Las Vegas Christmas Trip: Last Full Day

Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!  Don’t you hate waking up in Las Vegas knowing it is your last full day here?   I woke up at California hotel at 6:00 am and was out by 7:30.

First stop, Dunkin Donuts for iced coffee.  Second stop, the machine that dealt me Aces yesterday.  The screen is messed up and I cannot get it to change over to quarters.  Fuck it, it is my last day.  I will play $.50.


fifty cent eights

Then I moved to nickel Ultimate X.  Got some decent hits here, including everyone’s favorite, Aces with a Kicker.

ultimate x eights multiplieraces kicker ultimate xI am already up $181 and I haven’t even had breakfast yet.  This is my first lucky streak of this trip and it is my last full day!

I went back to California and had breakfast in their coffee shop.  My lucky streak continued when I got six pieces of toast instead of 4.  What a day!

I played some Double Double Bonus video poker at California, on the machine that likes to deal me quads.  There is a progressive Royal Flush on here that is over $1700.  If I do not hit it, I hope someone else does soon so I can stop feeding it.

I went back to Fremont.  My preferred Ultimate X machine was flashing “Call Attendant” and the fifty cent game was now stuck on Jacks or Better.  No thank you.

I played some SuperTimes Pay.   She was nice to me.  Although between you and me, she could have been nicer.

stp aces

Back to California to use my STP winnings to try for that $1700+ Royal.  Nope.

I went up to my room to take a nap. I had a dream that I won a ton of money and got it in cash.  When I got home, I found out I had all fake bills.  Can you imagine?  That was the first time I woke up from a big win dream, glad it was just a dream.

I went back out and played all over Fremont Street.  Every machine in every casino hates me.  I went to The D to use all the quarters I have collected during this trip on Sigma Derby.  I am losing, as I should be because I am in fact, a loser.  I am ready to play to what is going to be my last game.  And up comes a combo with 200-1 odds.  I have three quarters in the game.  I then take the lucky quarter out of my bra, that has lived there since the first night of my trip and add it.  If this combo hits, I win $200.

Did it hit?

NO OF COURSE IT DIDN’T HIT.  I just told you I am a loser.  Sigh.

Somehow it is 11:00 pm.  I stop for dinner at Binions and go over my choices here.

I originally booked a flight home at 7:00 am tomorrow.  I did this because it was super cheap.   Cancelling it would cost more than the flight.  So when I saw a very cheap flight leaving at midnight, I decided I would book a second flight.  So now I can either continue gambling and probably have to catch the 7:00 am flight because I am broke.  Or I could go to bed and spend the day in Vegas.

Find out which one I chose in the next installment…

9 thoughts on “Las Vegas Christmas Trip: Last Full Day

  1. dewey

    Well, sorry you keep losing.
    Did you like the California? I was impressed. It was the first quiet room I’ve found downtown, and it changed my decision to just not go there again.
    Although, once again I got an offer of three free rooms in Laughlin at the Belle. If they stay until the fall, I’ll be tempted to go there again.

    Upstairs at the California I played a coin dropper quarter 10/7 DB and ended up with four full plastic cups of quarters with a 60$ buy in . I’d go back there. Also, being an old guy , the play triggered the emotional memories of when I first played. I liked that too.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I love California! I keep considering changing my downtown home casino to Fremont since I mostly play there, but their rooms aren’t as nice.

      I love walking to California from Binions and seeing the neon outside that entrance. It definitely reminds me of old Vegas.

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    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I deliberately left it off so I didn’t give away if my day ended there or not! I still need to go back and add up all the comps and crap. I was so rushed to get the last post out today.


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