Las Vegas Trip Report: Last Day of a Winning Trip.

I wake up at Mirage this morning, and I don’t want to go home.  I really don’t.  I sit and check flights, considering staying an extra day, like I did back in December.  In the end, I agree to go home.  But I am not happy about it.

I am so exhausted from my insistence of visiting every Strip casino, and doing it all in two days.   I would love to just stay in this bed for a few more hours, but not allowed.

I got dressed and walked over to Bellagio to use a free MyVegas buffet reward.  For anyone who says  “How hard is it to mess up breakfast?” I present to you a tray of salmonella.

salmonella bellagio buffet las vegas

No, that is not cheese.

I lose $40 here on Cleopatra Keno.  Cross the street to Planet Hollywood and cashed out even on Cleopatra Keno. Over to Paris where I redeem a free candy bar at Hexx, via MyVegas of course.  These are your choices for this reward:
free hexx candy bar las vegasIn Paris, I lost $40.  Not to be outdone by her fancy sister, Ballys stole $140 from  me.  Dammit. Maybe I did make the right decision to not extend my trip.

One last loss through Mirage.  On the Buffalo machine that gave me my huge win.  I guess I will not be visiting the High Limit area on this trip.

chihuly mirage high limit las vegas chihuly mirage las vegas high limit slots

I have a couple of hours to kill before going to the airport. I was not sure what I was going to do.  But I decided to do something I have never done on my last day.   Get a massage.

I called Happy Feet at El Cortez and made an appointment.  I took a cab to Four Queens and checked my bag.  I was really short on time to make my appointment so I could only go semi-degenerate.

Walked over to El Cortez and got an hour long foot massage.  This was the best idea I have ever had.  It curbed the last day desperate attempt to win a bazillion dollars.  And when I was done, I was short on time.  But not short enough that I had to forfeit one last round of Buffalo.  I love you Buffalo.

buffalo win four queens buffalo win second four queens las vegas

I left Las Vegas with $2400.  This sounds amazing.   But in all fairness, I was here for seven days.  Which means my budget at $200/day is $1400 total (Thanks to Patricia for correcting my original figure of $2400!)  So I did bring home my entire budget, plus an extra $1000 WOO!

When I got to the airport, I checked my email and saw that Cosmopolitan had sent me free play via email.  They did this back in December too.  If I had caught it before I left, I would have gone there instead of Downtown for my massage / Buffalo combo.  I am kind of glad I didn’t.  But it will forever haunt me wondering what would have happened if I did.  That’s the thing about Las Vegas.  You never know what will happen.

17 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Last Day of a Winning Trip.

  1. Patricia Corwin

    Love your trip reports! Just wanted to point out, though, that if your gambling budget was $200/day for 7 days, that would be $1400, not $2400, so you actually came home with a net win of $1000, so, go you!

  2. Joanne

    Big sigh……….Oh how I hate the end of your Las Vegas trip reports. That was quite the pot of egg slop at the Bellagio buffet. Probably started from a powder and carefully stirred until pieces of egglike material began to form. Yup, premium buffet prices for that. Nice finish to your trip with a foot massage AND a break even. Well played!

  3. Valerie

    Wahooooooo! What a great trip! Good for you, I just always look forward to reading about your trips wherever you go! That is so nice that you are going home with money and so you can either go back shortly or go to a foreign country now. Thank you for keeping us up to date with your cool trips. Take care and always have a safe journey!

  4. Nancy

    Buffalo were sure your friend this trip!! Going home with the same amount of money you brought means – you were a big winner AND you now have money to return – that is a must as you have to give back all the money – haha!!
    That picture of scrambled eggs is disgusting… I am surprised at Belliagio…
    Sorry to see this fun, winning report completed…but so glad you wrote it!!

  5. Dean Brewer

    Wish you would go once a month. Waiting for your next Vegss trip report is lime wsiting gor the next season of a favorite tv show. Cant wait for next one. Going this Friday hope I can represent half as good as you

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Aw, thank you! I hope you do something amazing and unexpected and come home with tons of cash.

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          If it makes you feel any better, every post I make, I proof fifty times and always find a typo as soon as I hit “submit.”

  6. Mark

    Another great report ! Thanks Jennifer for taking the time to write one for us . Been reading your reports for years and they are some of the best ones on the internet .
    Congrats on a super winning trip . Always puts an extra bounce in ones step going home a winner .
    Thanks for all the information too. Such as I never knew Wild West belonged to Stations and that I can get cheap cigarettes there. Also looks like Belliago buffet is slipping a bit on everything but the price .
    Thanks again for the report as it helps get me pumped up for my own trip later this year.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks for the kind words Mark! I always forget Wild Wild West is a Stations casino. I just view it as “NO” when I pass it.

      I hope you have as much luck as I did when you go later this year.

  7. Nyssa

    Wondering how the massage at Happy Feet was? I’ve heard mixed reviews of what the massage consists of, and also heard that if you don’t tip them $20, they try to stop you from leaving. Is it just a foot massage, or a full massage? I would love to try them out!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Nyssa! Sorry for the last response, for some reason I missed this comment.

      I have read the same thing too, about aggressive tipping. But I wouldn’t consider giving anything less than $20 so I did not have this problem. They do have an option for a full massage. But the regular foot one just gives you bare minimum shoulders and arms.


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