Even When in Las Vegas, Television Is Life

Tuesday, April 30, 2009 – Day Seven of Eleven

[This is part seven of an eleven part trip report.  If you want to start at the beginning, go here.]

I get woken up at 7:30 am at the California, by a very useless text.  I can’t fall back asleep so I go out and get breakfast at the Golden Gate coffee shop.  And I lose $100.  I’m all crabby because I touched those stupid tails-pennies I touched last night and now I’m losing AND it’s only 9:12 am.

My notes now have me confused, as I was writing them I swore I broke THREE one hundred dollar bills to fund my degenerate gambling but it seems I was only missing two.  This is really not a bad thing to confuse I suppose.

I lost some of that money on Supertimes Pay.  I don’t know what else I lost it on.

I played Treasure Chest video poker at Fremont and got dealt a straight flush.

I did not cash out.

Oh and since I’m in degenerate, I play FIFTY CENT Treasure Chest video poker after losing my straight flush win. Thankfully, after moving down, I got some full houses that brought me back up and I snapped to my senses and cashed out even.

I head back to my room at 11:00 to shower and nap.

I’m back out at 3:30-ish.  The royal on the progressives at the California is now over $1500.  I tried it and lost a $20.

Stop at the California’s coffee shop for the prime rib special.  I had tried it years ago and didn’t think it was all that great.  Now it’s probably my favorite out of all the prime rib specials.

After eating, I go over to Fremont for iced coffee and lost some money.  I didn’t write what I lost.

Over to the El Cortez to use my 2x points coupon from a mailer.  I give the progressive royal a try and nothing.  I try a bunch of stuff and I get nothing.  I remind myself that when I keep playing to get the most out of my 2x points, I lose twice as much so I leave and go back to Fremont.

I put $100 in Supertimes Pay and play quarters and (dun dun dun) ACES!  no kicker, still psyched.

quarter aces stp fremont 4-30-09

This machine is very degenerate gambler friendly.

I try Treasure Chest video poker again.   I get four queens, but pick the chest that only has 140 quarters in it.  Of course.

I stop at Binions to use the sandwich coupon and I’m told I need to go get a comp slip because the computer system is down.  This isn’t fixed yet?  The line for the slot club is soooooo freaking looooonnnnnnnnnnnng.  I have to wait on THAT line?  Ugh. I don’t.  I refuse.  I pay cash for my food which pisses me off, but not as much as waiting on a long line would.

I head back to my room with sandwiches and settle in to watch Survivor.  I am down $225 for the day.

At around 7:59, my television FREAKS OUT and goes black save for the tiniest sliver in the middle that has a picture.  Now I start FREAKING OUT.  Oh my god, I’m going to miss Survivor?  I pick up the phone and call the front desk.  I am panicking (TELEVISION IS LIFE) because even if they send someone up, I will miss the show.  I start maniacally pushing buttons on the television.  When I hit the closed captioning button,  the picture pops back up. Whew.  WHEW.  Now how do I turn the damn closed captioning off?  It’s in Spanish.  Oh god this is distracting.  How do I turn it off?  HOW DO I TURN IT OFF?  Oh my god.  TURN OFF. I SAID TURN OFF DAMMIT.   Yay, that worked, It’s off.  whewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

<3 Survivor <3

After Survivor I should NOT have went back out but I did.  I played everything I could find until I lost $200.  One thing I played was the progressive quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machines.  As I’m playing it, there was an announcement over the P.A. system that someone had just won $1199 on Treasure Chest video poker.   So wait, it IS actually possible to do that?  Wow.

I remembered that I was supposed to play $100 through a Megabucks at the California and oh hey, here I am.  I put the $100 in and it’s going up and down and up and up and down.  The lowest I got was around $50.  I got all upset that I’m losing more money.  But a few pulls later, I am up to $130.  It goes up and down and up and down.   When I hit $100, I cash out.

It’s also bothering me right now as I type this – that I lost how many hundreds this trip?  And here I am on something I PLANNED to lose $100 on and NOW I’m going to show self-restraint?


Oh and I went to bed too.

Want to read more?  You can find the rest of the chapters here: eightnineten and eleven!

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