Christmas Trip to Las Vegas: Last Day and the Final Wrap Up

December 28, 2014: Day Thirteen of Thirteen

I woke up very early to try and get the most out of my last day.   Here is a picture of my last view of the sunrise over Las Vegas:
sunriseSo pretty.

I counted my money.  I put $1070 aside.  This is $1062 for my flight to China, $5 tip for housekeeping and $3 for a Diet Pepsi at the airport.

Then the rest was MINE ALL MINE.   To be fair, there was only about $250 left.  OH and to be honest, I spend $70-ish on a carton of cigarettes.  Even though I swear this time I am going to quit, why not purchase my last carton when they are $7/pack rather than $12 in New York?

I ate a last breakfast at California’s coffee shop.  Then it was time to gamble.  I went to visit all my favorite machines to say good bye to them.  First up, obviously, nickel SuperTimes Pay at Fremont.  There are four machines in this bank.  My preferred one is on the left end.   Some woman was sitting next to it.   I sat down at my machine and it was stealing all my money.  This machine has been so nice to me this entire trip and now it is going to steal my money?  Now?  As I am playing it for the last time maybe even ever?   I get mad.  I kick it.  Then I yell at it.   I even punched the buttons at some point.  I was being a weirdo maniac and I don’t even care.  Finally I was down $100 on NICKELS and I had no choice but to give it the finger while storming off.

Next up: Four card Cleopatra Keno at Downtown Grand, where I was winning just a few hours ago.  I never should have left because now I am losing.   This place is so empty in the morning.  Not that it was really packed the night before.  But it felt like it was closed there were so few people in there.

Next stop: The D for quarter Double Double Bonus video poker.   Not even one four of a kind.

Last stop: Dumping all my quarters into Sigma Derby.   Some man asked me for a cigarette, hate.  Then he hands me a quarter HATE.  Cigarettes cost more than a quarter.

sigma derby the d las vegasFrom here, it was off to the airport for me.  No last day win.  I hate when that happens

I took the bus and then left my pass (I had a monthly pass good for a few more days) in the bill acceptor for the bus ticket machine, and off to home I went.

My Diet Pepsi at the airport was paid for with two singles and change, so I had one extra dollar bill to try one more hand of Keno.  I was so excited to think about how cool it would be to tell you guys I won eleventy billion dollars at the airport on my way home.  But it did not happen.

Final numbers for thirteen days:

Total budget is $200/day = $2600 for the trip.  I left $480 in my bank account so I could do the El Cortez promotion where you get 5% of your ATM withdrawals back in free play.  My bank’s ATM limit is $500 and with the ATM fee, I can only take out $480.   I did not need to ever take this out of the ATM but I did take $100 out of the ATM at Walgreens so there is only $380 in my account.

I brought home $1065 + that $380 = $1155 lost.   So sad and so stupid, the majority of my damage was done on my first full day.  I went so degenerate at Palace Station and then continued at Aria.  If I had not done that, my trip would have been so much different as I would have had a full budget every day.   Then I may have very well lost as much, or even more.  Or I may not have been so frugal that I would put $2 into a Keno machine and then would not have won $900.  Or I may have been playing quarters and won $4700.   That is why it is called gambling.  You never know what you are going to end up with.

Normally here I would tell you how many days there are until my next trip.   However, I vowed to not return to Vegas in 2015.   I am so sick and tired of coming home and doing the math and thinking about how far $1100 could go in another country.  And that in that other country, my experiences would be so much more exciting.

I mean, look at the many days I had where I was post degenerate.  I could not go nutso and grind away on video poker like I wanted to.   I could not play quarter Keno.   I could not play my nickel SuperTimes Pay on my first night downtown because I was not gambling.  I was happy to have sat on a bench with two homeless alcoholics because without them, my blog would have no content because I am a literal loser.

There was a huge change in me this trip because normally I would just say screw it, and do whatever I want.  If I have to go to the ATM, who cares.  It is my money, I will do what I want.  But on this trip, I didn’t even want to do that.  This shows how over Las Vegas I am.

But flights for Thanksgiving were only $330 for some reason.  So I booked one and I leave in 295 days.  I truly am a fucking asshole.

24 thoughts on “Christmas Trip to Las Vegas: Last Day and the Final Wrap Up

  1. Mike

    Not that I don’t enjoy your other trip reports, but I for one am looking forward to another Vegas report.

    My friend and I were playing quarter 9/6 Jacks last night at Borgata, with a 50/50 interest in any royals hit, when he hit one in diamonds. I’d post a picture but I don’t think I can.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Borgata is now sending me offers but they are only good Sunday – Thursday. I have never stayed there but I am not willing to give up a vacation day to do so.

      1. Mike

        I like the rooms at Borgata a lot. Not sure it’s worth that trip, though. Weekend rooms are very hard to come by. They get $400 and up with no issue.

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          I know, that is so crazy. Hey lookit me, I am spending more money on a ROOM than a flight to Vegas tee hee! Idiots.

