Christmas Trip to Las Vegas: Last Full Day Featuring a Run in with the Worst RTC Employee Ever.

I woke up at Four Queens very early this morning.   I had originally planned to go to Sunset Station for breakfast since I have a free buffet from MyVegas.  But I kind of didn’t want to go.   But I kind of felt like I should go.  I have not left downtown since arriving here Thursday.  Today is Saturday.  I do need to go to the Strip and take photos.  I sit around trying to decide what to do and my final decision is to go outside and take pictures of Fremont Street before all of downtown wakes up.  Then I will figure out what I want to do after.
california hotel las vegas

main street station las vegasLas Vegas Club has their back entrance (across the street from California) sealed off:

las vegas club back entrance closed offThey have given up some casino floor space for a touristy souvenir shop:

Las Vegas Club merch storeThen there is this stupid stage thing that blocks you from taking photos of Las Vegas Club:
Las Vegas ClubI end up playing some nickel Keno in California and win $70.   I am now starving so this solves the “Do I leave and go to Sunset Station” dilemma.  I have breakfast at California’s coffee shop, paying with comps.

I play some more Keno afterwards.  Some guy starts yelling “YEAH BABY!”  Much like me at the Orleans the other day, he has hit 8/9 and has won $900.  I don’t know why, but I offer that I hit that the other day.  He tells me “I hit it two hours ago.”  He pulls out his wallet and shows me the $900 TITO he has in there.  So just in case you were wondering if it is actually possible to  hit $900 on a twenty cent bet, it happened three times on my trip.  Only one was mine WAH.

I go back to my room to situate myself.   I am now finally heading to the Strip to take photos.  I cannot believe I have not done this yet this entire trip.  Not even on the days I stayed on the Strip.

I go outside and wait for the bus. I am going to take the SDX to SLS and walk to the Riviera.  After 45 minutes of no buses, I decide this is ridiculous and I will just take the 108.  Big mistake.  I ask the RTC employee there where the nearest 108 stop is.  He tells me it is at the Stratosphere, which confuses me.  I tell him that no, there is one closer.  He insists there isn’t.  I think maybe he is misunderstanding me. So I say “I know it stops at Bonneville Transit Center, and it turns around a bit past there, I am wondering what street that turn is on?”

Next thing I know, this guy and I are in a screaming match.   He is such a fucking douchebag and he is so MAD that I dare to suggest he is wrong.  I still want to know where the hell the bus stops so I don’t yell back at first.   I explain that all I want to know is where it stops since there is no bus stopping here (where we are standing.)  He then FLIPS OUT on me insisting that the bus does stop here.   “Yes, but I have been waiting 45 minutes so I would rather take the 108.”  He is FLIPPING OUT on me, so defensive “it isn’t my fault that you didn’t see the bus when it came.”  Right now I am so confused.  This guy is insisting the bus has come when I was standing there?  It hasn’t.  There are a million people waiting for it.  They didn’t see it either?  So now I start to get mad and I tell him the bus most certainly did not come and I yell to all the people that are now staring at us since he is screaming at me, “Did any of YOU see the bus stop here?” and no one answers.

Now because I am screaming back at this asshole, he then changes his mind and decides that the bus has not come because it is delayed.  I am still mad and I am yelling at him “I DON’T FUCKING CARE.  I WANT TO TAKE THE 108.  YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE IT STOPS, WHICH IS FINE, BUT YOU ARE YELLING AT ME BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO ADMIT YOU DON’T KNOW AND THAT IS NOT OKAY.”

Then he tells me I can take the SDX to Bonneville Transit Center to catch the 108.  As I have already stated, I don’t want to wait any longer for the SDX.  Now I am flipping out on him.  I tell him I am walking to Bonneville, when I get there, I will ask them where the 108 stops and while I am inside asking, I am going to report his horrible attitude.

I storm off, he is yelling “Miss, Miss, MISS” and I do not turn around. I give him the finger behind my back and kept walking.

I am now so fucking livid.   The entire walk to Bonneville, I was so angry and fantasized about clocking him in his face.   I did not go inside and report him because I was never really going to.   Who the hell has time for that when you are on your last full day in Las Vegas?


I get to Bonneville and the 108 is pulling in behind me, coming from a street that is closer to where I started.  I don’t even ask the driver what street it stops on because I was already never coming back to Vegas after this, and now this asshole RTC employee made me change my mind to never EVER.  Seriously, fuck that guy.

I take the 108 to the Riviera.   I get myself a large Diet Pepsi at AM/PM and take some photos.

Westgate Las VegasFontainebleau, the only thing in all of Las Vegas that is a bigger piece of waste than that stupid RTC employee. It looks to me like it is missing a lot more windows than before:

fontainebleau las vegas back fontainebleau las vegas incomplete fontainebleau las vegas never finished fontainebleau las vegas sideEveryone’s favorite, Circus Circus:

Circus Circus Las VegasThen I go inside the Riviera.   I love this casino so much.  It is always dead, which bodes well for me because I hate people.  I sit down at a progressive quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine.  I start talking to it, telling it about that asshole RTC guy.  I am still so mad.

