Las Vegas Trip Report: Video Poker with a Wheel Showdown

Saturday, April 25, 2009 – Day Two of Eleven

[This is part two of an eleven part trip report.  If you want to start at the beginning, go here.]

I wake up at 9:00 at the El Cortez. I am out at 10:00.

Viva Monopoly = $0

My progressive quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine – This is MY machine because I won $300-something on it back in December and I love her – gave me $0

I first stop at Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee and then head over to the Las Vegas Club to scout out video poker with a wheel.  On the way, I stop at the slot booth to activate my 2x points coupon.

I hate this boothling; I’ve dealt with her before. I hand her the coupon and my ID and say “I need a new card”  You don’t have a card?  “Not with me”.  So you need a new card?

I give her the silent look of death as she starts to explain “You can only double the points you earn and you can’t earn them without a card”  NO SHIT, REALLY?  THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD GIVE ME A NEW CARD. I don’t like repeating myself so I just stand there silent as she prints me a new card.

Deep breath.

She gives me a new card and I then go to find the video poker with a wheeeeeeeeel machines.  I see they have been replaced with a regular slot machine with a wheel.  I venture over to the Plaza and find wheel poker with a wheel.  Whew.  I try it out and get two 4-of-a-kinds, but still manage to lose money.  Great.

I go back to Las Vegas Club and try a Viva Monopoly slot.  I cashed out at $50.  I didn’t write how much I put in to get that $50.

On my way back to the El Cortez I stop at the store next to Fitzgeralds with the cheapo Diet Pepsi and get myself a 32-ounce fountain Diet Pepsi for $1.07.  The best part is that when you are done, if you have ice left over, you can pour all the half full and warm Diet Pepsis you have been carrying around in the cup!  This is the best deal in all of Las Vegas.

At the El Cortez, I planned to play $30.  I turned this into $45 on Invaders From the Planet Moolah.  Then I did $30-30 on Viva Monopoly.  Then I did $15-0 on Monopoly so I’m back to my initial $30.  I put more money in and hit a $96 bonus.  I wanted to play it to $100.  But at $110 I got a $75 bonus so I cashed out with $175.

I get back to my room at 3:00.  I have five dollars more than I left work with yesterday afternoon.  So that’s great for me.

I nap and get dressed and come back out.  I do the El Cortez free daily slot tournament.  I hate this new one.  It’s impossible to get ANYTHING AT ALL unless you get the red, white and blue sevens.  This makes it so boring.  It’s four minutes long.  All I want to do is for it to end.  Once it finally does, I guess I took my card out too soon because it tells me to reinsert.  So I do and it resets all over again and I get to go again!  No.  I don’t want to.  I hate this tournament!

I did crappy on both tries.

My notes say “Monopoly, won something?  $50 bonus?  I need to start writing more”  Yeah I do.

I head back over to the Plaza where I am to beat…I mean MEET KarenTN for our video poker with a wheel showdown.  If you are reading this by way of any Las Vegas message board,  you know who Karen is!  If not, then allow me to explain.  Karen and I share a love of degenerate gambling, Las Vegas and any slot machine with a wheel.  We also love tormenting each other with our countdown dates.  Whoever has a shorter one gets to neener neener the other one.  Since we were both in Las Vegas at the same time, we decided to meetup and see which one of us video poker WITH A WHEEL liked most.

This showdown sucked!  Neither of us got to spin the wheel thingy.  After we each lost a $20, Karen tried to declare herself winner but all I could focus on was wanting to keep shoving my money in this machine .  So being degenerate gamblers, we agreed to go again. Again, we both lost with the quickness.   In the end, we did declare Karen the winner because she got to put more points on her card.  At the Plaza, yeah, THAT’S a win for you.  SO WHAT IF I AM BITTER?

Next, we headed over to Mermaids so I could buy her some deep fried Oreos, which was her chosen prize for having beat me.

So not fair.

Karen thought she could kidnap me and use my Craps virginity to make her some money, but I had to get back to the El Cortez for the Saturday night drawing.  We parted ways and wouldn’t ya know it, I lost the Saturday night drawing.  However, the winner who got the television had also won $2000 earlier in the Cash is King drawing.  You go girl!

I play Invaders From the Planet Moolah and get her up to $125.  This machine RULES!

I cannot make out the rest of my notes here.  It looks like I went back to the Las Vegas Club and lost $200 in dollar video poker.   Oof. Why would I do that?  I rarely play dollar video poker because it scares me to bet $5 a hand.  Have I lost my mind?  I’ve only been here 24 hours and I did this?

Fremont Street and the El Cortez were packed packed packed packed packed tonight. I’ve never seen the El Cortez so packed before.  I watched a bit of the Fremont Street Experience light show.

Fremont Street Experience Downtown Vegas Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas

I stopped at Binions for sandwich to go and brought it to my room. I ate and then was asleep by 11:00.

Want to continue reading?  You can find the next chapters here:  three, fourfive, six, seveneightnineten and eleven!

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