Las Vegas Trip Report: Checking into the Plaza

Disclaimer Part One: This is an old Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts. While it was current at the time it was written, a lot of it is now completely outdated.  Much of what you read about may no longer exist.

Sunday, March 23, 2003 – Day Three of Nine

My mother and I are doing very well with getting up early every morning to start our wonderful Las Vegas days as soon as possible. Today is no exception.

We are up at the crack of dawn and we walk over to Main Street Station for breakfast.

main street station, las vegas, nevada

After eating, we go back to our winning Fox and the Hound machines. I played a little bit and then moved to a Frequent Flyer slot machine. Frequent Flyer is one of those games I normally put $5 in and lose. But one time I cashed out for $50 at Palace Station, so I play it every time now. Between this and Fox and The Hound, I cashed out with $35. Every little bit counts.

We checked out of the Las Vegas Club and left our bags at the Bell Desk and went to play a while before moving hotels. I won $50 on Price Check slot machine here (yay!) and $60 on Monopoly Chairman of the Board. This is by far my favorite Monopoly and I’m glad I opted to skip new Monopoly to play it.

For lunch, we ate at Binions again.  Afterwards, we collected our bags and crossed the street to The Plaza to check in.

[Editor’s note: I was so horrible at taking pictures back then!  Would it have killed me to back up a couple of steps to get the whole building in the frame?!]Plaza Las Vegas, Nevada

We had the Las Vegas Advisor coupon, which gave us two nights for $30. We got room 709 in whatever tower is by the check in desk (I can’t remember). It was a nicer room than $15 should be buying you. It came  with a refrigerator and what is this? A pubic hair in the tub. What is with all the stray hairs and why are they in all our rooms???

My mother is ready to nap, I can’t sleep. I stay there until the alarm goes off, at which time I see on her face that she is exhausted.  I say “I’ll be right back” and I vanish for about 3 hours, but I do check on her every hour or so. Finally she is up. We get dressed and go out.

Our first stop is the California casino, so we can play their Spam slot machines. I love this game. I don’t win, but I still love it. Dinner was at the Market Street Cafe inside the California casino.

After dinner, we decided to go play at Main Street Station, which is conveniently connected to the California by an indoor pedestrian bridge.

I am a LOSER tonight on every machine. Every last one. I’m done, time for bed.

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