Macau, China: Ruins of St Paul’s Church and Macau Fortress

Most people do Macau as a day trip from Hong Kong.  Being a gambler, I stayed and played for a few days.  But I did take a morning to play tourist. First up was Senado Square. This was a quick walk from my hotel – Lisboa.  Some street views on my way: Macau China streets Macau walk to Senado Square The May heat meant that when I went to take my first picture, the camera was physically hot.  Also, it meant my camera did this, which freaked me out a bit when I realized the fog was inside the camera, not just on the lens.This was my first trip ever with a fancy camera and it fogs up.  Great! Don’t worry, I did figure it out and was able to get some pictures after all.  WHEW!Macau China Senado Square fountain

Macau China Senado SquareSt Dominics Church Macau China Macau Santa Casa da MisericórdiaFrom here, it is a short walk to the ruins of St. Paul’s Church. St Paul's ruins Macao China st pauls no people View from the top: top of ruins of st pauls cathedral macau china View from the back:ruins of st pauls macau china backsideNext up was Fortaleza do Monte,  or Macau Fort, conveniently located right next to St Paul’s.

sign for macao museum and fortress macau china

I took a break from the heat by sitting down.  I was then asked to take a picture of a couple.  I reached for the camera and then realized they were not asking me to take their picture, they were asking if they could take pictures with me.  Oh jeez.  I read plenty about this.  How Chinese people will ask Westerners if they can take their picture because they likely have never seen a Westerner before.  I expected that to not kick in until I was on the main land.  I was not expecting it in Macau.  When I am burning hot and pouring with sweat.  Sigh.

This whole thing drew a crowd and my rest break was ruined.  Up to the fortress I go!

I hate walking up steps like this.  I always fear that I will twist my ankles and fall to my death.  It is even worse going down.

Fortaleza Do Monte Fortress Macau China  death steps

There is a little cafe at the top of the steps where you can have an ice cold water.  It will be delicious.

Views of Macau from the top:

There are a bunch of canons up here.  I saw a guy climb on top of one to pose for a picture of the canon as his penis.  I was so bummed out he was not burned from the hot metal.

It also seems most of the canons point directly at Hotel Lisboa.

I met a woman from Prague up here.  She had started her China trip in Shanghai a month ago and was ending it in Hong Kong tomorrow.  We are opposites as I just started in Hong Kong and after a month, I end in Shanghai.  It made me that much more excited to just be starting.

After leaving the fort, I made my way back down.  Once I got to St Paul’s ruins, I was singing Rainbow’s “All Night Long” aloud to myself as I pranced down the cobblestone walkway.  There truly is no person on Earth who’s company I enjoy more than my own.

Bathed in sweat, I decided a stop at Starbucks was in order.  Luckily for me, there was one RIGHT THERE at the bottom of the walkway.  Ah, delicious.

venti green tea frappucino macau

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