Las Vegas Trip Report: Christmas Eve in Las Vegas

Note:  This is an older Las Vegas trip report that I am posting for the entertainment of Las Vegas addicts and anyone else who loves fun.  It was written back in 2008.  Most of this information is now outdated and some places mentioned no longer exist.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 – Day Thirteen of Twenty One

I’m up at 8:30 at the Golden Gate, out at 9:00. I go downstairs and lose some money in the casino, of course I do.  From here, I walk over to the Las Vegas Club and try video poker WITH A WHEEL.  My first $20 gets me nothing; second $20 gets me a spin – 250 +400.

Las Vegas Club fives with a WHEEL

I head back to my room armed with Diet Pepsi and a sandwich for breakfast and I kill some time before checking out and moving to Ballys.

I take a cab to Ballys, where I’m staying for two nights on the Winterfest slot tournament offer. I get room 2519. I’m growing a bit bored with Ballys. The rooms are nice but they are all the same. It’s not exciting any longer.  I didn’t even bother taking room photos.

I’m too late to register for today’s Winterfest tournament which means I have to do it twice tomorrow.  I head over to Planet Hollywood for their daily free slot pull.  I win nothing.

I stop at Starbucks and they charge me $4.85 for an iced coffee. it’s usually $3.05-ish. I am convinced the woman was wrong about this. Then then of course, as I exit with my too expensive iced coffee, I drop it on the ground and don’t even get to drink it. Life is pain.

As I’m walking back to Ballys, I see a man walking a poodle on the strip. Then I see him pick up the poodle and place it in the bushes outside Paris so it can go to the bathroom.  Dude.  That’s not what they are there for. Ugh. GET A REAL DOG YOU JERK. (If you are reading this and you own a poodle, I apologize.  But poodles are not dogs. they are poodles)

I’m back at Ballys and I play a bit even though I planned to stiff them. I play a Star Trek slot.  The way this game works is you collect medals to unlock other games. You can save your progress with a user name and it works all over Las Vegas, so you don’t lose your progress when you play at different casinos.  Harrahs has an additional thing where for every (I think its 20) medals you get, you get an extra free medal. BUT it goes by your Total Rewards card. It won’t let me use the log in I have already created and have been using this entire trip. I keep logging in as that name and it keeps changing it to the name they want me to use with my Total Rewards card. I can’t use my name I have 20 medals with.  This is frustrating me. It’s such a stupid annoyance. So I just stop playing this game entirely.

I go back to the room at 2:30.  For the first time this trip, when I try to take a nap, it works.  I’m up again at 7:00 pm and I go back out. I play a Zorro slot and get a $35 bonus, cashing out at $70.

I play their quarter Double Double Bonus video poker progressives.  While my money does last, it never doubles. I’m not really in the mood to keep playing. I’m losing, I have no reason to expect anything else on the strip. Crowds are starting to build and my earache is coming back in full force. I decide to just grab a sandwich at Le Boulangerie and retreat back to my room. I check the in room movie prices here and they are $12.99 – more expensive than the Palazzo. I decide to skip this and fall asleep with Aleve and ear drops.  Very short and very boring day.

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