Las Vegas Trip Report: The Time We Saw Danny Gans (RIP)

This is an old Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts. While it was current at the time it was written, a lot of it is now completely outdated.  Much of what you read about may no longer exist.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003 – Day Six of Nine

Today we wake up at the Barbary Coast. We walked over to the Aladdin to use my $20 food credit from the tournament yesterday to get breakfast. Oh wait! I don’t have the credit with me. Stupid. That’s okay, lets go to the Bellagio for breakfast! Of course, it’s excellent as always.

After eating, I played Price Check in the Bellagio, win nothing. Go back to Barbary Coast and get on a losing streak. I try Hotline again,  no bonus, no nothing. Elvira, Tabasco, Monster Match – all give me nothing. Time for a nap!

On our way back to our room, I got some pictures of the topiary going on outside of Ballys.

topiary pig butt, ballys las vegas, nevada Ballys Topiary

I am not sure if  this is a dragon or a unicorn?

is it a dragon?  ballys - las vegas, nevada topiary butt - Ballys, Las Vegas, Nevada Topiary Camel, Ballys - Las Vegas, Nevada

We wake up and take a cab to Wild Wild West. I have always wanted to see this casino, plus it’s close enough to In-N-Out Burger for my mother to walk. We play in Wild Wild West; I win a whopping $15.

Over to our first In-N-Out experience ever! We didn’t like it. I wanted to love it after reading about it for so long, but I just didn’t love it. As my mother said “It’s no Binions, that’s for sure!”

We take a cab to The Mirage since we are seeing Danny Gans tonight. Before we go in, I play and win $70 on a Price Check machine and put it ALL back. All of it!

My mother had wanted to see Danny Gans so I got us tickets. She loved the show. I did not like it. My mother tells me that if I were older I would like it because I probably just didn’t “get” half of the stuff he did. I think it was more that I don’t think anyone should be making this much money doing other people’s material. Either way, she loved it, I didn’t.

Lose some more money and go to bed.

[Editor’s note: Danny Gans died six years after I went to see him.  I was actually in Las Vegas when he died.  At that point, he had moved his show to Encore, which did not even exist when I saw him in 2003.]

rest in peace danny gans sign outside wynnrest in peace danny gans sign encore danny gans rip

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: The Time We Saw Danny Gans (RIP)

  1. Paul farmer

    Hi Jennifer:

    Gotta say I’m with you on your opinion of In n Out Burger. I wasn’t the least bit impressed. If you make it to Niagara Falls to take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar, seek out a Harvey’s. It’s a Canadian chain and you won’t be disappointed. Harvey’s is a dual entity with Swiss Chalet being the other part. Swiss Chalet is the most awesome rotisserie chicken on the Canadian market. You can order both threw the drive thru window. Let me know if you ever try it. Regards Paul


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