Las Vegas: Hopping Around Between MyVegas Rewards

The beds at Red Rock are so comfortable.  I had my longest night’s sleep here.  I could have slept many more hours, but I need to eat and skedaddle as I have plans today.

First stop, Player’s Club to get my free MyVegas buffet loaded.  The line for the buffet was so long.  It is every time I come here.  It honestly is no wonder they discontinued their relationship with MyVegas.  Quite frankly, they don’t need it.

I play around a bit but I am short on time as I need to be on the 11:00 shuttle.  When I originally planned this trip, I was going to take the airport shuttle to the airport, and switch over to the Green Valley Ranch airport shuttle, as I am staying there tonight. However this changed slightly when I decided to get my hair done.  I am overdue for a Keratin treatment and my roots are insanely imitating what they looked like back in the 80’s.

Since I have been traveling so much, I didn’t have time to get this done before I left home.  I don’t really have time to get it done when I get back home.  So why not get it done in Vegas?  I will either be curbing a gambling loss, or preserving a win by being out of a casino for a few hours.  Right?

I had booked a Groupon for a place that was super conveniently located at the transfer point between the 201 bus and the 111, which is the bus that goes directly to Green Valley Ranch.

I step outside to get the shuttle and it is pouring rain.  This is normally lucky for me, but not today.  Not when I am getting a Keratin treatment.  You cannot get your hair wet for 72 hours after.

I make it to my hair appointment, completely soaked.  I get Keratin treatments every three months or so, to have perfectly straight hair. I am a Groupon superfan and am always going to different places to take advantage of the discount.   It needs to be said that this is the best place I have ever gotten it done.  I have never gotten a bad treatment, I have never had results come out different.  But what made this the best place ever was that instead of just sitting in a chair for two hours, Annette put on a movie for me to watch.  The most simplistic touch made the time fly by.  I cannot recommend this place enough.  She did a great job, she was the nicest woman and the time flew by.  If you are ever going to get a Keratin treatment in Vegas, I cannot recommend Annette enough.  You can contact her at: 1.702.542.3949.

When I was done, it was still pouring rain outside.  Annette suggested I take an Uber, I suggested no.  She helped me get my hair into a plastic shower cap to prevent it from getting wet.

I venture outside with a plastic shower cap on, and my hoodie over it.  You can still see the shower cap on my forehead but honestly, I don’t give a shit.  What is going to happen when complete strangers see me in a shower cap in public?  If anything, it will discourage strangers from talking to me, right?


I make my way to the 111 bus stop.  There is a guy there, looks to be in his mid-late 20’s.   He is doing something on his phone.  Then he turns to me and starts telling me he doesn’t know what to do about his girlfriend.  She doesn’t trust him, always wants to know where he is.  I give some sort of response like “sucks dude”, thinking he would spot my magical “DON’T TALK TO ME” shower cap.  But maybe because it was clear, he didn’t spot it and kept talking.

The bus is never coming, this I know.  It is just not possible that a bus is ever going to show up on a day where it is pouring rain in the desert, on a day when I cannot get my head wet, on a day when any stranger is talking to me, on a day when a stranger is talking to me when I have a shower cap on in public.

Since we are going to be there awhile, I start to give him real advice.  You know, if she is acting like this, it is because she has no self esteem. She is going to keep accusing you of cheating and she is going to keep on telling you that you are going to leave her.  And when you decide you have had enough of the accusations, you ARE going to leave.  Then she is going to yell “I TOLD YOU SO” behind you.  Without ever realizing people don’t leave because she isn’t good enough, people leave because she keeps accusing them of wanting to leave.

She needs to work on her own issues, because those are what is causing this rift.  It is up to you how deep into that  you want to go.  She is going to take any suggesting that she needs to work on herself, as proof that you don’t care about her.  She will feel like you are saying she isn’t good enough and needs to change.  Those are HER issues, not yours.

How can you have a relationship with a person when all they do is push and push?  She is going to continue this self destructive behavior.  It is going to grow and grow and every person who dates her after you, is going to have escalated the pattern.  Do you really want to live your life like this?  Do I really want to be sitting at a bus stop in the rain, wearing a shower cap on my head, giving you this advice?

Then comes more life’s problems.  This guy’s family is constantly criticizing him for how he spends his money, how he smokes weed, etc.  But he has a job and supports himself so why do they care?  Well Guy, consider maybe not having such a close relationship with these people.  They can only know about you, what you let them know about you.  You do not need to share every detail of your life with your family.  For your own sake, cut them back a little bit.  If they are criticizing you for stuff, don’t let them know about that stuff.

