Las Vegas Trip Report: The Day I Forfeit Seeing One of My Favorite Bands, to Play Video Poker

Note:  This is an older Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts and anyone else who loves fun.  It was written back in 2005.  Most of this information is now outdated and some places mentioned no longer exist.

Thursday, June 9, 2005 – Day Five of Ten

I woke up at the California hotel, very sick again.   My head weighed 834783 pounds.   But I force myself out of bed at around 7:00 am and go out to my vacation.  Breakfast is at the Main Street Station buffet, great as always.   I play some nickel video poker and win $70.   Why haven’t I tried this sooner?

Get back to the room and take some cold medicine and nap.

Go back out at 3:00 and get a Binions burger.  Play a bit and just lose.  Lose lose lose lose lose.   And lose.

As it so happens, one of my favorite bands ever are on tour and they are playing Las Vegas TONIGHT!  A well needed break from this afternoon’s losses.  Before getting ready for the show, I take a walk to Walgreens to buy mascara since I forgot to bring mine somehow.   On the way back I stop at Fremont to play $5 on nickel video poker.   I can’t stop doubling my $5 bills.  So I ended up here for hours and hours and hours and never did go the show.

Fremont Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

On the way back to the California, I stopped at the Plaza and played nickel video poker and then started playing quarters.  I got a straight flush!   This was so exciting!   I cashed out with $110.   Woooooo!

Fremont Street Experience:
Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas LG logo records Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas lips Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas woman[I won’t lie, I am horrified at how bad most of my pictures were back in 2005.   There are so many that by the time I straighten them out and crop out all the unnecessary things in them, they are postage stamp sized.]

PS: I published tomorrow’s trip report a while back, when Downtown Grand opened.  It features a stay at Lady Luck.  If you missed it, you can check it out here

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