Las Vegas Trip Report: Moving from Bellagio to Four Queens

This morning I am awake at Bellagio at 7:00 and out the door at 7:40.  I decided to go to Monte Carlo for their buffet, using a MyVegas reward.  I am in the spa tower, which is conveniently located near the tram.  But it isn’t running because it is too early.  I walk all around the platform looking for a sign with hours on it and never find one.  Does it start running at 8:00?  Or 9:00?   If I leave, it will be 8:00.  If I stay, it will be 9:00.  I say screw it and leave.

View from the tram platform:
Las Vegas strip view from Aria tram platform at Bellagio

I head outside to walk and end up playing at Cosmopolitan. I stop to check on brain surgery bear.  He is doing better.

Bellagio Las Vegas conservatory brain surgery bear on the mend

His friend seems to have caught his illness though.Bellagio conservatory Las Vegas sick bear

Bellagio conservatory Las Vegas Bellagio Las Vegas reception

Las Vegas Strip Paris from BellagioI haven’t been to Cosmopolitan in awhile. They had sent me a teaser offer a couple of years ago and I had intended to focus a lot of play here to try and keep them coming.  Unfortunately, my stay was during a horrible losing streak and even I was unwilling to go that far into future days’ budgets to keep them happy.  So I accept that our love affair is over.  But since I am here, and since there is a Starbucks…You know how it goes.

I went to where the Double Double Bonus video poker games I used to play used to be located.  They are not there.  Where are they?  I don’t know because I never found them.  I thought I did but when I put a $20 into a machine and hit max bet, I noticed max bet on this machine was 100 quarters.  Oh hell no.   But it is too late as my credits are already gone.   You know how this goes too. You think “Okay, this is it.  I will win so much money and have an anecdotal story of how I made a mistake and it paid off and now I am rich!”  Except it didn’t happen. I didn’t even get Jacks or Better.

I put in a second $20 and this time play five quarters.  I hit four of a kind fours.  Look at that pay table.  They short you on the Royal Flush if you are not playing max bet, which again is 100 quarters.  I didn’t realize this until I took the photo.  I cashed out gave the machine the finger and moved on.

cosmopolitan las vegas video poker fours

I played some Ultimate X, some Cleopatra Keno, some more Ultimate X.  And before you know it, I had blown through my entire budget for the day.  Without having eaten breakfast yet.  Because of the stupid tram my degenerate gambling problem.


It is only 8:30 am and my day is basically ruined.

I walk across the street to Planet Hollywood.  Their breakfast buffet is my favorite buffet in all of Las Vegas.  They have a $10 coupon in the Las Vegas Advisor coupon book.  I have used mine back in January.  But I have a second one.  Since you present it at the cashier and not at the player’s club, I get away with using it a second time.  I didn’t really enjoy it because I was so full of self loathing that there was no room inside me to fit any food.

Back across the street to sulk and pack as today is moving day again.

I get an error message when I try and check out on the television.  I get an email to check out online, doesn’t take.  I am not going to the front desk so I don’t check out at all.  I tried.

Outside and across the street to catch the bus to downtown to check into Four Queens.  I let the first bus that comes go, because PEOPLE.   The second one is relatively empty.  We pass my beloved Riviera.   Or what was my beloved Riviera.  I haven’t been here since they murdered her.  I miss her so much.  I gave the new parking lot that replaced her the finger as we drove by.

I get off the bus and walk to finally take this guy’s photo:
Mannekin Pis The D Las VegasI attempt to check in at Four Queens.  They have no rooms available right now (absolutely fine) but no smoking rooms at all (not fine.)  I begin whining, begging, pleading PLEASE.  ANY ROOM.  I WILL TAKE ANY ROOM.  EVEN A BROOM CLOSET PLEASE.

I am assigned the worst room in the hotel.  I do not fault them for this, they tried to give me a better room and I refused it.  For all I know, this room was never intended to be rented out again until after the renovations were done.  Hell, for all I know, this room has sat empty for ten years because no one wanted it.  Except it maybe didn’t because I was told housekeeping hadn’t gotten to it yet, so my key would not be available until 1:00.

Four Queens has a “Going Green” promotion going on that you have to specifically ask about, it doesn’t automatically apply.  What it is, is that for every day you waive housekeeping, you get $10 dining credit.  This is a fantastic promotion.  Dining is cheap here so you could get a completely free meal just for hanging up a Do Not Disturb sign.

I have it applied to my room and off I go to gamble. First stop, Binions.  I lose some more money on both Cleopatra Keno and Double Double Bonus video poker.  Then I pull out a win on a Buffalo machine.  This machine makes a really loud noise when you put cash into it.  The first time I yelled “CALM DOWN” at it.  Every time after that, it would startle me.  No matter how many times I played this machine on this trip, it scared the daylights out of me.

Binions has a promotion named “Motherlode” that is fantastic.  You can swipe your card at three points, first is at 5 points, second is 40 and third is 300.

