January 1, 2011: Last Day of an Epic Trip

Saturday, January 1, 2011 – Day Nineteen of Nineteen: Last Day

[This is the last part of a nineteen day trip report.  If you would like to start at the beginning, go here.]

One last morning waking up at the Riviera.  Sigh.  I am up at 7:30 and out at 8:30.  No no no no noooooooooooooooooo I DON’T WANNA GOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.

I play quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:

$20-$75 – four of a kind fives

quarter fives

Switch machines.
$20-$100 on four of a kind threes.

quarter threes

Put in another $20, should not have.  I was just being greedy, and the fair punishment for greed is loss.

I walk over to the Peppermill for breakfast.  It is so amazing to me how clean the Strip is after last night’s celebrations.  You can’t even tell anything happened here.

Riviera quarter Double Double Bonus video poker.  $20-$60 Kings:

quarter kings

$20-$0, greedy again, $20-$0

I go upstairs to my room to shower and pack.

One last trip Ellis Island for penny Ultimate X = lose lose lose.  Cleopatra Keno, get $100.  Go degenerate on quarter Double Double Bonus video poker because the Aces with a kicker progressive is $875.  Lose.

Imperial Palace, $100-$40 on Ultimate X.

I check in for my flight online and it says they are looking for bumps PLEASE.

On my way to the Riviera now, its 12:52.

Riviera, my last play gets $20-$60 with full houses and flushes and straights, but I gave back the winnings in an attempt to win eleventy billion dollars and not go home.

Time to go to the airport!  Delta is still looking for volunteers to get bumped.  Hey!  I want to be bumped!  Bump me please?  I did not check out of my comped room at the Riviera so that if I were bumped, I would have a place to stay for FREE.  Sigh, I don’t get bumped.  Home I go.

I get back to New York and decide to treat myself to a cab from the airport to my apartment.  This ends up with me being dropped off outside my apartment, which is blocked off by a mountain of snow that is higher than me. While I was in Las Vegas, I missed a blizzard in New York.

If Brooklyn gets 20” of snow, where do you think it is shoveled/plowed to?   There are mountains lining every sidewalk.  Walking through Brooklyn after a major snow storm feels like you are walking inside a maze because there will be snow walls lining the sidewalks.

So I have to either scale this mountain with my luggage or walk to the corner and then walk on the sidewalk.  There is a spot on this short walk that no one ever shovels EVER.  So by now it is icy.  And the sidewalk is narrow not only because of the snow mountains, but because it seems there has been no garbage pick up for days.  AND this happened at a time where people were throwing out tons of Christmas Day garbage.

Remember how I woke up this morning in Las Vegas and noticed how clean it was after a huge New Year’s Eve party on the Strip?   Take me back, please.  Take me back.

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