Is that a bus?  No?  FUCK.

He listens to me and then starts having some sort of fit.  Physical fit.  He walks away as his body begins jerking around seemingly uncontrollably. NOW the bus is coming.  I almost want to yell “The bus is coming!” so he doesn’t miss it, as he is pretty far away now.  I really don’t because come on now.

I get on the bus. close my eyes, and “wake up” at Green Valley Ranch.

It is still raining, I am still wearing my shower cap.

I have visited this property a few times, but this is my first time staying here.  The layout is kind of odd.  Most casino hotels have the hotel built on top of the casino.  Green Valley Ranch has the hotel built on the same level as the casino, but separated from the casino. What this basically means is TOO LONG TO WALK.

It took me awhile to figure out where the hell the hotel check in is.  As I am finally approaching it, I reach under my hood and pull off my shower cap and discard it in a trash can.

green valley ranch hotel reception

At check in, the guy confirms bed type and smoking preference. I tell him I absolutely do not care about bed type, but I would like a smoking room.  He intently stares down, typing on his keyboard, looks a bit flustered and excuses himself.  I am left standing there thinking I will now have to beg for a smoking room. Third hotel in a row!  Can Degenerate Gambler be declared as some sort of mental handicap that requires me to have a smoking room so that I do not lose all my money smoking a cigarette?

The guy comes back and tells me that all their smoking rooms are “out of service” but he got the okay to upgrade me to a balcony suite, so I can smoke outside.  Sweet!  But it is raining and I cannot get my hair wet and I threw out my shower cap.

I am in room 2021.  I step off the elevator and see this helpful sign.  Oh my room should be….um?   I look at the room number again.  Look at the sign again.  Why does this sign not have 2021?

room sign

I take a gamble and walk towards the left and find my room.  This is a really nice room.  If it were not raining, I would love to sit out on my balcony.

green valley ranch balcony green valley ranch pool view rain green valley ranch las vegas henderson green valley ranch balcony view rain

I drop my stuff off and head out.   I am on the second floor, and so is the casino.  I just have to walk to the end of the hallway and enter another hallway through this door.  At the end of THAT hallway is the casino.

green valley ranch casino entrancegreen valley ranch henderson las vegas

My first stop is Starbucks.  It is literally located in the absolute furthest place it could be from my room.  I get a Venti Peppermint Mocha and start to gamble. It has been several hours and I am fiending to go.

I start at Ultimate X video poker and get this baby:

ultimate x fours


Followed up by every degenerate video pokers player’s dream.  It’s legal name is “Multi Strike Super Times Pay” but we all know it by it’s street name, which is Crack.  This game is so hard to find.  As a matter of fact, I have only seen it one other time in my life, at the El Cortez.  I am stoked as all hell to be playing it again.

multi strike super times pay

If you are not a video poker player, you are probably skipping this paragraph but I am going to keep typing anyway.  The idea of this game is that there are four hands.  If you win, you move up a line.   Each line has a multiplier.  So you want to (a) get to the top line and (b) have a big win up there.

I get this son of a bitch on the top line. Four to the Royal.  With an 8x multiplier. If that Queen had been a Jack of Diamonds, I would have won $1600. HATE.

super times pay multi strike four to royal

I cash out and move on.

I was all over this casino looking for the Cleopatra Keno I had played on my last trip here.  I could not find it.  I then decide to find the entrance I took last time, thinking maybe that would help me getting a better grasp of where to look.  Still nothing.   I got distracted by a Buffalo slot machine and played that for awhile. I love this game and all the versions.

Then some video poker where I had a win:
green valley ranch quarter foursSoon I am out of cash and starving.  I went to The Grand Cafe for dinner.  It came to $12.98 and I comped it.  Then back to my room.  It has finally stopped raining but since my balcony does not have anything over it, the furniture was completely soaked through.  Oh well…

Gambling Day: + $80
Gambling Trip: – $30
Miscellaneous: (water, Starbucks, tips, including tips for my hair): $96
Comps used: $12.98 dinner at Green Valley Ranch
Coupons: Groupon for my hair – does this count?
Freebies: Free night at Green Valley Ranch, calculated on the rate showing the day I booked it = $175.87 via MyVegas (this includes room cost, tax and resort fee, I paid zero), free buffet at Red Rock via MyVegas = $6.99 (x two since it was for two, + tax), $10 meal at Binions from the Motherlode promotion.