You can win anything from a deck of cards (of course!) to free play to dining to cash.  I had played long enough to earn 40 points, which gets me two spins. I won $5 free play and $10 dining.  This caused a first world conundrum.  I have $10 dining at Four Queens I need to use today, and I now have $10 dining at Binions I need to use in the next 24 hours.  I am obviously going to use it to get a Binions burger because Binions burger.  I cannot use either for breakfast tomorrow if (a) I am getting a Binions burger today (b) I have plans to go to Santa Fe for breakfast tomorrow.  Life can be hard sometimes.

I lose the $5 free play and it is now 2:30.  I was told I could get my key at 1:00.  And now I am being told nope, 3:00.  I do not want to keep gambling.  Well I do want to.  But I lost my daily budget before breakfast this morning.  I am now playing (and losing) with my winnings.  So I decide to get on a bus and go check out Lucky Dragon.

Lucky Dragon is a new casino located on Sahara.  I took the Deuce and walked over.  This place has a huge distinction from every other casino in Las Vegas that the entrance is actually on the street.  You are walking on Sahara and you do not not have cross a parking lot to enter it. It is right there.

I thought I would continue to Palace Station afterwards but there is a gate type thing that blocks off Sahara if you want to keep walking in that direction.  This may be poor urban planning, this may be a purposeful blockade to keep pedestrians from leaving.  You could always head back towards the Strip to catch the bus.

I sign up for a card and “win” $8 free play.  I used it on triple line Double Double Bonus video poker, nickel denomination.  I don’t like this place.  The machines all have that new machine smell, so the place is burning wire scented.  I did not take a walk around but the place looks tiny.

I lost my money and head back to Four Queens.  I am finally given my room.  The room that I begged and pleaded for.  PLEASE I WILL TAKE YOUR WORST ROOM IF I CAN SMOKE PLEAAAAAAASE.  The more I got “noped” the more I would beg until she finally relented and gave me this room.  It isn’t really fair to judge the Four Queens by this room as she did not want to assign it to me, I begged for it.  But out of the dozen times I have stayed here, this was the worst room I have gotten.  So if you are reading this and considering staying in my favorite place to stay in all of Vegas, do not let my room deter you.  You will likely get a better room.

There is no plug by the nightstand so the alarm clock is on the desk in the corner.  Four Queens Las Vegas desk

There is also this suicide maker, convenient for when you cannot open the window far enough to jump out of:

Four Queens Las Vegas death

That room view though.

Four Queens Las Vegas room view

I drop my stuff and go back out to claim my Binions burger.  It is fantastic as always.

I gamble around Four Queens, which is something I rarely do.  As much as I love being here, comps just do not come my way here.  So long ago, I gave up trying.  I am better off putting my money in a casino that will reward my play.

I lose some more money and give up.  I take a walk to Walgreens to get some water before going to the room.  Some guy says “Excuse me Miss, you dropped…” and as I am looking down, I catch the rest of the sentence “your smile.”  My response: “Ugh, that fucking thing.”

I have a tendency to draw in people who just love to comment on the fact that I am not walking around like a maniac with a smile on my face at all times ever.  So many “It cant be that bad!” and “Smile!  It can’t be that bad!” and just so many, sooooooooo many, complete strangers who are constantly telling me to smile.  Remember this post about that altercation I got into with that guy outside Plaza?  Like seriously, YOU aren’t smiling either, asshole.


I head to my room, unable to keep my phone charging near my bed since there is no plug there.  So I set the sun as my alarm clock by sleeping with the drapes open.

Gambling Day: – $400
Gambling Trip: + $90
Miscellaneous: (bus pass, coffee, water, tips): $24
Comps used: $9.99 Total Rewards credits to make my Planet Hollywood buffet free after the $10 coupon, $2 in points at Walgreens that were on my card – does this count?
Coupons: Nope
Freebies: $10 free dining at Binions, $5 free slot play at Binions, $8 sign up promotional free play at Lucky Dragon.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016
Breakfast: Planet Hollywood LVA $10 or ACG 20% 7-11
Check into Four Queens
Double Points Four Queens + Binions ACG
Downtown Grand 5x ACG / 500 points = pull tab
Dinner: Four Queens Go Green credit
Rainbow Casino
Emerald Island earn 100 points and spin the wheel
Stations 10x slots, 6x vp
Sam’s Town 15X Buffalo, 11x reels or 7x VP

15 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Moving from Bellagio to Four Queens

  1. dewey

    Great shots in Bellagio.
    I can’t tell if you are having a good time or not, but I hope in the long run, you are enjoying yourself.
    And I hope you are lucky in the next report.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks Dewey! I am constantly hearing people confused if I am having fun or not. There is just something about my writing style that does that.

  2. Geri

    So sorry you lost your days gambling money before breakfast …. been there and done that myself….

    We have stayed down town so many times and it is my favorite place in Vegas… Always loved Binions in the old days before Becky ruined it…
    Remember when we met up on Friday night at the Golden Nugget and then we played for hours over at the 4 Queens… was so much fun meeting you…

    Hope your trip takes a turn for the best….

