Las Vegas Trip Report! My First Visit to the Newly Opened Wynn!

Note:  This is an older Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts and anyone else who loves fun.  It was written back in 2005.  Most of this information is now outdated and some places mentioned no longer exist.

Saturday, June 11, 2005 – Day Seven of Ten

Up at Lady Luck, head over to the Fitzgeralds for a buffet.   The line is way too long.   I decide to settle for McDonalds.  This line is also too long.   I end up at Krispy Kreme.

After eating, I walked over to the Four Queens.  I wrote “video poker win” but that’s all I have and I certainly don’t remember it.

Check out of Lady Luck and head back to the Riviera.  I won $165 on my Double Down Stud video poker machine.   Hell yeah!

I head out for a bit.  First stop – Westward Ho.  Try a new penny Monopoly.  I attempt to cash out and realize it’s hand pay only.   It’s a new machine, it should be TITO dammit.  Wait forever.  Get my money and take off to Wynn.  My first time here!  I am excited!

It’s a pretty long walk in the heat.   I get there and there is just so much congestion outside.   The walkway is pretty small and it’s filled with people waiting on the taxi line.  This is not a good set up. No way no how.

I walked around a bit.  It’s really nice inside.  I saw where the water show takes place.  I rode the circular escalator.

Wynn curved escalator Las Vegas

Wynn Esplanade Las Vegas Wynn Lake Las Vegas Wynn Las Vegas entrance Wynn Las Vegas flowers Wynn Las Vegas mosaic tiles Wynn Las Vegas parasols Wynn Las Vegas pedestrian bridge construction Wynn Las Vegas sign Le Reve Wynn Las Vegas waterfall Wynn Las Vegas Wynn parasols Las Vegas Wynn sign Las Vegas Wynn waterfall Las Vegas

After taking some pictures, I then went to play.   Stopped for a card and discovered that they don’t take your name until you get 500 points.  To make this clear, until you reach 500 points, they will not even take your name.  Your card has no name on it, nothing about you attached to it.  So much for having cancelled my reservation in hopes I could get some play and maybe get some offers.   I never did make 500 points.

Played some video poker and lose.   Played a nickel slot called “Great Scot” and won $125.

Walked back to the Riviera.   Got to the room and showered and napped.   Woke up at 1:00 am.   Hey now – this wasn’t my intention.   I decided to not go out and just go back to sleep.

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