Las Vegas Trip Report: Three Days in Henderson, Nevada

Technically, I spent a total of six days in Henderson.  This covers three consecutive ones where the individual days do not have enough content to be the least bit interesting so I am combining them.

This morning I woke up at Fiesta Henderson at 6:00 am.  This is the latest I have slept since arriving.  This is still a bit ridiculous, but I will take the small victory.  I kind of have to since it is the first thing resembling a victory that I have had in days.

Downstairs to Starbucks.  Iced coffee and coffee cake.  Nature’s perfect pair.

Fiesta Henderson has penny Supertimes Pay video poker.  Woo, I get to play ten play Supertimes Pay!  It was fun even on pennies.  I also hit Aces twice so my wanting to hit Aces every day got fulfilled.  TWICE.  Look at me, all excited about an $8 win. Oh how the mighty have fallen.  At least I have a picture to post of anything.  (I only took a photo of one of them apparently.)

penny aces 2

I did the Stations daily promotion where you can pick a penguin and win a huge prize.  I did the first part okay, the second part, not so much. I won 1500 Boarding Pass points.   Meh.

Back to the room to pack and check out.  Today I am moving to Hawthorne Wyndham Suites in Henderson.  This was booked via Hotwire.  I actually booked it when I was in Urumqi, China.  I was having a mental meltdown from being on such a difficult trip and decided that I would be going to Las Vegas to spend time in familiar territory.

I picked Henderson for these dates because it is New Year’s Eve.  This not only makes the Strip and Downtown out of my price level, it also makes the amount of people in both those places way out of my “want it” level.

My hotel was one of those “see if after you buy it” places that was described as an all suite hotel, and as having a casino.   It was not an all suite hotel (I didn’t care) and the casino was closed.  I asked one of the employees about it.  It was named “My Casino” and had recently been bought by Dotty’s, and it was vacant for the time being.

I took the bus here.  It should have (and would have) been easy except I got off at the wrong stop.  I was supposed to get off at Palo Verde at Boulder and instead I got off at Palo Verde and not Boulder.  I had to wait half an hour for the next bus.  Sigh.  As cold as it has been while I have been here, today was slightly warm and the sun was burning me.  I had to keep turning because my jeans were on fire and burning my legs.

I get to the hotel and am told I cannot check in because it is not 3:00 yet.  Fine by me, I will just sit here in the lobby until my jeans cool down.   I didn’t even make it one inch towards the couches before it was discovered that I could check in early.  Woo!  My room came with a refrigerator and microwave.  Oh also a DVD player.  There was also laundry facilities.  Which, if you have ever read any Las Vegas message board or Facebook group dedicated to Las Vegas, goes something like this:


Me: Well this is a twenty day trip so…


Me:  Well, see aforementioned twenty day trip


Me: So…..don’t?

hawthore suites wyndham henderson nevada roomHawthorne Suites Wyndham Henderson Las Vegas Nevada

My total cost via Hotwire for three nights here, which included New Year’s Eve, was $152.45.  No resort fee.  Free breakfast.  It also included free dinner on the night I arrived but I totally napped through that.   This was a great deal.   But the lack of casino bothered me.  I ended up writing to Hotwire about it (it was listed as having a casino) and they gave me an option of being fully refunded if I checked out (leaving me to find a last minute hotel on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas) or to stay and they would credit me 25%.  I took the credit.  Then I used that credit to pay for my last night in Vegas, which I still had not decided on at that point.  Wins all over the place here!  Let’s take this luck to a casino!

I took the bus to Sam’s Town.  I wanted to use my Las Vegas Advisor $10 free play that I was supposed to use on some other day and did not.   When I went to get it loaded on my card, I discovered I am now Sapphire level at Boyd.  Oops, I did not mean to move up a level.  It just kind of happened.   Degenerate gambler strikes again!

sams town las vegas

I lost my $10 and then the free play.  And then I converted all my points into free play and lost that too.  Then I saw that the quarter Keno progressive was over $100k so I had to lose some more money trying for that too.  It was just one of those nights where everything hated me.  It was mutual.

I took the bus back to my hotel.  I almost got out at the Rainbow casino but decided to behave myself.

The next two days, I alternated between Rainbow, Eldorado and Emerald Island.  I won no money in these places.

el dorado casino henderson las vegas nevada emerald island casino henderson las vegas nevadaBut I did get to sing Ronnie James Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” so it was all good.

rainbow in the dark casino henderson las vegas nevada
Emerald Island has a promotion where you sign up for a card, earn 50 points and you get a coupon book that includes both a free burger and a free skillet breakfast.   What was even kind of cooler was that I hit the 50 points and someone approached me on my machine to hand me the book.  I didn’t even have to notify them or go back to the player’s club.

