial Palace.  I’m waiting impatiently for anyone to take my order.  Pounding headache.

Someone please take my order.  H-E-A-D-A-C-H-E

After eating, I have to walk to the Riviera since the Strip is closed to traffic for New Year’s Eve, which means no more buses.

I get to my room and housekeeping took all my toilet paper, tissues and towels.  You have got to be kidding me.  I call for them to bring some up and wait way longer than I care to.

I am not a big partier in Las Vegas.  I also don’t really care that it is New Year’s Eve.  All that means to me is that there are too many people in the casino.

Since I am going  home tomorrow and would like to not do laundry when I get home, I take one more trip to the Circus Circus KOA to wash all my clothes.   I sat in the laundry room absolutely frozen the entire time.   I am in Vegas every December, this may be the second coldest I can remember.

After my laundry is done, I concede that okay FINE, I will go outside for the stroke of midnight.   But not before I play me some video poker.  And BAM.

I ended 2010 with a $590.25 Aces with kicker progressive.   I was shocked.

prog aces with kickerI cash out and go outside all excited.  Yay!  Happy New Year!  Yay!

Here are some blurry fireworks:

1 2

Las Vegas: Pretty Bellagio Conservatory Pictures

Thursday, December 30, 2010 – Day Seventeen of Nineteen

[This is part seventeen of a nineteen day trip report.  If you would like to start at the beginning, please go here.]

I wake up at the Riviera this morning at 6:00 am.   I am out by 7:00.

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:
$20-$80 Jacks


Continue reading

Monopoly $20-$0

Double Double Bonus video poker $40-$0

I go outside and take the Deuce bus to the Bellagio. One goal of this trip is to eat breakfast here because I have not done that in so many years.  It is FREEZING out.  I wish I had my gloves.

Oh terrible day.  The Bellagio buffet is doing holiday brunch today even though it’s not a holiday.  This means that it is $35.  This means NO.

I stopped and took pictures of their conservatory done up for Christmas.

Bellagio Christmas conservatory candy canes Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Christmas conservatory Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Christmas conservatory polar bears  Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Christmas conservatory reindeer and sleigh Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Christmas conservatory toy soldiers Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Christmas tree conservatory Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Conservatory baby polar bear christmas Las Vegas nevada Bellagio conservatory Christmas igloo Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Conservatory Christmas ornaments Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Conservatory Chrsitmas ornaments Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Conservatory Mama polar bear Christmas Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio conservatory penguins Chrismas Las Vegas Nevada Bellagio Las Vegas Christmas conservatory

I went across the street and paid Planet Hollywood $20.83 for their breakfast buffet.  UGH.  That is insane.  The coffee here is too hot so I kill some time by writing my notes for the morning and playing with my camera.  Then of course as I finally go to fill my plate, the server completely clears my table.  She TOOK MY COFFEE AWAY too, just as it was getting to a temperature that wasn’t going to burn my tongue off.  “I’m sorry, I thought you left.”   I like how you assumed I wouldn’t tip you either.  So I didn’t.  Okay I did.  But I didn’t want to.  But KARMA. DAMMIT.

At 10:00 am, I am on the Deuce bus headed back to my room at the Riviera.  Once there,  I take a nap.  I have the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my door.  So housekeeping calls to wake me up.  Why do they do this?  Why doesn’t “Do Not Disturb” apply only to knocking on the door?  This infuriates me always and forever.

Later on, I go outside.  I take the 108 bus to Terribles to try and repeat yesterday’s big wins and NO WINS FOR YOU.

Next is Ellis Island because I cannot get enough of playing penny Ultimate X.  I put in $40, got up to $110 and cashed out at $100.

I actually had a dealt four of a kind Queens with multipliers that was an $80 win.

ultimate x dealt queens

Cleopatra Keno: $20-$150

This is what I’m talking about!

I stopped at the Westin on my way back to the strip for Starbucks and slot machines.  I lost $30 on an Easter Island slot here.

Barbary Coast!  I put $40 into a Wizard of Oz Big Event slot and hit nothing, nothing and more nothing all the way until I had nothing left.  These games have a community bonus.  Your eligibility is dependent on you actually playing.  When you are done playing, you usually have time left on your meter.  I did.  As I was waiting it out, the Big Event Bonus kicked in the literal second my timer ran out.  YOU SON OF A BITCH.

