Leaving Las Vegas (See Also: Returning to Las Vegas)

Friday, July 31, 2009:  Day (Something) of (Something)

[If you would like to start from the beginning, the first day of this trip report can be found here.]

Today is a weird day.  I am checked into Harrahs in Las Vegas but I am leaving for California – the state – not the downtown hotel.  I will be leaving my stuff in my Las Vegas room while I am gone for three days.

My time in California is actually the intended purpose of this trip.  I just decided to book some Vegas days around it since I have the vacation time and I’m right here.

[2014 called, it wants you to know I have no freaking clue why I kept a booked room in Vegas when I was going to be in California for a weekend?]

Monday, August 3, 2009 – Day Two (Three? Four? ) of (I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE)

My flight from Oxnard back to Las Vegas is pretty empty and we land at 8:30 am.   I have to switch planes at LAX. I cannot believe the security lines at LAX.   They wrapped around outside and hit the next terminal.   But it did move fast.

I land back in Las Vegas and get to my room that I have been checked into since before I left for California and I am pleased to discover I still own a “Do Not Disturb” sign.  I am displeased to discover my phone is basically dead and my charger is back in California in the hotel room I accidentally left it in.

I scarf down Starbucks and a sandwich I bought at the airport and try to pass out because I am so dead.  While I cannot sleep at all, I also cannot get up.  But I have to.  It’s Las Vegas.  But I can’t. I no longer own life.

At some point in the day, I get up and dressed and count my money.  The amount of money I spent in California is disgusting.

After cursing myself for spending so much money, I go downstairs to refill my body with iced coffee.   I try and play at Harrahs and the video poker machine eats my $20.  I have to wait for an attendant to come and fish it out for me.  By this point, I am so cranky and tired I don’t even care anymore.

I play a Star Wars slot machine and win $50 on a bonus.  I am going back to my room and I see a new Jackpot Party slot that is part of a Monopoly Big Event bank.  Okay fine.  I’ll play.  I cash out at $60 (don’t ask me how much I put in, I don’t know but it was less than $60.)  Then I play that Millionaire 7’s slot machine I love and turn a $5 into $40.  Final stop: that Super Spin slot machine that I have no idea what it’s really called. I keep getting the spin thingy.  I got $20 then $50 and then $10.  I cashed out at $90.  Again, don’t ask me what I put in.

NOW I am done. I go upstairs and collect my stuff and get in a cab to California hotel.  Not to be confused with the state of California that I flew from this morning.  This trip is so confusing.

The cab cost me $20.70 and the driver doesn’t drop me off at the entrance.   Which I don’t realize until he is pulling away and stereotypical me, I give him the finger.

I get room 1914.  It looks the same as every other room I’ve had here save for the one time I got a suite.   I like the California hotel.  I get $30 food vouchers with my offer and they are only good at California.  I can’t use them at at their sister casino, Main Street Station, which has better food options.  Boooooooo.

I play Treasure Chest video poker and I go from $20 to $100.  Then I lost another $20 but this is still looking good.  I play Wheel of Fortune and get $30 from a ten and then lose another ten.

I’m starving so I eat at the coffee shop.  Prime Rib special.  After the weekend I have had of surviving only on beer and blueberry bagels, my body is craving real food.   It was delicious.

I play a couple of penny machines after eating and I leave up $10.   I walk over to the Golden Gate with the intention of using my $5 free slot play and leaving.  Hah!  Like I am going to play just $5.  I do leave up $60 though thanks to a bonus on a Diamond Spinner slot machine.

I walk past Binions and spot a Jaws slot machine that I just HAVE to play.  I lose $60 and never get a bonus.

Continue walking to the El Cortez where I am booked for the Cabana Suites.  I am not staying here because they are nonsmoking and I cannot deal.  But my offer comes with dining credit and free play, and you must book the room to get these things.  I cannot wait to see what they look like.  I get room 6193 and I absolutely love it.  I know some people have stayed here and think they are “too much” in terms of decoration but I absolutely love this room. If I wasn’t so tired and crabby I might even consider lugging my stuff over here to stay here but tired and crabby wins out.

When I checked in, they made me sign a form saying if I smoke in the room, it’s a $150 charge to clean it.  They also now hand out property maps when you check in.

In order to get to the Cabana Suites, you need to go outside behind the casino (for those of your familiar with the El Cortez, you can exit through the video poker room behind the steak house) and cross the street.  There is a security guard there, but there is no traffic light so you are just standing there waiting for there to happen to be no cars before you can jaywalk.  This is stupid and I hope they are doing something to correct that.


I don’t know if it’s just the Cabana Suites, but I had to insert my key in the elevator in order to get to my floor.  I also needed to insert it to get into the building from outside.  I did not know this and stood there for a while trying to get the security dude inside to let me in before the one outside helped me out.

Here’s the lobby:





bedEl Cortez cabana suiteminibarshowerbathroom

I go back to the casino to use my free play.   I head right to my progressive quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machines.  These are my babies.  I had previously won the progressive 3’s with a kicker for $324 on here, and also the progressive Aces with a kicker on here for $626.  I love these machines.

I sit down and WHOA HEY WHAT THE HELL?!?!?  The quarter Aces with a Kicker progressive is up to $960 and the Royal is $2960.  No freaking way.  I’m going to leave here rich!   Woo hoo!   I hit four of a kind Queens and a straight flush but I cannot connect any of the progressives.

Some man sits down next to me and comments on how high the progressives are. Normally I discourage people talking to me but I am such a super fan of these machines and I am so in awe at how high the progressives are, that I allow conversation.  He tells me he has been playing them way too much just trying to hit it .  He also comments that even if it’s not him who hits them, he hopes SOMEONE does just so he will stop playing them.  We are both getting dealt three Aces.  We are both getting dealt four to the Royal.  I have never in my entire life gotten four to the Royal dealt so many times.

Shortly after, the man says to me “I hit it!!!!” and I look and he has gotten the Aces with a Kicker for $969.  I am so excited for him.  He tells me he has put more than that in the machine trying for it.  He also tells me he had gone to bed for the night but he was laying there watching television and fantasizing about these machines and had to get back up and try again.   He did cash out and leave after collecting his voucher for his free slot play.

I continue playing and keep getting four to the Royal.  At one point I am short a Queen.  I hold the four and hit “draw” and up pops the Queen – right color, wrong suit.  I yell “YOU SON OF A BITCH” at the machine.

You know how people always talk about the crazy people who talk to themselves at the El Cortez?  Well I am now one of them.

This is my cue to go to bed so I walk back to the California hotel and do just that.

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