I lost the skillet coupon before I got to use it.  The burger was great though.

I played a Keno game that was more like a carnival Keno game than I am used to (and I play Cleopatra Keno nonstop.)  The machine was kind of cool.  You can see how my screen is popped up, it does this when you insert the money.  So you can see better.

keno emerald island casino henderson las vegas nevada

I ate at Rainbow’s coffee shop.  There was a limited menu as it was New Year’s Eve, which was fine by me.  I had a burger and it was fantastic.

Rainbow also has the best Cleopatra Keno pay table I have ever seen.   I play nine numbers always.  Usually the six number hit is worth 40, and the 7 number hit varies from 260 (Red Rock) to 320 (Four Queens) and 400 (lots of places, including Bellagio of all oddities.)

cleopatra keno pay table rainbow casino henderson las vegasOf course, none of this matters if you do not hit the numbers.  Which I didn’t.  So…

Most of what I did for three days was lose my money very quickly, and watch Netflix.  I had planned to spend New Year’s Eve in my room watching Netflix, since I didn’t really want to be around people so much.  But being in Henderson for all these days was like being on a weirdo vacation.  I was in Las Vegas, but I wasn’t because I was in Henderson.  When I was at Hawthorne, I could not just go to a casino. It required getting on a bus.  It felt weird.  I could see the Strip fireworks from my hotel window though, so there was that.

I also stopped at my first Dotty’s casino.  These are all over the place in local neighborhoods.   They are small and have huge comfy office type chairs at their machines. I won $5 here but I did not see a TITO machine and assumed I had to go to the cashier (who also runs the store) and I didn’t want to bother her so I played it until I had zero.  Because degenerate.

dotty's casino

When it came time to leave Henderson, I was more than ready to do so.

I feel bad about how short and boring this is so let’s talk about my bus ride to the Strip.  I take the BHX and transfer for the 202.  A woman sits next to me, turns to the guy next to her and compliments his beard.  Then she turns to me and compliments me on my glasses, and then asks if I like her glasses.  Sure.  She is now complimenting every person on the bus and asking for compliments in return.  Once everyone has received their compliments, she launches into her life story.  She has drank too much Dr. Pepper and is feeling way too hyper.  She loves playing at MGM Grand because her Chinese sign is a lion.  She offered every homeless man on the bus her phone number.  She even asked one where he was going with his luggage and he told her he was homeless and going to a shelter.  She tried to give him money and he would not take it.   This was a very nice person, although a bit crazy.

Then somehow she began talking about sex.  This was extremely awkward.  To say the least.  The homeless men on the bus really seemed to enjoy her though.  I really just wanted to get the hell off the bus already.  I always forget how far Boulder Highway is from the Strip.  In my mind, it is a walkable distance, but in reality, it is at least half an hour by vehicle.

Finally, I made it to Cromwell and am about to begin the Strip portion of my trip.

Gambling Day: -$600 (three days at $200/day)
Gambling Trip: +$80
Miscellaneous: (Dunkin Donuts, a trip to a dollar store, a trip to Smith’s Grocery for snacks for the room/toiletries, and cigarettes): $78.43
Comps used: $25 free play from my points at Sam’s Town
Freebies:  Burger at Emerald Island, breakfast for three days at Hawthorne Suites, $38.11 Hotwire credit for my hotel not having the advertised casino.

Here are the itineraries for two days.  I never had one for New Year’s Day since I figured I might spend it working on my blog (and then didn’t.)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015
Check into Hawthorne Suites
Emerald Island Grill half off LVA
Earn 100 points Emerald Island free spin LVA
Jerry’s Nugget:New Member Rewards:
50 points – $5 Comp
100 points – Jerry’s Nugget T-shirt
250 points – $20 Comp
500 points – $40 Gift Card
1,000 points – $100 Free Play on Slots and Video Poker
Joker’s Wild 11x reels, 7x vp

Thursday, December 31, 2015
Rainbow Bar and Grill
Silver Sevens slots 7x vp 3X
Suncoast 15x pennies, 11x slots, 7x vp

13 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Three Days in Henderson, Nevada

  1. Lorraine

    Jennifer — you are such a wonderful writer. I’ve been following your travel adventures for years and they just keep getting better. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. dewey089

