The Most Disgusting Hotel Room I Have Ever Slept in.

Awhile back, I was dead asleep sitting at my desk at work.  I made a post about “Ode to Hotel Beds” that I don’t even really remember typing, because I was dead asleep.  This hotel bed made the cut as the absolute worst.  But since I had limited the post just to beds, it was not allowed a chance to shine in full glory.  So now here it is, getting full credit for being the most gross hotel I have ever slept in.

This is the Travelodge in Orlando, Florida.  These were taken in August of 2006.  So there is a chance it no longer looks like this. I believe it is fair to note that.

My friend Dave was with me.  He perfectly described it as “a meth lab turned to murder scene”

Bathroom Light:

bathroom light travelodge, travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida Downtown Orlando, Florida

Cigarette burns

burn baby burn travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

Not only are the arms of these chairs FILTHY AS FUCK, the wheels fell off one when Dave pulled it out from the table.

filthy chairs travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

Lamp base, probably featuring evidence of free basing.

filthy lamp travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida


gross sink travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida


general filth travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

For all its faults, this shower had the best water pressure.  Which was good because we got to power wash the hotel off of us.

shower travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

More filth.

moldy sink travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

Bubbling wall paper.

wall paper bubbling travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

Oh hey, more general filth

general filth travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

Note the cobwebs up top

filth and cobwebs travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

And the headliner, bloody mattresses.

blood bed  travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

Dave’s take on this one was “oh and look, there’s a number four, which is probably the number of people murdered in this bed”

blood bed travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

Bloody bedspread.

blood bed travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida


ghost blanket travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

This carpet felt like it was soaked in an inch of motor oil.  It was so gross.

motor oil soaked carpet travelodge, Downtown Orlando, Florida

And there you have it.

What was the worst hotel room you have ever seen?

12 thoughts on “The Most Disgusting Hotel Room I Have Ever Slept in.

  1. waysofwanderers

    Yuck! How did you sleep there after seeing all of that? I think SE Asia is where I’ve seen some of the worst hotel rooms ever, but even still, they usually had a clean mattress/bed spread at least!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I believe it was around $70/night. Ironically enough, it seems I may be back in Orlando in December. Just like last time, there are only two hotels in walking distance of where I need to be. This one, and a way more expensive one. I went to Tripadvisor to see if maybe they have cleaned this one up in the past seven years. Not only have they not, someone posted a room picture with a spider that is the size of a small octopus. Sigh.

  2. Jen

    Ok, skin crawling now after reading that post. Brings to mind a lovely hotel room in Vegas several years ago. Mirror on the ceiling and the mattress was covered in a plastic sheet that crinkled. Ewwww. It was actually a well known hotel right on the strip. . . so nasty
    Jen recently posted…Whitewater Rafting in Banos, EcuadorMy Profile

      1. Robert

        Northern Thailand. Double bed with 14″ down one side and 8″ at the end of the bed (it filled the room). The door to the room was a folding closet door with no lock but there was a hasp so you could lock up if you had a padlock. No sheets and a big bloodstain in the middle of the mattress. The hotel was no cleaner than the one in this blog post but it was no worse either (aside from having far fewer furnishings). The saving grace is that we travel with our own bedding and it was only $6.00 a night.

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