Las Vegas Trip Report: Binions Shows Me Some (De)Gener(ate)osity

Saturday, December 18, 2010: Day Five of Nineteen

[This is part five of a nineteen part trip report.  If you want to start at the beginning, go here.]

Is it day five already??

Up at 6:30 am at the El Cortez.  I just can never sleep in Las Vegas.  I get dressed and am out at 8:00.

I lose $60 in the quarter Double Double Bonus video poker progressives at the El Cortez that I love so much.

I head out to try the Fremont buffet and it’s not open.  It never is whenever i actually try to go there.  Like seriously for years, whenever I go there, it is closed.  It makes me want to eat there just because I cannot eat there.  Screw you and your mind tricks Fremont Buffet!

Pass through Binions, lose $20 in an Amazing Race slot machine.  Maybe I should actually go on The Amazing Race.  It seems I would have a better chance of winning money that way.

I go to Golden Gate thinking I can get a comp for breakfast.  But they still use the comp slip system and the slot club doesn’t open until 9:00 UGH.  Two breakfast strike outs in one day.

I play around a bit and lose $20 on All That Glitters 2 and it’s still only 8:49.

Kill some more time and finally get my stupid comp slip and use it at Dupars, which has replaced the Bay City Diner.  Breakfast comes to $11, my comp is for $10.  This system where you have to get a comp slip instead of swiping your card to use your comps is so aggravating.  You can’t get an $11 comp so you end up paying a dollar when you still have plenty of comps left in your account.

Next stop is Fremont for Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, as always.  I stop and play Supertimes Pay here.  Out of all the Supertimes Pay machines in all of Las Vegas, this bank is my very favorite.  I am playing nickels because I am a degenerate gambler who needs to slow down her degeneracy.

Second $20 gets me $35 via hitting four of a kind threes.

Then because I am a degenerate, I run through, $100 on quarters. I get a ten times multiplier and have two pairs. I am sorry every video poker player ever. I only held the Queens.  I ended filling in two full houses and cash out at $200

That win gives me the green light to try another $100 which I turn into $0.

Wizard of Oz, $10-$30

I can’t read my handwriting but it looks like I lost an additional $60.

Four Queens:
$20 into Barking Bucks = $0
$20 Double Double Bonus video poker = $0
$20- $100, hit four of a kind fours WOO HOO

quarter fours

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker: I put in $20 and on my last hand, I hit Queens and cash out when I am back down to $60.

blurry quarter queens


Next $20 gets me four of a kind sixes.

quarter sixes

Before I hit my cash out point, I hit four of a kind fours, bringing me up to $175. Now we’re talking!

quarter fours1

I put in another $20 and hit Aces  for $200.  Things are looking up in Degenerate Gambler Land.

quarter aces

Binions has promo swipe where you can get a free swipe for a certain amount of points.  I had enough points for two swipes.  I won a deck of cards and a $10 food comp.   This was quite a successful session.

I return to the El Cortez for a nap at 2:00, I am back up and out at 5:00.

I am not going to push today’s luck so I go out to gamble with $100 in $5 bills.

Cleopatra Keno, $15-$0

Nickel Double Double Bonus video poker $5-15 9s

Sea Monkeys slot machine: $5-$0
Gold Monarch slot machine: $5-$0
Wild Hunter Shark slot machine: $5-$25 by hitting a $25.75 bonus
I cash out and put in another $5.  I hit three bonuses and cash out with $20.

I have $105, so I am up $5 for this session.

Dinner is at The Flame steakhouse at the El Cortez.  I have food credit with my room and I’m armed with multiple 50% off coupons from both the American Casino Guide and Las Vegas Advisor coupon books.  I am starving and tired.

I feel so out of sorts. I order a Diet Pepsi, which usually cures my feeling like this.  Lots of whining about no one bringing my drink.  Lots more whining after it finally comes and does not cure my headache.

Back out after eating and i check my progressives, everything was hit.   I lose $40 playing anyway.  It is like an investment in my future for when I get that money back tomorrow by hitting a progressive.  Right?

Played a Giant Panda slot machine (why) and lose $5.
Nickel Cleopatra Keno, not my friend tonight. I lose $5.

Okay. You know what? FINE. Screw you the El Cortez, I’m going home. And by “home” I clearly mean my bed, located inside of you. Take THAT!

I am asleep by 11:00.

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Binions Shows Me Some (De)Gener(ate)osity

  1. William M. Russ

    Hi Jennifer, I really enjoy reading your blog. I need some recommendations from you concerning downtown Vegas. What is your favorite place to stay downtown and what is your favorite place to gamble/play downtown. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much and have a great day….(Bill from Chicago)

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Will! Thanks for the kind words!

      My favorite place to stay is California. The rooms are decent and they comp me as a low roller. My favorite place to play is Fremont (which gives me the comped nights at California) because I am a degenerate for their SuperTimes Pay machines, located conveniently right outside the Dunkin Donuts.

      The D is also good for comps for low rollers. Their offers come with minimal slot play and dining so that’s a great deal.


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