    Hi, Jen. I’ve enjoyed your blog. These last two sections on Henderson were extremely helpful. No one writes about Fiesta Henderson on the bus. I’ve seen the route and wondered about it. This was helpful, but the missing bus from Sunset was a bit disturbing.
    I’m abandoning downtown and heading out Boulder and looking at other places to piggy back with some deals at Sam’s Town. One idea was to go from Sunset Station to Fiesta for a few nights. Those dime VP machines that bothered you are just what I’m looking for. My bankroll will sustain that volatility. I can find them at Stations casinos, but they don’t generate any points. Perhaps it is the same as Fiesta.
    I also got some information on a Laughlin bus that leaves from the Sunset, but I can’t seem to find it in my notes. A fellow on a bus told me about it. I stayed last trip a few days in Laughlin and it was cheap and fun. I like the poker there too. So I could see a trip where I headed out to Henderson.
    I think you did great to grab such cheap rooms over the New Years Eve times and also fine getting them to refund you a portion because the casino was closed.
    Club Fortune out in Henderson has some good poker games and tournaments. I went once, but it was a long ride from downtown.
    I wake up early every morning and fill the time writing or finding a poker game still going or going to a pool if it is open that early. Some open very early.
    Well, thanks for all the observations and reflections and for attracting comments from folks who are such perfect idiots, that they are very entertaining.
    dewey089 recently posted…NAVIGATIONAL NOTEMy Profile

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Dewey!

      Going from Sunset to Fiesta is super easy. There are even two buses that do it (both the 217 and the HDX, the HDX being quicker.)

      I tried finding bus information for Laughlin because I unknowingly booked myself to be in Vegas during CES and even the Hostel Cat was sold out of private rooms. I could not get comped anywhere, considered going to Laughlin. But the only information I could find on a bus brought you to the other side of the river in Arizona and you had to take a cab back. But then I found Longhorn! You probably already know of the casino, right across from East Side Cannery. I was unaware they even had a hotel. I stayed here later in my trip and will have more detail when I finally get to it. But I paid a whopping $40 during CES so it may be cheaper during slower times. No resort fee. The room was decent, they have laundry facilities and you get coupons when you check in. I got $5 free play, a $5 match play and 2400 points for new sign ups. That is enough to cover about a meal and a half in their restaurant, depending on what you order. This place was a great value. There is also a Walmart next door if you need to pick up anything. The 202 and BHX stop right outside if you are coming from Downtown / Strip. To get back, you do have to cross over Boulder and walk a bit to get to the bus stop (WHY DO THEY DO THAT? Put it on the corner!)

      Thanks for reading!

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          Thanks! Getting a comment like this on a report I thought for sure was boring, makes me feel better.

      1. dewey089

        Amazing! The Longhorn is on my list. You perhaps remember the time Elle and I went dancing. That was at the Eastside Cannery on a Monday night. It starts at 10 PM and is authentically Latino. I love it. But I can’t see three sets, get out at 2 AM and get a 202 bus without walking a long way along Boulder. The last bus from the Eastside Cannery leaves at 1. So, I’ve been thinking that I’d either stay at the Eastside, if they give me a 2 for 1 or at the Longhorn to cover Monday night, perhaps sandwiched with some Sam’s Town rooms for other nights. I am not too keen on walking down Boulder at 2 AM, so just staying at Sam’s Town won’t do any good. Thanks for the room evaluation. I was not sure. I always play off my American Casino Guide matchplay at the Longhorn so I know the casino. No decent VP, but the restaurant food is quite good, so if the room comes with that, it is a good deal. I’ll look forward to your review. Hope you have some photos.
        dewey089 recently posted…NAVIGATIONAL NOTEMy Profile

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          I had never been to Longhorn before. I always meant to and never did. It would be perfect for you to do a late night at Eastside Cannery!

          I do have room photos and I will definitely post them.

  3. Jim


    Great trip report as always, I love all of the detail and photos. I like the comments you make to yourself weather it be about the people around you or the crappy and rude machine you are playing. I know you loved the Riviera as I did, did you go past in your travels and did it hurt to see it and not be able to enter her doors one last time? I know it will probably be imploded before I return to Vegas. Ejoy the rest of your trip and I hope the keno machines are kind to you.

    Thanks Again,

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks Jim!

      I did go visit my beloved Riviera on this trip. There were notices up for a hearing to turn her into a parking lot. I am sickened. I wish I had been able to go one last time before she closed but I just couldn’t swing it. I loved that place so much. Every single thing about it. I find myself getting mad at news articles about new state of the art self check in at Flamingo. The Riviera had it first!!


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