Christmas Trip to Vegas: The Finale

So I ended my last full day’s recap with a cliffhanger.  Was I going to fly home or was I going to stay?

Come on, you KNOW I stayed.

Which meant that instead of going to bed after dinner last night, I stayed out and went nutso again!   I lost everything I had from this trip’s first lucky streak earlier in the day too.   YAYAYAYAY.

I went to bed at around 3:00 am and woke up at 7:00 am to give it another go.

I started with breakfast at California’s coffee shop.  My notes say “I am already fucking hostile today.  Oh merry fucking Christmas.  I gave Buddha $.08 on my way here. I’ve got a little bit of time left to ruin my life.”   Aren’t I a joy in the morning?

After eating, I walked over to Fremont.  The usual Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee / every machine for degenerate gambling combo.

I also went around and collected my cash back from the downtown casinos. I had some from Boyd, Four Queens and The D (stupid fucking name.)   I considered walking to El Cortez to see if I had anything there but ended up not.  Making this the first trip in a billion where I did not darken the door at El Cortez.  It feels weird to realize this.  I used to stay there every trip, sometimes twice during a trip. But then they changed the offers I was getting.  Instead of upfront comped nights based on past play, I now got casino rate that would be comped off by running 2000 points through per day.  This is really easy to do.   But I didn’t want to do it.  Because what happens if I am on a losing trip?  I wake up the last day and decide to not gamble anymore (HAH) and do not do the $2k required coin.  I then have to pay casino rate.  I’d rather not stay there at all than risk that.

I went to my room and attempted to take a nap.  I was back out an hour later.  Cannot sleep, last day. Gambling losses will eat me.

I decide to pull a Clark Griswold and win back all my losses on live Keno.  I am honestly not sure why this is called “Live Keno.”  It should be called “Dead Keno.”  It is so boring, SO BORING, bored to death, BORED TO DEATH.  BORED TO DEATH BY DEAD KENO.  I sat through ten games, which took so fucking long that I flew home, worked a year, came back and they were still going on.

I didn’t win either.


Maybe I did win.  But I won and DIED while playing Dead Keno.  Just like the guy in the movie who dies when his ticket wins!  Holy shit, worst plot twist ever!

When it came time to pack and go (NO) I attempted to check in for my flight on my phone.  That was fun.  JetBlue’s website is saying there are no more flights tonight.  Uh, did I book the wrong date!?  Holy shit, if I have to pay money for a THIRD ticket home, I am going to be PISSED.  What is going on?!  Then I figured it out.  My flight leaves at 11:59 pm.  But it is delayed.  So it is now technically leaving tomorrow.   Which is why it is not showing for tonight.  WHEW.

I took the bus to the airport.  I get off the bus and go inside.  I walk to the gate.  I find out I am in the wrong terminal.  I am supposed to go to the international terminal.  But I am not flying internationally.  “JetBlue is in the international terminal.”  Well then stop calling it the fucking INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL when it is not limited to international.  And why the fuck doesn’t it say this anywhere?  “International AND JETBLUE terminal.”   As if it isn’t bad enough I am going home, you are going to make going home complicated?


I came home a loser, which is surprising to no one.

Final totals, which also include yesterday as I did not post this since I was playing the cliffhanger game:

Gambling Day: – $600
Gambling Trip: – $430
Miscellaneous: (water, Dunkin Donuts, tips, more Dunkin Donuts, bus, airport crappage) $57.17
Comps used: California breakfast, Binions dinner.
Coupons: Nope.
Freebies:  Nope.

As far as whether or not I am going back?  If I do, it will be for shorter trips.  And I hate short trips.  I feel like they are a waste of airfare.  So maybe?  Or maybe not?

i am also going to stop typing there because I have not mastered the skill of clarity when explaining my own personal reasons for myself not wanting to waste weeks of my life away somewhere I have already been 2389473 times.  It is sometimes misinterpreted as me telling other people they are wasting their entire lives away by going to Vegas.  No matter how many times I over explain that “No, if you want to go, YOU should totally go!!!” it doesn’t matter. It still gets misinterpreted that way.

So if I do go back, then I go back.  And if not, then not.

Thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “Christmas Trip to Vegas: The Finale

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks so much Cathie! I am trying to be a better blogger so hopefully I will be writing a lot more!

  1. Mare

    There are the stats. Sorry they ended up ugly. I was hoping for a big win for you on the final day. Sorry it didn’t happen!

    Enjoyed the whole report! Hope you decide to go back so we get another report in the future. :)

      1. Joanne

        Okay Jennifer, for the record, if you stop going to Vegas, then I have one less reason to power up my computer. I’m not going to beg you to keep going back…….but……… okay if that’s what it takes, I will. You are the degenerate gambler I aspire to be. I can do better, I know I can, but I’ll need your continuous Vegas trip reports if I have any chance at all. This last one was a teaser, but worth the wait. :)

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          Aw, thanks so much Joanne! Being a degenerate gambler DOES take some learning. I promise to keep gambling and posting tips, even if I don’t make it to Vegas.

      2. Mags

        I would be gobsmacked if I went to Vegas for only two days and only lost $430.00! I think you did awesomely well! Also I’m totally jealous that you get to go to Vegas alone and do as you please for that amount of time. As for travelling elsewhere, I am always grateful that I didn’t discover Vegas till I was 49…..Otherwise I wouldn’t have seen the rest of the world that I have seen! S

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          Thanks Mags! Vegas is so addicting that it really does keep you from seeing the world. You did it the right way for sure.

  2. Mark

    Thanks for another great report Jennifer. I’ve enjoyed your reports for years and look forward to many more in the future I hope. Hey you probably have to go back just to visit El Cortez again . Thanks again for the report it was a joy reading it . Hope you have a great coming year on all your adventures.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks Mark! I definitely need to go back to El Cortez. I am just not sure when that will happen. I also forgot I am mad at them for closing The Flame!

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