Las Vegas Trip Report: We Almost Saw a Fight!

This is an old Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts. While it was current at the time it was written, a lot of it is now completely outdated.  Much of what you read about may no longer exist.

Saturday, March 22, 2003 – Part Two of Nine

This morning, my mother and I woke up at the Las Vegas Club.  We attempted to go to the Golden Nugget for breakfast, but the line is too long.  Instead, we went to Fitzgeralds. This buffet isn’t bad at all. It’s my second time having it, and I wouldn’t hesitate to try it a third time.

I played and lost on quarter Monopoly in Binions. Played in the Las Vegas Club on random nickel machines and lose. Time for a nap. This time I win! Oh wait…that was just a dream…

We wake up, get dressed and take a cab to Caesars. The Cheesecake Factory is our destination. After Caesars it’s off to Treasure Island see their Cirque de Soleil show, named Mystere. It’s starting a half an hour late so off to the slots we go. By the way, if you go see Mystere and you don’t already have an MGM Mirage slot card, they give you $20 free slot play for signing up. I couldn’t get it, but my mother did.

I won $50 on a Risque Business slot machine and then it’s time for the show.  Mystere is fantastic. I was in awe the entire time. “How does she do that?” “How does he do that?” It was just so good.

After the show I played a Money Groove slot machine and win, but then put it all back. Same with Price Check.

Treasure Island:

Treasure Island, March 2003Las Vegas Strip, March 2003[Obligatory Editor’s note:  I miss the old Treasure Island sign]

We then head over to the Venetian for what was supposed to be a minute. But I saw Price Check and had to play. Put in $5 and cashed out $30. Little Green Men Family Reunion –  put in $5 and cashed out $30.

We went outside to get a cab. There was almost a brawl on the cab line between some older men and some young kids. The killer was that it was the older men who wanted to fight the younger kids.  One of the younger kids actually said “Dude, if you want, I will fight you, but when you wake up tomorrow and remember that you got drunk tonight and got your ass kicked by a kid, you are going to feel really stupid.”

I just referred to guys in their early 20’s as “younger kids”. Let’s add this to the “loss” column. Sigh.

The fight never happens. We get in a cab back to the Las Vegas Club. Play and lose on about 10 different nickel machines before hitting our beds.

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