Las Vegas Trip Report: December 24, 2007: Pressing My Luck in Las Vegas

Note:  This is an older Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts and anyone else who loves fun.  It was written back in 2007.  Most of this information is now outdated and some places mentioned no longer exist.

Monday, December 24, 2007 – Day Two of Four

I decide to sleep in with no alarm.  I turn my phone off to avoid the inevitable my-sister-calling-me-before-the-sun-is-up-because-she-is-obnoxious thing.  And I’m up naturally at 8:30.  I tell myself I did okay though because it’s really 11:30 on my time so I did in fact, sleep in late.

I am at the El Cortez.  I head downstairs and lose and lose and lose.  Sigh.   I go to walk over to McDonalds for breakfast (SHUT. UP.)

I stop at a Press Your Luck slot machine on the way out (OKAY it isn’t really on the way out, but you know) and I got back all the money I lost.   See why I am addicted?

Get breakfast, eat it and go back to the room to nap.  Or at least, try to, but cant.

I get up for real now and take a shower and get dressed and all that fun stuff and head back out.
I make my way to the Four Queens where I have $20 free slot play.   I then head over to my triple play nickel video poker machine, which has bailed me out on my last two trips – the first one by dealing me aces, and the second one by giving me a Royal Flush.   Well I guess it knew I was only on day two and hadn’t really lost yet, because it didn’t give me a damn thing.   But that’s okay.

Over to Binions where I also have $20 free slot play.  I try to use it on Press Your Luck and it won’t let me.  So I put cash into this machine and I win!  I turned $60 into $135.

Cash out and go to use the $20 free play on a nickel triple play video poker machine and lose that.  Head back to Press Your Luck and ended up there for about five hours, literally.  I had a system going.  $20 in at a time, until I lost it or doubled it.  Then I’d cash out.  Once I went through three $20’s, I had to go to the cashier and get cash.   This is a strategy that works for me and prevents me from losing all my money.

I’m playing and playing and cashing out and cashing out and then I get this thing dealt to me – it had almost all wild symbols and maybe two non-wild symbols and its worth $244.   Not bad at all for a 45-cent bet!

I go cash out and someone takes my machine (I don’t blame them) so I play on the other side.  Some old man, like 70, is asking me a million questions, from “how do you play this?” to “isn’t there a strip club around here?”    Him talking to me is annoying me partly because I don’t want to talk to anyone, and mostly because this game has a multiplier for the Big Event Bonus.  It goes higher the more you play.  So if I am stopping to respond to him, my multiplier goes down.   So shut up and leave me alone.  The strip club is that way.  Get to walking.

I take a break and get a Binions burger.  Much like McDonalds for breakfast, this is a staple for lunch.

Of course after eating, I went back to Press Your Luck.   Again, I was here for HOURS.  I won another $200.

Then I left and stopped at Fitzgeralds on the way back to my room and lost about $50.  And then to the El Cortez, where I lost yet another $50.   I did win about 40-cents in Walgreens when I stopped to buy a soda and someone had left their change in the change dispenser thingy.    Woooooo

I had to stop at the room for cigarettes because mine fell out of my pocket somewhere along the way.   Came back out and ate at Careful Kitty’s in the El Cortez for dinner, Prime Rib again.   I don’t understand their system with points and comp dollars.   When you put your card in a machine it tells you how many comp dollars you have and how many points.  I am guessing? That comp dollars are comps you earn above your points, but I’m not clear on this.  Anyway, I use my comp dollars and when I have none, and then I use my points.

I wrote some notes when I was waiting for my food (which seemed to take about 15 seconds tops to show up) and I noted that it was 9:00 and I was exhausted and was going to head to bed soon.   What can I say, I’m a partier.  That was my last entry for the night so I imagine I lost some money and went to bed too disgusted with myself to write some more.

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