Hello Ultimate X nickels at the Imperial Palace!   $20-$65.  Hit and run.

I get on the Deuce and make my next stop Encore.

encore butterfly tiles encore flowers Encore Las Vegas entrance Encore Las Vegas no strollers encore red butterfly encore sign

I played Cleopatra Keno here for a very long time. I went up and down and back up and back down.  I must have played for about two hours and lost nothing.  I also won nothing but the glass is half degenerate.

Back to the Riviera and in bed by 1:00 am.

Las Vegas: Double Aces Day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 – Day Fifteen of Nineteen

[This is part fifteen of a nineteen day trip report.  If you would like to start at the beginning, go here.]

Up at 8:30 at the Imperial Palace.  Breakfast is at their buffet.  There are people out there who will swear that you will die if you eat here.  I always get so annoyed at how ridiculous these people are.  But today when I took a bite of a chocolate chip pancake only to discover the chocolate chips were raisins, I started leaning towards joining the boycott.

I went next door to Harrahs for some Starbucks.  I miss having a Dunkin Donuts nearby.   I came back to the Imperial Palace to play Ultimate X in nickels:


Today I am moving hotels again.  This time to the Riviera.  So many people hate this place and rant and rave about “THE SKY IS FALLING.  IT IS A DUMP. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK”   I happen to love the place.  First, it gets my vote for Las Vegas casino with the best exterior visual. Continue reading

riviera daytimeRiviera Las Vegas night neonSecond, since no one else likes it, I tend to have the casino to myself for the most part.  No people = my heaven.

I take a cab between the two.  The driver passes the entrance to the Riviera.  So now I am dropped off in a very inconvenient spot out back, up steps and nowhere near reception.  I tried to pay $13 on a $10 fare but he did not have singles.  So he got $15 and was overpaid after screwing up and leaving me all the way in the back.  Haaaaaaaate.

I can’t check in until noon, so I check my bags.  I decide on instant that I hate the bellman.

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:  $20 – four of a kind fours = $100

quarter fours

Got $10 free play, $0

Nickel video poker: first hand  $20-$50 with dealt fives.

dealt nickel fives

I cant cash out, the machine is broken. This is a trick!  I am not falling for it. I’m fine with killing time waiting for an attendant.


Quarter Keno, $20-$0

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:
$20-dealt sixes.  I was going to cash out at $70 but made it up to $85.

quarter sixes


quarter kings

Chase the Royal:

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker – dealt Aces!!!!  $20-$200

quarter aces

I check in and get room 2314 in the Monte Carlo tower.  I love that these rooms come with a refrigerator!  My room comes to $172.48, which is for two comped nights, and two at $70 each.  I am paying the resort fee on both $70 rooms.  But it was the cheapest offer I had for New Years Eve so I am okay with it.

The checkinling tells me that i can get a better view if I take a nonsmoking room.  No thank you.  If I want to view Las Vegas, I will go outside.

Riviera Las Vegas room spot the Las Vegas luggage Riviera Las Vegas room

Room view:

pool view Riviera Las Vegas room view Riviera Las VegasI sort my money and I’m up $280 for today.

I take a shower and watch another DVD.  I am hungry so I stop at Riviera’s food court for take away.  I lost  $40 on my way there.

$20-four of a kind threes = $115

I am headed to Ellis Island to play penny Ultimate X.  I love Ultimate X and playing it in pennies is just as fun as playing it in nickels.

$40-$0 Ultimate X

Double Double Bonus video poker:
$20-$220 via Aces!!!!!!!
quarter aces1

I walked back to the Strip, stopping at Flamingo to have breakfast for dinner.  I need to clean out my comps because I am never visiting a Harrahs property in the next six months and your comps expire if you do not play within six months.

Its 8:54 pm and I’m waiting for someone to take my order.  Yeagh I hate my waitress.  In addition to being slow, she keeps calling me “Baby”.  Please, stop.

I take the bus back to Riviera.  First one takes half an hour to show up and it is packed.  No way in hell am I getting on that one.  Another one comes right after and it is empty.  Score!

I originally planned to get off at Encore and do some gambling there but I am exhausted.  That does not stop me from gambling at Riviera before bed.

Riviera $100-$0 Double Double Bonus video poker, had to do it.

$100-$0 in DOLLAR Double Double Bonus video poker, had to do it.

Bed 11:30