My First (and Only) Full Day in Las Vegas This Trip!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 – My Only Full Day in Las Vegas

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I am up at the California hotel and out at 7:00 am.  I am exhausted and would go right back to bed, except that I never checked out of Harrahs when I moved yesterday.  I realize I don’t HAVE to check out (the hotel will eventually figure out you are gone and check  you out) but I use this as an excuse to get moving and get OUT and experience my only full day in Las Vegas.

I eat breakfast at the California coffee shop.  Cheddar omelet. It’s delicious.

I play some penny Ultimate X. video poker  This game is addicting and the only place I’ve seen it in pennies is the California casino.  Which is good because you can really lose very quickly, so betting only 30-cents a hand is ideal for me.  I lose ten bucks and go.

I take the Deuce bus to Harrahs.  I revisit Jackpot Party Big Event and leave up $30.

I have some comps here and I want to use them in case I am not back in the next six months. I know this sounds insane because I go to Las Vegas so often.  But moving on.  I had lunch at the Imperial Palace’s Burger Bar and I lived to tell the tale.

I played a penny Lobstermania slot machine.  This was my mother’s favorite machine.  I miss her.   Larry gave me some good lobster picks.  God bless his kind soul.

I went to the Orleans to get my birthday points and a free 6-pack of diet Pepsi with putting 100 points on my card.  The birthday points didn’t show up and I didn’t go to the booth to ask, which means I also didn’t get my Diet Pepsi.   I have no excuses for any of this other than “dumbass.”  I did hit Aces though!

I then go and wait for the bus.  Next stop is the Hard Rock casino.   Remind me to never go to Las Vegas in the summer again, okay?  I hate the heat.  Don’t do it.  DONT DO IT.

At the Hard Rock, I use my American Casino Guide coupon for $10 free play.   My pin won’t work; I have to go back up to the booth.  Thank god for this because this is when I discover I never got my ID back when she put the free play on my card.   She giggles “oopsie” and the usage of the word (?) “oopsie” makes me insanely homicidal just thinking about the nightmare that would have been trying to get home without my ID.   “Oopsie!”

I want to play nickel video poker with my free play but no matter what I do, it keeps telling me my pin is wrong.  So I play with cash and lose.  Then I use my free play on an Atari slot machine.  And lose it.  I lose a bunch of money here, probably around $100.   I can’t win on ANYTHING.  I keep playing though because I am dreading walking back to the bus.  It’s HOT out.  But eventually I realize I have to do this because I can’t hit ANYTHING so I go.

I head back to the El Cortez to check up on my progressive.  The royal is now at $3100.  I didn’t even get one four of a kind. I played a hundred through, nada.

Back to the California, stopping at Walgreens to buy a phone charger since I haven’t had any battery life since yesterday morning.

Back at the California casino, Ultimate X hates me, as does Treasure Chest video poker.  I use the last of my food vouchers at the snack bar and hit my room for bed at 9:30, completely worn out.

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