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Geri! That was a fun night for sure! Becky sure did ruin Binions, didn’t she? I wish they hadn’t lost the World Series of Poker. That always had such a fun vibe.

  3. Eddie Garrett

    When you had gone up the escalator to get to the Tram at Bellagio , you could have turned left at the top of the escalator and walked to a hall going through Vdara and out Vdara`s front door and around the porte cochere or whatever it is called (where a scene of the Matt Damon movie was filmed) and gone right into Aria. From the Bellagio escalator to the Aria is a 4 or 5 minute walk.

    Smile, Jennifer !!!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      You know, I knew that you could get to Vdara that way, but I wasn’t sure at all what would happen once you hit Vdara property. Would I be able to get out? Would I get lost? Would I find there is no exit and I would have to go all the way back? Now I know, thanks!

  4. cindy

    I guess I thought the tram ran 24/7. I had no idea they have set hours. Thanks for the info on Binions. Haven’t been downtown in a few years but I do LOVE a good burger.
    You stayed at Bellagio which is no smoking and from a previous report you stayed at Cromwell which has no smoking in the room….how much of a pain in the ass is this? I have only stayed in a smoking room but I can get a room at Aria which has no smoking in the room from my Vegas for 1 night next month and I wonder if it’s worth it? Oh by the way when I stopped at Cromwell on my last visit I found the coffee machine at the base of the elevator and got 2 cups..YUM Thanks for the tip!
    Curious…is it men or woman who give you crap about the smile? I cannot EVER imagine approaching a stranger about not smiling. Seriously WTH?
    Perhaps tuck some smile face stickers in your purse and the next time someone asks reach in your purse and grab a smile, hand it to them and say “oh here it you can stick it”

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I thought it ran 24/7 too!

      I hate having nonsmoking rooms in casinos. Especially super huge hotel/casinos. At Cromwell, it would have been easy enough to get outside to smoke. But in that area, standing outside smoking would have just had endless people asking me for a cigarette. Having to step outside onto Fremont Street? No thank you. Every person out there would have asked me for a cigarette and at least ten would have been demanding and insistent about it.

      Aria might not be so bad. Their entrance is isolated from the Strip so if you go outside, you won’t be harassed. It is just getting outside that I hate. Coming back in, having a machine scream your name, being forced to answer because GAMBLOR.

      I never noticed this until you asked, but 100% of the times strangers have told me to smile, it has been men. I could never imagine caring enough about wanting a stranger to smile. Or not picking up on body language. Or continuing to get in someone’s face. Who the hell are you and why do you think it is okay to get in my face just because I am not standing here like a lunatic smiling away at nothing? These people think it is okay to so aggressive about demanding a stranger do what they want. And why? Simply because our paths crossed?

      I do love the sticker idea though!

  5. cindy

    I tend to get hit on for food. “Im hungry, can you spare a few dollars for a meal?” The last time was a young man who was very thin that approached me late at night when I was playing at Ballys I stared at him for a minute or so and then I said “Bally’s has a food court, I’ll walk down with you and buy you something to eat and keep you company while you eat your meal” HA! he looked at me like I lost my mind and stumbled away. The next night I was at Cromwell and the same young man came around the corner started to say something and then just said “oh it’s you” and walked in the other direction.
    Still can’t decide on staying one night at Aria. I do love playing there but if I’m losing my ass I go to my room and usually read a book with a cup of coffee and my smokes and I won’t be able to do that. grrrr a really nice room versus my smokes
    Looking forward to your next installment.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      “Oh it’s you” Sigh.

      I totally hear you on your Aria dilemma. Having a super nice room isn’t so nice if you cannot fully enjoy your time in it. Have you considered wearing a nicotine patch? It would help with the cravings. But personally, I enjoy coming back to my room at night, getting into bed, writing in my journal while smoking. Having high thread count sheets is not a better experience to me.

  6. Donna

    I feel you, I get the same “Smile” comments, all the time too. Just because I don’t walk around with a plastic smile glued to my face, absently smiling at everyone I come across, doesn’t mean anything is wrong or I am mad or upset. Half the time I am just up in my own thoughts and it gets annoying after a while that people just assume they “know” you! Loving your blog!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      If I saw someone walking around with a smile plastered on their face, I would think they were crazy. There is actually a woman I see on the subway every day who does that and I will try to get in a different car than her. ONE person out of the hundreds of people I see a day in NYC and I think she is crazy.

  7. jack

    I also get those ” you should smile more” comments. Equally as aggravating is when I’m talking on the phone people misinterpret my voice. They say, “what’s wrong”? “You sound sad”. Or mad. Or upset. Or depressed. Actually I am not until you started asking me that dumb question! Am I supposed to sound perky like Kelly fricken Ripa without people thinking something is wrong? You sounded so adamant that you would never travel to Vegas again. I’m glad you changed your mind. As always, I’m enjoying your trip report.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks Jack! I will never understand complete strangers imposing their opinions on you, about YOU. It makes me so mad!


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