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An Easy Side Trip to Sorrento, Italy from Pompeii and Naples

I last left off in Pompeii.  I wanted to go to Mount Vesuvius.  I know it is cold there, always.  This should have been a draw since I was slowly dying in the heat in Pompeii.  But I could not get my mind to believe that a volcano would be cooler.  So I decided to go to Sorrento, which was burning hot of course.  Meh, whatever. At least I had the joy of being able to switch my plans last minute and not have to deal with anyone else because I am solo lalalalalaaaaaaaaaaa.

Leaving Pompeii and buying a train ticket for Sorrento was a bit difficult.  The ticket booth guy was not at the window, but instead could be seen from the window gabbing it up with his coworker.  The maniac behind me in line starts smashing at the window. Of course, the guy thinks its me since I am the one standing there when he comes over.  Great.  I ask for a ticket. He gives it to me and tells me “You need to run to catch the train”.  Yeah well I wouldn’t have if you had been here instead of over there….whatever.

Since it is later in the day now, the Circumvesuviana train smells even worse than it did earlier in the day.  I am from New York, I can handle this.

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Sorrento is a sleepy, fancy place.  There was a point in my planning where I considered staying here.  I am glad I did not.  It seems like a great place to be if you are looking for a place to relax for a few days, or have a romantic getaway.  My trip was the opposite of both of these things.  Sorrento would not be for me.

I wanted to find the lemon grove.  I thought I did find it but it turns out that instead, I found what looks like a lemon grove if the lemon grove had a man standing at the entrance yelling at me that this is private property and I can only enter if I am staying at the hotel.  OKAY then.

sorrento, italy

I kept walking around.

sorrento, italy

I came across an alleyway full of shops, pretty much all of them lemon themed.  Sorrento takes its lemons VERY seriously.

shopping alley, sorrento, italy

lemon everything, sorrento, italy

How adorable is this?  Table and chairs outside an ice cream shop.

cute ice cream shop chairs sorrento, italy

Then I found the water.  This was so nice.  You can take an elevator down to the beach and back up.  I did not want to.

CIMG0475sorrento coast

I stood at this spot and day dreamed for a while with “Gold Coast” by a band called Capital playing through my head “and you sit in your house on a hill, with a view of the worrrrrrrrrrllllllllllld……….”

coast houses, sorrento, italy

Napping Sorrento dog:

dog, sorrento, italy


After a bit, I got really bored.  As I said, this seems like a nice place to be to relax and that is just not me.

I walked back to the train and went to buy my ticket. No one is at the booth.  The line behind me grows and grows.  People seem to think it is my responsibility to make the ticket seller come to the window since I am first.  No, no it isn’t.

I finally get my ticket and it would not work.  I bring it back to the booth.  The guy took it and wrote on it and told me to go through the side gate.  Okay but it is locked.  I went back to tell him it was locked and he was not there. Again.  So I ended up just sneaking in I guess.   It is possible to maneuver the turnstile so you can get in by moving it out.  This is illegal and I do not recommend it, but I did have a ticket so I am okay with it.

I get back to Naples.  Whiny, crabby and hot.  Burning  hot, BURNING  hot.  I get to my hotel with plans to lay down and nap in air conditioning before going back out.  Oh hey.  There is a team of repair men in my room fixing my air conditioner.  It was not broken when I left.  This almost set me off.  I was trying to not meltdown mentally since it was not like I could blame any hotel owner for being proactive and making sure the air worked when I am sitting here dying of heat.  So I just sat there burning up, sweat pouring all over me, while they fixed the not-broken air conditioner.   This took about an hour.  By the time they were done, I was done.  My plans to nap and go back out were now replaced with “shower and bed”.  I don’t even think the sun was down by the time I fell asleep for the night.

Naples, Italy: Side Trip to Pompeii

Today is one of those days where I am reminded how much I love traveling solo.

My original plans for today were to overdo sightseeing.  I was determined to go to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius all in one day.  The internet says it can not be done, I say it can.  I guess we will never know now though because I ended up making a very last second decision to go to Sorrento after Pompeii, rather than keeping my original plans.  Changing plans last minute always seems to be so easy when you are solo and so difficult when you are not.  I didn’t have to confer with anyone, all I had to do was get on the train.

First stop:  Pompeii.  I took the Circumvesuviana train here from Naples.  At the Naples train station, some random guy approached me and asked me if I was looking for the ticket booth.  I made the mistake of saying yes.  Oh here we go. He then tries escorting me through the train station, out the other side and down a new entrance. I do not want him to do this because I know he is going to ask me for money.  I actually say to him “I am not giving you any money, I can make it the rest of the way by myself”.  He ignores me.  We get to the ticket window and he tries to pay for my ticket.  I think the trick  here is that he pays for my ticket (it was something like €2.40) and then would hope I would not have exact change and give him a €5 bill).  I keep insisting “DO NOT BUY MY TICKET” and he will not stop.  So I then yell to the booth guy “DO NOT SELL HIM MY TICKET”. Then I think I will outsmart him and pay with a credit card.  No change, no cash, sorry guy.  But the Circumvesuviana does not take credit cards.  ARGH.

So I pay in cash and turn to leave.  My unwanted escort asks me to buy him a cup of coffee.  NO.  I find it so completely annoying when people do things like this.

The train comes and its every bit as run down and rickety as the internet told me it would be.  It was also hot as hell on there.

We get to Pompeii.  Walking from the train station to the entrance is about a five minute walk, during which you are offered to purchase a bunch of things such as slushies, sun hats and souvenirs.  I almost bought an enormous sun hat as my 100 spf sun screen is not working and I am so burned up.  But I resisted.

Pompeii is HOT today.  Burning hot.  There are just about zero spots with shade inside here.  I had to keep reminding myself “you know, people here died from being buried under volcanic ash, I bet they would love to trade spots with you”.

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The entrance through the city walls was one of the many “I AM GOING TO FALL AND DIE” moments of my trip.  It is steep and there is nothing to hold onto.  I was watching people twice my age zip past me like it was no big deal.  I envied their bravery.  If you have never been to Pompeii – on the right side is a drawbridge type thing, once you walk across it, you continue up that steep hill.  Sure it doesn’t look like a big deal in the picture.  But it would have been if I had died!

entrance to pompeiiOnce I survived the scary entrance and got into the actual site, I spotted this cutie. It was so hot that I actually thought he might be dead.  Thankfully, he was not.

pompeii dogPompeii:

pompeii, italypompeii4pompeii2pompeii1pompeiipompeii colliseumhouse preserved

This was Pompeii’s fast food restaurant.  I took a break over here because there was a water fountain and a ledge to sit on.  Every tour group that passed by stopped here and every tour guide would talk in whatever language with “McDonalds” being the only word I understood.

fast food restaurant

This looks like a Rorschach face.


This looks like a Rorschach dog.

dogI love this picture:
pompeii, italy with vesuvius in the background

 Up next:  a few hours in Sorrento.