Hong Kong, China: A Quick Recap

I will be posting tons of details and photos later on.  But for now, a quick recap.

How long was I in Hong Kong?  60 hours.

Where did I stay?  Ibis North Point.  I wanted a hotel with 24 hour check in, near the airport shuttle.  This had both and BONUS it was on the same subway line as the Macau Ferry, which is what I took when I left.

How much was my hotel?  $279.22 USD.  Hong Kong hotels are expensive. I stayed over a weekend and I booked after prices went up considerably.

What did my hotel room look like?  Typical of China, it was small.  But it had everything I needed.

Hotel Ibis North Point Hong Kong bed

Hotel North Point Ibis Hong Kong room

How much money did I spend in addition to my hotel?  $1121 HKD = $144.58 USD

What did I spend that on?  I wish I had kept better track.  Let’s see.

Biggest expense: Taxi from the airport (more on that later) = $285 HKD ($36.76 USD)

Oyster Card: $250 HKD ($34.24 USD)  I ended up getting a refund of $117 HKD ($15 USD)

Peak Tram and Sky Terrace: $150 HKD ($19.35 USD)  If you go to Hong Kong, do not pay for the Sky Terrace.  You can get up pretty high to view simply by eating at a restaurant. And I do not mean an expensive one like the Stratosphere or the Space Needle.   There is a Burger King up there with a balcony view.   If I had known this..

Ngong Ping cable car: $150 HKD ($19.35 USD)

Ferry to Macau: $172 HKD ($21.18 USD)

The rest went to water, soda, coffee and food.

Things I brought that are no longer with me:  When I left NYC, my checked luggage weighed 33 pounds.  I am now down:  three Cliff bars, half a loaf of cinnamon bread, three days’ worth of meds, vitamins and Aleve, seven band aids, one pack of gum and my envelope of Hong Kong information.  I am betting my bag on the way home gets down to 25 pounds.  We shall see.

Things I accumulated along the way:  Four toothbrushes and two tiny toothpaste tubes.  My hotel left me two of each every day.  I used two toothbrushes and four tooth pastes.  The others are with me.  I also accidentally stole the power adapter I borrowed at Ibis.  I am sorry.

Would I return to Hong Kong?  No.  I was not planning to fall in love with it and I followed through on that.   It was great to see it once, I do not need to see it twice.

How many pictures did I take?  279.

Can I show you one?  Okay but just one.  I have things to do, ya know?

Here is Victoria Harbor at night.  I am showing you this one because it looks okay on my netbook but I bet it looks really shitty on a real computer.  I am on a netbook so allow me to take advantage of this, because I would probably not be able to show this if I saw how shitty it looked on a real computer.

Victoria Harbor night Hong Kong ChinaBonus: My mouse stopped working for no real reason and using a touch pad is not my strong suit.  So editing pictures = death right now.


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  1. Geri

    So glad you posted a few notes and glad you made it there just fine
    Enjoyed the read and loved the picture
    Have fun and check in again soon


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