Las Vegas Trip Report: Christmas 2015

Today is Christmas yay!  Oh wait, I don’t care.  BAH HUMBUG.

I woke up at 5:00 am because duh.  I am in Las Vegas.  I am at Orleans and they have a point multiplier promotion today so I must go gamble.  I walked over to Terribles for coffee.  I have to say, their coffee is pretty damn good.

Sunrise outside the Orleans hotel and casino.

las vegas sunrise orleans hotel

Then I played.

I had left the room with $120 and played all over the damn place. I hit four of a kind fives to start.

orleans fives

I decided I wanted to hit Aces every day so I begged every machine to give me Aces.  Finally one gave me Aces.  What a nice machine!

ultimate x aces

I used the last $10 free play coupon that I could not use last night because the line was way too long.  I got nothing other than to lose $10 that was not my own cash.

My third day’s attempt to play my nickel Keno machine that gave me a $940 win last year was actually successful. Sadly, the gambling session was not.

I went upstairs to pack and check out.  Today I am meeting a friend for lunch.  She was kind enough to not only come and pick me up, but to cover lunch with her comps, pay the tip and then cart me Downtown to California, which is my next hotel.  I told her when we parted that I hoped her kindness brought her amazing Karma.

Lunch was actually breakfast at whatever the name of Caesars coffee shop is.  I should know this since I was there, but I do not.  For a $22 bacon and eggs breakfast, you get raw-ish eggs and a surprise of your home fries being made with sweet potatoes.  Yeargh.

I mentioned that I had not gotten Aces with a kicker on quarters in years.  We agreed I was overdue.  Did you hear that gambling gods?   I am overdue.

At California, I am given room 1109 which is on the top floor of the tower where the last time I was on the top floor in this tower, my room was flooded.  Luckily there is no rain in the forecast today.  Or unluckily since I tend to win when it is raining.

I go out to play because duh.   I was playing a progressive quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine and I hit four of a kind 4’s.  Woo!

california fours

I walked over to Main Street Station and played a Friends slot machine.  Guys, I need to not play this.  Like ever again.  No, not because I lost.  I didn’t lose. I won an $180 bonus.  But I need to stop playing because I love Friends so much that I cannot stop playing once I start.  I cashed out with only $80.  See what I mean?

I played some more video poker and got two four of a kinds.  Main Street Station gives you a scratch card for these hands, each of mine was worth the usual $2 each so I got an additional four dollars.  I am raking it in now!

main street station four of a kind nines

main street station four of a kind tensBoth Main Street Station and California are having promos that I did not know about. You swipe your card at a kiosk and see what you get.  I only discovered this by a woman doing it next to me as I was cashing a TITO ticket out.  

I swiped at MSS and got a point multiplier.  I did it again at California and got $5 free dining credit.  Which is like the last thing I need right now.  I have enough points earned today at both Main Street Station and California to get free buffets tomorrow using American Casino Guide coupons.   The $5 I won needs to be used today so I used it for an iced latte from Lappert’s.  Mmm.

I took a nap and then went out to use some free play coupons.  First up is Binions with $10 free slot play from Las Vegas Advisor.  I didn’t win anything on it kinda sorta.  But it gave me enough points to do their promotional swipe which got me $5 free play.  That got me (wait for it…) and ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR win on Cleopatra Keno.   Wheeeeee!  I cashed that out, put in $20 and hit for $100 again.  What a nice little run.

binions cleopatra keno win

binions cleopatra keno winI went next door to Fremont to get some Dunkin Donuts coffee.  The line you guys, the line.  I have never seen a line like this here ever.  It is all families too so like even when you get to the front, you cannot get to the register since there is a family blocking the entire walkway and then another family blocking the entire counter.  Because I guess being a family member means you are the most important person on the planet so you get to do things like block entire walk ways.


I played my favorite Supertimes Pay video poker machine at Fremont.   Eventually left dead even.  Played some Cleopatra Keno and lost.  Walked back to California and gave the quarter progressive Double Double Bonus video poker machine another try.  Oh hey.   LOOK. AT. WHAT. I. GOT. DEALT. TO. MEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
california dealt aces with kicker


I cashed out and played around a bit and then went upstairs to bed.

Gambling Day: + $580
Gambling Trip: + $960
Miscellaneous: (coffee): $5.38
Comps used: California hotel stay
Freebies:  $5 free dining at California, won via a promotion and used for an iced latte, $5 free slot play from a promotion at Binions

I did most of the things on my itinerary.

Friday, December 25, 2015
Orleans 15x pennies, 11x reels, 7x vp (kiosk)
Lunch: Caesars
Check into California
Binions double points ACG
Binions $10 free LVA
Four Queens double points ACG
The D $5 for every 50 points ACG
Plaza $5 free ACG
Plaza 10x slots
Downtown Grand $5 free LVA
Downtown Grand 2x points promo
Four Queens $10 free LVA
El Cortez $10 free LVA
Ellis Island 10x

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Christmas 2015

  1. Jacqueline

    Great trip report. Love reading them they always give me the Vegas itch. You are very lucky and manage your play very well. Not too often in your posts do I see you write that you played down your winnings on a machine. That is very good money management. Keep it up.


  2. Mare

    Yay Yay for kicker Aces!!!!! It’s about time, you definitely were WAY overdue.

    Christmas day was very lucky for me, too!

    Cafe Americano at Caesars food is normally very good, but no breakfast is worth the stupid prices they charge. Especially when they give you runny eggs and sweet potatoes without telling you. That’s just WRONG.


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