Las Vegas Trip Report: the One Where Anything Can Happen

I just finished up posting my last trip report, which was a nonstop blood bath where my biggest win was a whopping $108.

Still, when my job reminded me I had two days off to use in August, I booked another trip.  I got two comped (plus resort fee, fuck you) nights at Flamingo and three at Fremont.   I had originally booked a MyVegas reward for two nights at Monte Carlo.  In the end, I ended up cancelling (and losing my points) for that.  I really just like smoking rooms in Vegas.  MLife doesn’t have them.  I do not want to forfeit my personal comfort for a free salmonella laced plate of scrambled eggs at the Bellagio buffet.

My flight was supposed to leave at 6:30.   We boarded on time, which was a shock.  We left late despite this, which was not a shock.

I landed at 9:30 and decided to shuttle to Flamingo.  We sat there for a good half hour before leaving.  And by “good” I mean “FUCKING LET’S FUCKING GO ALREADY.”   The driver dropped me off nowhere near the entrance.  If I were a degenerate packer, I would have been mad.  But my bag is carry on sized so I don’t care.

Cute stuffed dog going on an adventure

I had initially checked in online, but the kiosk would not give me my keys.  So I had to get on the check in line.  The woman who checked me in looked at my ID and said “Oh!  You live in Chinatown!”   This was the first time someone has described my Brooklyn neighborhood as Chinatown.  She is right.   Bensonhurst has totally morphed from Italian to Chinese.  It was just a surprise since before her, no one has ever said that to me.

I got room 11074.   I would have had a great view of the Bellagio fountains if not for the stupid Donny and Marie wrap on my window.

flamingo las vegas room view donny and marie wrap

The room had wooden floors, which made it feel hollow and run down.  I still loved being here though.  I haven’t stayed at Flamingo in many years.

flamingo las vegas room

I am not planning on gambling much tonight.  I have $40 on me that someone gave me for my birthday.  I am also willing to risk a $20 from my own stash.  But that is my limit.  I have gotten pretty good at curbing degeneracy.

I walked over to Cromwell and tried to find the Ultimate X machine I love.  They have redone the casino so they are in a different spot.  I first got sidetracked by an Ultimate X Bonus Streak machine.  My first $20 went lightening quick here.  I was so annoyed with myself.  Over to the other side of the bank where I chose a regular ol’ Ultimate X video poker machine.  I put in $20 and began playing Double Double Bonus on nickels.

This happened.

Ultimate X Double Double bonus sixes x 2 cromwell las vegasultimate x double double bonus video poker aces x 2 cromwell las vegas

AND. THEN. THIS.  HAPPENED.  $200 win!

Ultimate X Double Double Bonus threes x 10 cromwell las vegas

I decided I was now allowed to play quarters and my luck continued.

double double bonus video poker quarter nines cromwell las vegas

So for a $60 investment, I left Cromwell with $360.  Fucking sweet.

On my way back to my room at Flamingo, I lost $60 in a Buffalo slot machine.  Because of course I did.  But it is okay because I am still a winner.  Guys, this feels great.  I went to bed knowing that this could be the start of something fantastic, or this could be the one night I went to bed a winner.  You absolutely never know what is going to happen when you are in Vegas.

Las Vegas Trip Report

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: the One Where Anything Can Happen

  1. Nancy

    I really hope this is a total winning trip for you…. I always stay at Flamingo – never had a bit of luck in their casino but like their pool and their location.

  2. Debra

    Love this report! Glad to hear it’s starting out well for you.

    I stayed at Flamingo once. It started badly with them not letting me in my room until well past check in time and once I finally got in, the room hadn’t been cleaned at all. I’m talking towels on the floor, beds still rumpled, trash everywhere. And I think the bell desk broke my computer but I can’t swear that didn’t happen during the flight.

    Once they sent someone up to actually fix the room, I liked my stay there. I had a view of the gardens, which was nice. Well, I liked it outside of the long walk to get in and out and going through Internet withdrawal. Back then I had a phone that was so basic it was just this side of being Amish.

    Still, I’d stay again if CET ever decides to show me any love again. Or even a mild liking. Hell, I’d settle for them not acting like they were the Cool Kids table and I was the dorky kid trying to squeeze a chair in.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Oh no, I am so sorry about your computer. That is a huge fear of mine.

      In all my times in hotels, only once did I get a room that hadn’t been cleaned. It was at Harrahs, so same family as Flamingo.

      Maybe Caesars will offer you some charity, kind of like in the movie Carrie. They can ask you to the prom and you can be a cool kid. That is how the movie ends, right? Oh wait no. No it doesn’t. Dammit.


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