Las Vegas: Moving from Binions to the Orleans

Friday, December 24, 2010 – Day Eleven of Nineteen

[This is part eleven of a nineteen part trip report. If you want to start at the beginning, go  here.]

All I want for Christmas Eve is my first quarter royal…

I wake up at the California hotel.   I am out at 9:30 and bee lined it to Dunkin Donuts at Fremont for some iced coffee and some SuperTimes Pay video poker at my most favorite SuperTimes Pay machines in all of Las Vegas.

$20-$45 – hitting four of a kind sevens with a 2x multiplier.

nickel sevens
$20-$30 by being dealt a full house with a 3x multiplier.

full house x 3

Binions quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:

Four Queens, quarter Double Double Bonus video poker: $20-$0.

Nickel Double Double Bonus video poker $5-$0.


Today I am checking out of California and leaving Downtown.   I will be at the Orleans for the next two nights on a comp.  I take a cab and pay with a credit card as I do not want to give up all my newly lucky glittered bills.  I did not realize there was a service charge of $3 for using a credit card.  That $3 will stick with me just as long as the stupid $1.08 from Dupars will, and that will be forever.

At the Orleans, I get room 1764.  The toilet never stops running.


roomroom viewMy offer comes with a $10 food credit.  I use it for a cheddar cheese omelet at the coffee shop.

My offer also comes with $5 free slot play from a mailer.  The intent is to play $40 and free play and go to the room for a nap.   I almost do this but then…

I bet you thought I was going to say “I decided to gamble more” didn’t you.  Well I didn’t.  I did go outside to get some Diet Pepsi and got a movie from Redbox while I was out there.

I am in the room at 1:30.  I take a shower, put on pajamas, watch a movie and have yet another failed attempt at a nap.

I go back out at 3:30.  I lose $20, never wrote on what.

Nickel Double Double Bonus video poker:
$5-$40 Aces.  I have not seen Aces in days and it figures when I do, it’s on nickels.

nickel aces

Keno $5-$0

Twice Your Monkey slot machine: $5-$0

Carnival of Mystery slot machine:
$5-$90 (EEE)

I mosey on up to an All That Glitters 2 slot machine and there is a penny on heads next to it!  Finally, I am going to win eleventy billion dollars!!!


What the hell?  That’s not eleventy billion dollars.  Screw you All That Glitters 2.  I’m going home.

I stop and get take out at Fuddruckers and take it back to my room to watch a movie.

Out at 8:00

$20-$35 – four of a kind fours.

nickel fours


I decide to keep the $35.   That’s right.  I continually put back hundred dollar wins.  But that $35?  That I keep.   Sigh.

Good night.

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