Las Vegas Trip Report: Last Day and Realization I Did Nothing but Gamble This Trip

Friday, January 4, 2008 – Day Four of Four

This is part four of a four part trip report.  If you want to start from the beginning, go here!

I wake up early because it’s the last day and I need to get going.   I wanted to make my first trip to the Palazzo and check it out.  I could not decide if I should go there first or last.   I’ve had quite a few trips where I end up spending my last day playing tourist on the strip because I was sick of losing money.   But today I still have half of my entire budget that I  left in the bank.  So I decided to play and then maybe go visit Palazzo  if I lose.

I went downstairs and lost all over Sahara.   Like $170 before 8:00 am.   On every machine I tried.   Sigh.

Again, I had breakfast at The Caravan Café, using my comps.   After, I went back to the room and packed and got ready to go.  I checked out and checked my luggage at the Bell Desk and took the bus downtown.

I played Monopoly again, won again.  I played my video poker machine again, won again.  This machine is so wonderful.  She loves to deal me four of a kinds.   She seems to understand.   She even gave me aces three times today.  Best machine ever.

After some playing, I went downstairs and played a game called Cash Inferno.  This machine is one of those machines where I normally hit a $50 bonus every time I play it, but I don’t play it that often because I like to keep it for when I NEED to win.    I can’t explain my logic here.  I do know that I hit a $60 bonus though.

I have a ton of comps at Fitzgeralds so I end up eating here.

After lunch, I go back to my video poker machine and she is no longer taking bills.   She is mad at me because she knows I’m leaving and I don’t blame her.   We are in love.

I go back downstairs to Monopoly.  Someone is on my machine so I try another and lose.  Try All That Glitters, lose.   I consider trying Super Happy Fortune Cat and instead, decide to try a Sopranos slot machine.   I don’t like this machine and it doesn’t like me.

Finally, it is time to leave for the airport.  BAH.

I take the bus back to Sahara, get my stuff and wait for the bus to the airport.    The bus lets us off by the D gates, which is where I need to be, but I don’t have a boarding pass.   So I have to walk to the Spirit check in, which is the absolute furthest check in counter from the D gates.  The line is long and moves very slow.  It takes me an hour and a half to get my boarding pass.   I don’t know why I just didn’t print it out at an internet kiosk.

I finally get it and walk alllllllllllll the way back to the D gates.   My flight was a bit late, but only by about 10 minutes.

It looked as if I was going to have my own row but the last passenger to board took the aisle seat.  I am convinced this was not his assigned seat and that his assigned seat was actually directly in front of me.   When I checked the seats before I left, that row was full and mine just had me.  of course, he could have changed his seat, but I’m still convinced otherwise.  He filled the middle seat up with all his crap.   Dude, this is MY row.   But whatever.

The flight was actually Q-U-I-E-T.   I don’t think that’s ever happened before.   It was kind of bumpy at parts and for about ten seconds, the air turned off.   Those ten seconds caused me a claustrophobic fit and I felt like I couldn’t breathe for the next couple of hours.  It’s all in your head I know, but still.

I read a book and when I got to the last page, they announced they were about to start the final descent into Atlantic City.

We landed like five minutes early, I am still not used to saying this and I LOVE saying this.

I grabbed a cab to Caesars to catch the bus back to Port Authority.  The cab driver tried to rip me off.  A cab ride from the airpoprt is a $27 flat fee and he tried to charge me $32. It even clearly states on the cab door that the fare is $27.  I would have given him $32 with a tip, but because he tried to rip me off, he only got $27.  He was very talkative and wanted to babble to me the entire drive.  Dude, you tried to rip me off.   Why would I want to talk to you?

I waited for the bus, then got on the bus and next to me sat Mr. Annoying Cell Phone Talker.  It is 6:30 am – who the hell are you calling??

We got to Port Authority pretty quickly.  I got on the subway and came home.


Some final thoughts:

– I would rather travel all the way to Atlantic City and have a flight that leaves on time, than take one from NYC and be trapped in the airport for hours with no announcements and no clue as to when we are leaving.

– I am still willing to try leaving NYC at 6:00 am on my next trip, to see if maybe that will work

– My new money management, where I only bring half my budget and use my winnings to finance the rest, works very well for me.   In the past, if I had won, Id end up putting it back in at the end of the day with the thought “well tomorrow I have a whole new budget!”  With this system, it’s like a game to see how long I can keep going.

– I never made it south of Sahara, I never made it to Palazzo

– I need to use the local bus more often.  Not the Deuce. I need to use that less.

– My last two trips were too short (four days each) and were that way because of Spirit Air sales.   As much as I love saying “I paid $81 round trip!” I more prefer saying “I spent sixteen days in Las Vegas!”

– I did NOTHING except gamble this trip and I had a blast

– I forgot AGAIN to use my match play at Binions

– My next trip is in March

That’s a wrap!


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