Today’s itinerary:

Thursday, December 22, 2016
Breakfast: Red Rock 8-11 MyVegas
Check into Green Valley Ranch
Hair: 1:00
Dinner: Green Valley Ranch 4-9 $14.99 comps/ $18.99 half off LVA

12 thoughts on “Las Vegas: Hopping Around Between MyVegas Rewards

  1. AvatarNancy

    I got a kick out of this – It’s legal name is “Multi Strike Super Times Pay” but we all know it by it’s street name, which is Crack. haha – so true!
    I got my hair cut once while in LV – at good ole Riviera … the cut was great but she was so fast it didn’t really keep me out of the casino long ..
    that balcony looks so beautiful – too bad it was raining … and really all the smoking rooms were out of service ??
    the shower cap just made you more approachable to that guy – he was just looking for someone to vent to – didn’t care about you..just himself …
    great report – don’t let it end 🙂

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      It was so weird with the smoking rooms. We talked about it briefly, I mentioned how requests are just a request and not a guarantee. He told me that no, they usually always have smoking rooms available. He found it weird that they were out. I didn’t because this was the third hotel in a row I had trouble getting one. I am doomed.

      That balcony would have been so perfect had it not been raining. The next morning it was no longer raining, but the furniture was still completely soaked through.

  2. AvatarGer

    Oh my the shower cap made my day…. I laughed so hard …. I can just see you with that shower cap on your head… Well at least that guy kept you listening while you guys waited for the bus to come along.

    I used to get my hair done at the casinos in Vegas… used my comps if I had a lot of them… Had it done twice while staying at the Mirage and a few times at the Golden Nugget and once at the Plaza …. Got nice styles each time but LOVED the lady who did it at the Mirage twice for me but then she quit there and not sure where she went to… All I did though was get a wash and style….
    Also had it done once at the Taj in AC also… plus twice at the Borgata

    We never stayed at the GVR in Vegas but were out there a few times and always liked the casino but never won there… Of course I do not win much anywhere I go…

    Loved the balcony and you lucked out getting such a nice place BUT sorry it rained… Well at least you were able to smoke out on the patio once it stopped raining but just had to stand…I would have loved to have that balcony for a week… how nice that would have been sitting out on…
    Only you Jen would get that room on a rainy day !!!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      When Caesars had the Great Race promo, I once used it to get my hair done. I think using comps for that is super cool because it is something you need to get done anyway.

      I would have loved to keep that balcony for a week! It looked like the best place to just hang out. It had lounge chairs! I am really sad they no longer participate in MyVegas. I don’t mind their regular rates so much, but once you add in the resort fee, I am out of there.

  3. Avatardewey

    Nice report. I have always wondered what staying at Green Mountain would be like. It seems very cool.
    Great video comments. I don’t play Multistrike, but I have a friend who does and she calls it the crack cocaine of video poker.
    I’m seeing that all the Stations are off MyVegas, but reading that it may just be a break, and that they will start up again. I hope so. My plans are to stay pretty much off strip and not too much downtown.
    I don’t fully blame Vegas. I am just getting too old for all the hype and activity.
    Thanks for posting.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I really hope Stations return to MyVegas! Those rewards were so good.

      I love staying off Strip too. I still love downtown, but I hate the Strip. And being downtown for days on end can really make you go degenerate.

      Thanks for commenting!

  4. AvatarScott

    In mid December I played a MultiStrike game at MGM (near poker room). Agree they are hard to find. Plus the one at MGM had a good pay table.

    Really enjoy your vegas blogs! Thank you for writing!

      1. AvatarScott

        I’ve never played the Super Times game. I’ll look for that. I bought Bob Dancer’s software to learn basic strategy. Its a steeper learning curve than I thought given all the different variations of games. I do like VP. It’s a nice distraction after counting cards.

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          I have Bob Dancer’s software too! It was how I learned how to play video poker. I need to stop playing so much Keno and play more video poker. I am noticing my money isn’t lasting as long when I play the game with the worst odds. Go figure!

  5. AvatarMare

    Love the whole shower cap story!

    I like GVR, but I really prefer Red Rock. I never seem to have any luck at GVR anymore. And hey, I’ll be staying there for one night on the 19th!

    Glad you got a little money back today.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I prefer Red Rock too. I don’t like the set up of GVR. Plus the casino seems way smaller, right? Even though Stations are no longer a part of MyVegas, I would still visit Red Rock.

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