Las Vegas, Nevada: Nearly One Decade Ago

I am working on a project of uploading all my old Las Vegas trip reports (there are somewhere between 200-300 individual days).  I am right now up to November, 2003. These pictures are all from that one trip.  I was kind of surprised when going through the disc these are saved on.  I have been going to Las Vegas so regularly that I have seen all the changes as they happen. But to suddenly look back and see all the changes at once kind of astounded me.

Here are things that either no longer exist, have changed, or were just being built nearly a decade ago.  I have plenty more pictures to share, many of things that no longer exist. Be patient and you shall see them all as I get further into this project.

Aladdin: now Planet Hollywood

Aladdin Las VegasAladdin Las Vegas, Nevada

Barbary Coast: Now nothing (but should be something again soon)

Barbary Coast, Las Vegas, Nevada

Binions Horseshoe: No longer featuring Horseshoe

Binions Horseshoe, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bourbon Street:  Has remained an empty lot for many years, although now will be part of Harrah’s World (worst idea ever) 

Bourbon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

Caesars Forum Shops Entrance:
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NevadaCaesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

Fitzgeralds:  Now The D (that is such a stupid name)

Fitzgeralds, Las Vegas, Nevada

Key Largo:  I believe this was supposed to be high rise condos and instead is now nothing.

Key Largo, Las Vegas, Nevada Key Largo, Las Vegas, Nevada Key Largo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Lady Luck:  Sat empty for yearssssssssssss.  Should be reopening this year as The Downtown Grand.

Lady Luck, Las  Vegas, Nevada Lady Luck, Las Vegas, Nevada

Remember when Wynn was being built?  I had these pictures saved with the name “Le Reve”, as that was what it was going to be called at that time.  Later on, it was changed to Wynn. Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas, Nevada: Nearly One Decade Ago

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I bet it will look so grungy compared to Macau. Macau was the product of a genius who figured out that “hey, if we have so many high rollers coming over from Asia, what would happen if we built a high roller gambling mecca in Asia?” I have a feeling the lights are much brighter in Macau. But Vegas will always have my heart.


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