Another Las Vegas Trip Comes to an End.

Monday, May 4, 2009 – Day Eleven of Eleven

[This is the last part of an eleven part trip report.  If you want to start at the beginning, go here.]

I’m up at six at Fitzgeralds.  So exhausted from not sleeping last night.  I’m out at 6:30. I lose $20 trying for that $432 Rawhide slot progressive that has to hit by $500.

I have $190 left to gamble with.

I go over to Fremont and play Treasure Chest video poker, lose.

Then I play nickel Supertimes Pay video poker and hit and cash out $30.

I walk over to the El Cortez and cannot win a damn thing.

I go back to Fremont and try a combo of Supertimes Pay and Treasure Chest, nothing and nothing.  Now I’m running out of time.   Nooooooooooo.   I put $30 through a Shockwave poker machine.   This is truly a carnival game but I have to try it.  My money lasts forever on here and I’m hoping for one big win before I have to leave and it never comes.

I get back to my room at eleven and it’s time to check out and leave.  Boooooooo.

I check out, collect my $100 incidentals deposit and walk to the bus.  I get to the airport and check in for my flight.  I only have about 15 minutes to kill; I love when it’s timed like this.

I get on the plane and aim for the last row in hopes I’ll have it to myself.  No luck.  Some woman sits on me, literally on me.  Pinches my skin.  I yell out “OW” and she apologizes.  Then she turns her back to me and smashes her butt under the arm rest to lean on her husband, and her butt is all up against me for the entire flight home.  I felt so filthy and gross. The second to last line in my notes for this trip is “if this woman is barefoot for any moment during this trip, I am going to shove this pen into her jugular.”  The last line in my notes is reminding me that the flight attendant was an Elvis impersonator and did an act for us.


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9 thoughts on “Another Las Vegas Trip Comes to an End.

  1. Joanne

    OMG, I laughed out loud at your last paragraph regarding your row mate on the plane. Your humor and honesty had me drawn to every trip report and being a “degenerate” gambler myself, I could literally relate to everything you shared. You have a gift for descriptive play by play and I can only hopeI land beside you at a slot machine one day. I sincerely enjoyed every word.

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