Las Vegas Trip Report: The Day of the Three Progressive Slot Machine Wins

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 – Day Five of Eleven

[This is part five of an eleven part trip report.  If you want to start at the beginning, go  here.]

I am up at the Golden Gate and out before 7:00 am today.  My bathroom sink is still full from yesterday afternoon.  I stop at the front desk to let them know.

I revisit Wizard of Oz after last night and yep, nothing.

There is $5 free play on my card so I use that on a Viva Las Vegas slot machine. The first spin gives me $6.90, second gives me a $69 bonus.   The bonus lasted so long my player’s card kept timing out.

I cash out at $80 and put another $10 in. This time I get a line pay of $33.  I cash out, put in another ten and get $36.60.  Put in another ten get zero.  I have to try one more five and I get zero.

I leave up $100.

I walk over to the Deuce bus stop to head to the strip. As I’m waiting for the bus, my cell phone alarm goes off.  I didn’t plan to be up this early, obviously.

I get off the bus at The Fashion Show Mall, walk through Treasure Island and plan for Starbucks, some Slingo and the tram to the Mirage.

Well the line for Starbucks is way too long so I play Slingo, did okay and left up ten bucks.

I walked to the tram and realized it doesn’t start running until 9:00 am, which isn’t for another half an hour.  So I walk the Strip.  I am telling you, the way they position these hotels is brilliant.  Despite being a Las Vegas veteran and knowing better, I still found myself walking all the way up to the Venetian and having to walk over the “balcony” while trying to get to Harrahs, rather than remaining on the Strip.  Everyone knows I would NEVER deliberately walk that close to the Venetian.

Once at Harrahs, I get the buffet for breakfast using a $5 off coupon I got for checking into the Imperial Palace.  I am planning to get my reward credits down to zero on this trip.

After eating, I play eBay (why) and I lose $20.  As I’m waiting to cash out my last forty cents, the community bonus hits and I win $8.80.  Ss I’m writing this down, someone behind me watching said “Look at her, she’s taking notes!”  Yes and you are now in them.

I lost $25 on a the Price is Right slot machine.  Why am I playing these stupid games??

I walked over to the Imperial Palace where I still have my room that I did not sleep in last night.  I planned to shower here today, since I don’t like my shower at the Golden Gate, where I did stay last night.  This ended up being a bad choice since there was no hot water coming out of the shower.  It worked for the tub, but not for the shower.  So I had an ice cold shower.   At least I’m awake?

I chill here for a bit until it’s time to check out.  I should have kept this room for two nights and then I could have taken a nap.

I go downstairs and lost a bunch of money on things like Kitty Glitter (I hate cats, why am I playing this game?) and quarter Double Double Bonus video poker.

I walk over to the Flamingo and play a Happy Days slot machie.  The two women next to me were friends.  The one on the left end gets the mystery spins bonus and the one in the middle whines about how her friend has now gotten in three times and she has gotten it zero.  Then I get the mystery spins and two seconds later, the woman on the left gets them again.  The woman next to me now really whines and says “I better get the diamond spins to make up for this.”  I glance over and see she is only playing one credit per line and I think “yeah lady, that’s not very likely.”  About ten seconds later, she gets the mystery spins diamond level – 60 spins, playing one credit per line.  I’m glad to know that this is possible.  Gives me something to hope for.

At the Flamingo I attempt to play Press Your Luck and the community spin hits as I am putting my money in. I hate that.  I lose $15 here.

Barbary Coast (I WILL NOT CALL IT BILLS.  THAT IS A STUPID NAME) I play and lose the rest of today’s budget on various Monopoly slots.

[201 called. It wants you to know that the Barbary Coast is no longer named “Bills.”  It is now named the Cromwell. Win/lose]

I shuttle over to the Gold Coast, down $195.  Here, I add another $100 to my losses.

Back to the Barbary Coast, to the Deuce bus back to downtown.  The bus driver yelled at two old women and told them to get off the bus.  Why, you ask?  Because instead of being ready to pay, they waited until they got on the bus to pull out their purses and start to look for their wallets, holding everyone up.  So he told them to get off and get out of the way and let other people on.  Then he took off without letting them back on.  This may sound mean, but honestly, why is it that so many people act like they didn’t KNOW they had to pay for something?   Like when you are at a store and the person in front of you waits until everything is rung up to THEN be like “Oh yeah, I need to pull my wallet out.”  Have it out, be ready, stop holding up the line.

I’m back at the Golden Gate, down $300.  This is more than my daily budget.  But I was ahead yesterday so why not go some more?

I find a game I played earlier on at the El Cortez.  When I played it at the El Cortez it was “some diamond game”.  When I play it here, I hit a progressive win of $169 and now it has a name.  Its name is “Diamond Spinner.”  The scatter pay associated with this win was an extra $37.50.

I go to cash out and when I came back, someone took my machine.  fine.  I play its sister, named “Vibrant 7’s.”   I get a hit for $22.80 and then I get the progressive for $197.43.

This all happened in like five minutes.  Are you kidding me?

There is another machine in the bank where the progressive is $298.  I play $30 through trying for it, which seems ridiculous.  I mean what are the chances.  I do not get the progressive, but I get a $36.90 bonus.

Upstairs for a nap.  Once that’s done, I go back out and allow myself $100 for the night.   $65 vanishes QUICKLY because now I want that $298 progressive.  I am aware that getting it twice was so rare and that getting it THREE times is never going to happen.  But I can’t stop myself from trying.

I try for dinner at the Bay City Diner at the Golden Gate and the line is WAY too long.  So I walk over to Main Street Station to the Triple 7 Brewpub where there is no line.  I get a cheeseburger, it’s great as always.

When I’m done, I spot a Vibrant 7’s game.   I sit.  I play.  I win the $214.36 progressive.



So I hit three progressives in one day?  On pretty much the same game just different machines?  Is this even real?

I go back to my room to watch some television.  I am now only down $95 since I left my job on Friday.  This is unprecedented for me.   Will I actually have a winning trip??

I go back out and aim for that $298 bonus.  First ten gets me $20.  second ten gets me $90.

Then degenerate hits.  Not on this wonderful machine.  I decide to leave the Golden Gate to prevent degenerate from kicking in.  Smart right?  But I hit Binions and lose $100.  I didn’t write what I lost it on and I sure don’t remember.

Fremont, lose $35.

Back to the Golden Gate, lose some more.

I crawl to my room and see I have only lost $130 tonight.  given how degenerate I was tonight, this isn’t that bad.

Want to read more?  You can find the rest of the chapters here: six, seveneightnineten and eleven!

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