My baby takes pity on me and starts giving me lots of money.   I got so many four of a kinds.  At one point I got dealt tens and the next hand was dealt sixes.  I kept hurrying the wins off my screen because for some reason, they scared me.   I was not right in the head I don’t think.

After turning $100 into $350, I play some Family Guy.  I won and won and won and won and won.  Once my $20 was $150, it was time to leave.  But wait!  Just one more $20 in video poker.   Okay one more $20 in Family Guy.  But wait!  One more $20 in video poker.  Okay how about Cleopatra Keno?   Okay that sucked, but one more $20 in video poker.  This my friends, is how you lose your winnings.

I went outside and it is already dark.   I hate that.  I was up at like 5:00 am with intentions of hitting the Strip and now that I have finally made it here, it is dark already?

My beloved Riviera:

riviera las vegas

I walk to Encore.   They have signage up across the street for Resorts World.  I hope this opens.  I would totally go back to Vegas to see a China themed casino.

Resorts World Las Vegas


Encore Las VegasEncore ButterfliesEncore tile butterfliesInside there is the usual flower display, and a flower carousel and hot air balloon:

Encore entranceEncore Las Vegas merry go roundEncore Las Vegas hot air balloonWaterfall outside:

Encore las Vegas waterfallI play around Encore, mostly Cleopatra Keno.  I keep doubling $20 bills.  Finally I find a nickel Ultimate X and it steals all my money, so I decide to leave.

By now it is completely dark outside.  So much for taking photos of the Strip. I have failed as a blogger.

I go back downtown.  I get some more pictures:

Binions Las VegasFour Queens Las Vegas The D Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience las vegas 1Here are some zip liners going during the Fremont Street light show:
Slotzilla zip lineDinner is a Binions burger, this is always my favorite meal of any trip.

I went to my room to situate myself and decide what my budget is for tonight.   I then brought that budget with me to Downtown Grand to play four card Cleopatra Keno.   I played forfreakingever.  Despite there being a penny on tails on the floor behind me, I doubled so many 20’s.   I had to keep cashing out my TITO tickets because I would run out of cash.  I finally left only  because I could not keep my eyes open any longer.

I stopped at Walgreens for a Diet Pepsi.   I had to stop at Fitzgeralds and try to win a quarter Royal.  No dice.

Then finally bed at the wee hours of the morning.   Las Vegas is so weird.  I feel like I was only out for a couple of hours.  Yet I had left my room by 6:00 am and came back at 3:00 am.  I got nothing done today.  Yet I had such a great day.

13 thoughts on “Christmas Trip to Las Vegas: Last Full Day Featuring a Run in with the Worst RTC Employee Ever.

  1. Mike

    Four Queens is my second favorite casino downtown. On my first trip to Vegas my friend and I were counting cards at their (at the time) amazing single deck game. I wore out my welcome, though, and very nearly was thrown out. I knew when to make my exit, and took my $250 profit (for one hour’s work) quickly out the door.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I hate the Four Queens casino. I have had some surprise wins there, but for the most part, this place hates me. It is also the only downtown casino that never sent me any offers for many years. Even Golden Nugget would send me cheapo rates. Then of course when I finally did get an offer from Four Queens, I had to unintentionally stiff them due to a surprise trip to non-Vegas that I agreed I could take only if I cut my Vegas budget in half. Sigh.

      1. Mike

        To be honest, except for Plaza, LVC, and Binion’s, I like all downtown casinos. Never played much at the casino formerly known as Fitzgerald’s, though.

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          I really loved the Downtown Grand this time. I now officially hate the Plaza. I was indifferent until this trip.

          1. Mike

            I haven’t been there yet. Never liked the Plaza. I enjoyed the LVC the first time I went to Vegas, even if it did already have the Vegas Vacation wacky casino feel to it. Now it’s just sad.

          2. jenniferjennifer Post author

            One thing about LVC is it is so filthy. I was surprised to see just how bad it had gotten. Every machine has overflowed ashtrays and tons of empty cups all over the place. They have totally given up.

          3. christy

            Personally I cannot hate the Plaza………..It’s where I hit my first 25 cent royal flush. A thousand. So that place has a place in my heart.

          4. jenniferjennifer Post author

            I got my first (and only) quarter royal at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City and now its closed. I am heartbroken.

  2. Joanne

    OMG Jennifer, I think this was the funniest report this trip. You and the RTC employee playing “oh yeah, well fuck you” who’s on first. I know exactly what you mean about the lingering frustration. Because you were talking to a brick wall, he was probably over it before it began. I am surprised you did so well in such a quiet casino as Riviera. I always get the impression I can’t win because they haven’t generated enough revenue but obviously this is not the case. Again, with your 20 cent keno investment for the $900 return, you have inspired me to bet less next time and stick around a little bit longer. Is this officially the last report of this trip?

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I should have this report wrapped up by tomorrow. It has been taking me way too long but the end is so close!

      I usually do well at Riviera. Someone is running up their quarter royals to $1500+. I wonder if they are hit like never and it is just so high because no one plays long enough to hit it.


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