Christmas Trip to Las Vegas: The Case of the Mysterious Package Is Solved!

Monday, December 22, 2014: Day Seven of Thirteen

Today I wake up insanely early.  I am at Cosmopolitan and I want to go next door to Bellagio to get some pictures of their conservatory done up for Christmas while the masses are still sleeping.  Bonus: I got to watch the sunrise from my terrace:

cosmopolitan terrace sunrise

I guess 7:00 am is not early enough to visit the Bellagio conservatory because there were people there.  Sigh.

Bellagio Christmas conservatory ceiling snowflakes Bellagio conservatory Christmas penguins Bellagio conservatory Christmas snow globes Bellagio conservatory Christmas trees with actual snow on them Bellagio Las Vegas Christmas conservatory archway Bellagio Las Vegas Christmas conservatory penguins Bellagio Las Vegas conservatory Christmas polar bear on a block of ice Bellagio Las Vegas snow globe They had snow blowing in the archway:
Bellagio Las Vegas Christmas conservatory snow blowingReception:
bellagio las vegas reception desk christmasChihuly ceiling:
bellagio chihuly ceilingI also thought I would get some amazing pictures of Bellagio from outside but the light it just terrible at this time of day. It leaves too many shadows. Who knew?
Caesars Las Vegas Bellagio Las VegasAfter giving up, I went back to my room to drop off my camera and then across the street to Planet Hollywood for breakfast.  I have the Las Vegas Advisor coupon for $10 off a buffet so it was a bargain.   My favorite thing about this buffet is that they have smoothies!

After eating, I got Starbucks and played at Cosmopolitan.  Guess what I did not do?  That’s right, win!

I went back to my room and checked the internet.   Remember last night when I said I saw someone I recognized?   Well ladies and gentlemen, it turns out he left me a package!   So there really is a package for me somewhere!  I try and call the message center, since that is where this all started.  But since I no longer have a written message, I cannot get a human on the phone.  I call the Front Desk, who send me to the Business Center who sends me to the Bell Desk who sends me back to the Front Desk who tries to send me to the Business Center.  This is where I just lost it.  Someone in YOUR hotel called me to tell me I have a package.  Can you please call the message center and find out where the hell that message came from, so that I can maybe talk to the person who left it.  I am on hold forever.

Finally the woman comes back.  “It was at Concierge, it is a Mickey Mouse looking thing?”  Well I don’t know what it is, it was supposed to be a surprise and I obviously haven’t seen it since it has been lost.

FINALLY.  I get my package.  It is a lucky hat!  Here is my cute little stuffed dog modeling it.  He looks unhappy because who wouldn’t be unhappy if they had to travel to Las Vegas in a suitcase and then never even got to gamble?
lucky hatWOO!

After this big whirlwind insanity of “WHERE IS MY PACKAGE” I am ready to wind down and nap.

When I wake up later, I am honestly ready to go right back to bed.  I have been running around for days now and I am in a ridiculously comfortable bed.   I decide to go downstairs and walk next door to Aria (which is like literally next door, but at the same time, is probably not even in the same square mile) to cash in a TITO ticket for $.70 that I have been carrying around for days now.  Damned if I am going to let them keep my $.70!  They already have like a thousand times that of my money.  Oh how I wish I were exaggerating.

I go outside and stop at the Lucky Cat exhibit in the front of Cosmopolitan.  A friend of mine had gotten free slot play here.  I tried and got a horoscope.  Bah.

I continued to Aria, walking along the construction that is the Harmon building being torn down.  I can also see this from my terrace:
cosmopolitan las vegas terrace view of harmonIf you are unfamiliar, this building had construction defects and never opened and needs to be taken down.  This is what it looked like before:

harmon las vegas

As an extra bonus, while searching my computer for that, I also found a picture of it being built:

city center constructionAnd a picture of Cosmopolitan being built!

cosmopolitan las vegas being builtAs I am walking, I notice a whole lot of puke on the pedestrian bridge.  On my way back, I saw someone step in it and then slide in it.   Gross.

I stopped for Starbucks in Crystals mall.  I absofreakinglutely HATE this place.  I hate all malls in general but this one just seems horribly thought out.  There is too much space, which means too much irrelevant walking.   It isn’t enough that it takes twenty minutes to get “next door”, they have to make you walk past wasted space.  Here is a reindeer from the mall:
Crystals reindeer CrystalsI went inside Aria, and thought that maybe instead of cashing in my $.70 TITO, I should gamble it.  So I did one spin on a Buffalo slot and lost it.  I did cash out the remaining $.20.

I walked back to Cosmopolitan and lost some more money there, but that’s okay because I actually love Cosmopolitan and I wish I had been able to give them my Aria money.  But that Aria money is long gone because I am a degenerate.

I went back to my room and decided to stay there on my terrace.  I got to watch the sunset, which was absolutely beautiful.
cosmopolitan las vegas pink sunset over aria

3 thoughts on “Christmas Trip to Las Vegas: The Case of the Mysterious Package Is Solved!

  1. Catherine

    Excellent TR! I cheated and read about the mysterious package and the resolution of the mysrterious package in the same reading. Your new camera takes great pictures and your Cosmo room looks fabulous. Hope you get offers in 2016! 😉

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks so much Catherine! I am accepting that I will be paying if I go in 2016. I kind of liked not “having” to play.


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