Las Vegas Trip Report: 37 Hours in Las Vegas, Part Two

So when we last left off, I was in hour nine (thank you Royal Flusher!) of a 37 hour trip to Las Vegas.   Since I am the world’s worst blogger, you may not remember part one since it was posted so long ago.  You can find that here.

I took a nap, with the alarm set obviously.  No time for over sleeping.

I got dressed….wait no I didn’t.  I didn’t need to because I never got undressed.  I just rolled out of bed, put on shoes and went back down to Main Street Station.  I stopped at Lapperts for another iced chai latte.  These things are SO GOOD.

I stopped at a Friends slot machine, with the full expectation that I would lose my money.  This seemed fair since I deserved to for playing slot machines.  But I hit a bonus and won.  SURPRISE!
friends slot machine winI posted this on Instagram and paraphrased Joey with “YEAH I did” and had an influx of people texting me to ask how much I won.  $101.70.  Nothing more than penny slots for this old lady.

From here I took my huge $101.70 and played nickel Supertimes Pay Double Double Bonus video poker.  I didn’t win but I got some scratch cards, all were for a dollar.  I played the same quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine from earlier, with the progressive royal over $1300.  Again this game gave me zero four of a kinds, but kept me going on a $20 for close to an hour.  I love this machine.

Back and forth between Supertimes Pay and my progressive machine and Friends.  I lost my $101.70 and decided to call it a night.  Before I went to bed, I stopped at the Player’s Club to cash in my American Casino Guide coupon that gives you a free buffet for earning 250 points.  I do not know how many points I got today.  I am guessing it was a lot because the woman working the booth wanted to give me more free stuff.  I feel like she would have just kept going with the comps if I had not stopped her. I am going home tomorrow, and I just arrived today WAH.  We agreed she would give me a voucher for the ACG buffet for breakfast and then she wrote me a comp for dinner for tomorrow.  That means I cannot have a Binions burger as my standard last night dinner because I am too cheap to buy something when I have something for free.

I went to bed again and got back up again.  I was out at 6:00 am.  Over to The D to play all my quarters in Sigma Derby.  After the dozens of times I have played this game, I finally read the rules and learned HOW to play this game other than pushing random buttons.  It turns out that to play it,  you just push random buttons.  But now I understand how to bet on just the big odds. My biggest win was 57 quarters.
sigma derby the d casino las vegasI played here for a very long time.   I had so much fun.  Maybe because it was 6:00 am and there was no one else here.

From here I went to Binions where I played nickel Cleopatra Keno.  I am a sucker for the Binions promotion where if you earn 5 points, you get a free swipe and win STUFF.  I won $5 free play and turned that into $35.  I kept playing until I hit 40 points for a second swipe and I got a freaking deck of cards OH MY GOD WHY DO I ALWAYS GET THAT PRIZE.  If i had collected a free deck of cards every time I have won one, I could build an entire life sized house of cards with them.

By now it is still breakfast time so I head back to Main Street Station to get my free buffet.   I love buffets because you can be in and out in record time.  No waiting for someone to take your order or bring your food.  Who the hell has time for that in Las Vegas?  Not this degenerate.

After eating, I stopped upstairs to brush my teeth and then went back out for iced coffee and to take some photos.  Here is the empty Las Vegas Club.   I took these with my phone up against the window.

las vegas club empty casino Las Vegas Club casino empty las vegas club casino closed and emptyEmpty gift shop:

las vegas club gift shop empty

Boarded up entrances:

Las Vegas Club darkLas Vegas Club boarded windows

And of course, a sad “thank you!” on the window.  I love those card lights outside.  I hope they stay whenever the place reopens as whatever it is reopening as.  But we all know that never happens.

las vegas club thank you

So sad.  Las Vegas Club was the first casino to send me a comped offer.   I remember how excited I was not only to get it, but to use it.  The rooms here were kind of shabby, but I am a shabby kinda gal so I loved it.  I hope the new owner reopens the hotel.  I would actually pay to check it out.  Well if I were going back after it reopens.  WHICH I AM NOT.

The Plaza opened a beer garden outside.

beer garden Plaza Las Vegas

I have no idea why since it faces the back of a wall put up for Slotzilla.  Hey let’s sit outside and look at a wall.

view of back of Slotzilla Fremont Street Las VegasI had collected a bunch of small change TITO tickets during the past (maybe we are at 29 now?) hours and went about cashing those in.  You can find these sitting around for a couple of pennies on each one.  I always cash them in because when the pennies land in the tray, you can pick out the ones on heads.  Oh and also because I am a cheap fuck who will never turn down free pennies.  Well unless they are on tails of course.  You keep that shit away from me.

I finished collecting my TITO pennies at Main Street Station and then went nutso on nickel SuperTimes Pay.  Just as I was lamenting that this trip was too short for me to see the prettiest hand of Aces with a kicker, I got it!
aces with kickerI cashed out and stopped myself from putting it back by eating dinner.  Then after dinner, I proceeded to put it back.  A little restraint is better than no restraint, right?

Then it was time to leave no no no no noooooooooooooooooooooo.

I took the bus to the airport and was delighted to see I was selected for pre-check.  Why, I am not sure since they did not have any designated pre-check lanes.   As I was going to walk through security, the TSA agent points at my feet and asks “are those shoes?”   No, they are my fists.  Let me move them closer to your face so you can see them better. BAM.  Okay, if you are reading this dear TSA, I am obviously kidding.  But that guy was a dick.  I showed him my pre-check and he allowed me to keep my shoes on.

Then I flew home and went straight from the airport, to my desk at work.  At some point I fell asleep and my manager woke up to tell me to go home.  Thank you kind woman.

19 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: 37 Hours in Las Vegas, Part Two

  1. Nancy

    I love reading this..wish I was in LV right now.. Haven’t been for 10 years since we started going on island vacations.. Anyway, I couldn’t stop laughing at your thoughts for the TSA guy..such a way with words..

  2. Mike

    I haven’t been in 5 years. I hate all of the changes from my first trip in 2006. Very first casino I played in was the LVC. :(

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hell, I hate all the changes from just last year. No more my beloved Riviera, Las Vegas Club…CET now will not let me have more than one reservation at a time (I could not book January because I was booked in November), it seems all MLife properties are going non-smoking, don’t even get me started on resort fees. ARGH.

  3. Mare

    I will always love your reports no matter how long it takes you to post them! :)

    You leave for Vegas in what, five days? I leave in six. Can’t wait to get there! All this holiday stuff is killing me. lol

  4. Bill from Chicago

    Thank you for another great trip report. It saddens me when the older properties are closed and demolished. The Stardust used to be my home base and when they knocked it down, I was devastated. I still love Vegas but I really miss the old familiar places.


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