          1. Mike

            I just looked, and for a random weekend in March, they want $379 for a one king room. I would pay $219 for the same room, which is $219 too much. I’m an hour away, I don’t stay unless it’s free.

          2. jenniferjennifer Post author

            Sometimes when I check the same week I want to go, rooms that were showing as $300 now come up as comped. It is so stupid.

  2. Maria G.

    I was reading the second to the last paragraph thinking ‘Oh no! No more Vegas reports?” but what a relief you’ve booked. LOL.
    Had a similar money experience even here in Thailand. Yes, money does go far here, but had a breakdown when my weekend trip, *in* Thailand, was going to cost me 2 months of my Thai rent. I could be doing more “sensible” things with that money but at the end of the day F it, I leave in July so need to get in all the experiences.
    I’m looking forward to your next updates!
    Maria G. recently posted…The beautiful Himalayan Cherry BlossomsMy Profile

  3. dewey089

    I loved the trip reports from this trip. Frugal visits are my interest. I’m sorry the bus riding was not more satisfying. I think I know the arrogant guy at the Binions stop. If you go again, remember that every bus from Binions goes to the BTC, so hopping on any will get you where you can transfer. Just don’t miss that stop. I’m also changing my mind on residential passes on the strip buses. I just don’t think anyone is asked for local ID, so it is not an issue. The nice fellow at Binions (Latino guy) told me that no one would ask for more than my senior reduced fare ID. Of course, the 15 and 30 day passes are both all access. Since I only do those, I don’t have the personal sense of using residential on strip buses, but I’ve had plenty of reassurance that it will never be questioned, and not one person has been checked. I liked your photos, especially of the Bellagio and of the rooms. Especially helpful to me is the Palace Station room photo. I’m thinking of using MyVegas there and paying for other nights. Like you, I overgamble, and the Palace Station has ten cent VP in the 10/7 DB variety as well as a low limit poker room I liked.
    dewey089 recently posted…NAVIGATIONAL NOTEMy Profile

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Dewey!

      When I was waiting at Binions, no buses came at all or else I would have gotten on one and transferred. For 45 minutes, no bus at all. That’s why I just wanted to walk to the 108. And that did not work out as easily as I had planned. I am still mad at that guy. Sigh.

      On this last trip, I noticed signs all over that you had to show ID for reduced fare passes and I saw some drivers ask for it. I think this may be new because it has never happened before. I don’t know if that would make a driver more likely to also ask for local ID.

      And definitely try Palace Station. It was such a perfect stay, especially with it being free. You can get there free from the airport, stay free, they do not charge a resort fee, you get a free buffet. It is one of the best deals I have ever seen in Vegas in all my time going.

  4. Joanne

    Hi Jennifer. When you said ” This shows how over Las Vegas I am”, I thought to myself, “I don’t even know who you are anymore.” And then of course when you booked again for Thanksgiving, I thought to myself, “that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout.” Your faithful blog followers will “give thanks” for your return in November. This was a great series of reports and I still have some residual chuckles.

  5. Catherine

    OMG, you are so funny. I was reading and thinking to myself, “How is she going to stay away from Vegas. I’ll sure miss the TRs from Vegas, but I understand about wanting to see the world,” and then your last line. next trip 295 days away! LOL. But, you are cutting back. I enjoy all your reports! Thanks for the chuckles.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks Catherine! I am starting to save for my bankroll now in hopes that by doing this, I don’t notice the big chunk being withdrawn from my bank account right before I leave.

  6. Jim Carroll

    Jennifer, you are just so awesome, I love your trip reports. I always say that you have a different slant on life which is so very refreshing. I love keno too and have had many jackpots from nickel machines to dollar machines. Nothing is better than hitting 5 outa 5 or 6 outa 6 and so on. I’m so glad you have booked your next trip to Vegas. I just got home last Saturday 1/31 and every day I’m on USAIR’s website looking for a good price. I can’t wait to go back. Thanks for all the laughs you provide and all of the awesome photos.

    Jim C. (Blond4ever board member)

    1. Jim Carroll

      Jennifer, I also meant to say, I’ve had a long time love affair with the Riviera. My first stay there was in 1976 and probably have stayed there 25 plus times over the years. Always had great luck at the Riv. Loved when Kady’s coffee shop was there. Saw “Splash” when it was there along with some of the headliners over that time. Its been sad to see its decline over the past 6 or 7 years.

      Thanks Again,
      Jim C.

      1. jenniferjennifer Post author

        Thanks so much Jim!

        I LOVE THE RIVIERA. I miss Kady’s coffee shop. The only real option you have for breakfast now is a pub. Kady’s was so great.

  7. Royal Flusher

    Really enjoyed this trip report, jennifer, and I’m glad you haven’t quite given up on Vegas. Congrats on the Keno win. Thank you for proving that Keno is not a total big fat unwinnable scam. Because winning.


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