Las Vegas: Dropping My Bus Pass in a Toilet Gives Me a Catchy Title!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 – Day Eight of Nineteen

[This is day eight of a nineteen day trip report. To start at the beginning, go here.]

This trip is going by way too fast.  Sigh.

I wake up at the El Cortez at 9:00 and I am dressed and out by 10:15.

I stop at the El Cortez coffee shop for breakfast and charge it to my room to use up some of the dining credit that came with my offer.  I write in my notes that I am only going to play a little and go back and watch movies.  Let’s see if I do that.

I have a 2x points multiplier from a mailer.  I get it activated at the slot club booth and get going.

Cleopatra Keno:

I return to the room at 11:30, up $20.

I get back into my pajamas and watch “Valentine’s Day and take a nap.  When I am back up, I fill my backpack up with laundry and take that with me while I do a double errand trip of returning my movies to Redbox and laundry.  It is more fun to do laundry in Las Vegas, sitting outside at the Circus Circus KOA, looking at all the Airstreams and people with dogs and day dream about being one of them, than it ever is to do laundry in Brooklyn

I get back downtown at 5:00 and I have barely gambled at all today.

I make a dinner reservation once again at the steakhouse at El Cortez, to try and use up this dining credit. It is 4:45 now, my reservation is at 5:30.

I am going to play Cleopatra Keno while I wait:

I then make my way closer to the restaurant and put at $5 in a Rawhide slot machine and win $30!

Dinner is Filet Mignon, mushrooms, potato.  I’m still under the $60 food credit. I am determined to make it. This would be easier done if I would stop using coupons to cut my bill in half.  But I can’t stop myself.

I stop back at the room to put some lucky glitter on my bills. I am back out with $160. Same exact amount I had before doing laundry, buying cigarettes and tipping the server at Roberta’s.

Its 7:00

Cleopatra Keno:

Four card Keno:

I manage to leave the El Cortez twice in one day and head to Fremont for Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

Fremont casino entrance Las Vegas Nevada

Oh hey, let’s play some SuperTimes Pay Double Double Bonus video poker!

$20-$60 by hitting four of a kind 4’s with a kicker
$20-$30 by hitting Jacks
$20-$40 by dealt Kings

I would show you visual proof of all these things but the pictures are so so so so blurry and full of flash orbs.  Sigh.

Binions, you’re next!

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker $60-$0

I needed nine points to do the swipe promotion at Binions.  So far in this trip, I have won $10 food credit (and TWO decks of cards) doing it.  I would like another dining credit so I stay here to play.

I am $30 into a Life of Luxury slot machine and hit a bonus for $140!   By now I have been playing a while so surely I have racked up nine points.  I go back and discover my Life of Luxury play did not register.  Oh fuck you.  I am out of here.

It’s 8:45.  I walk over to the Deuce bus stop and take the bus to the Stratosphere.   This picture if from a different day of the trip, but I have to show you SOMETHING to make up for the wins photos malfunctioning!

Stratosphere Las Vegas Nevada

I have not been here in a really long time so why not?  I need a new card.  I cannot find the player’s club booth. I end up circling the casino more times than I care to.  Just as I am about to give up and leave, I spot it!   It seems that I have two accounts, so the boothling merges them for me.  I have zero points on either I am sure.

Before playing, I stop at the rest room and my bus pass fell out of my back pocket and into the toilet.  Going forward, it is now known as a pee pass.

I play quarter 8/5 Double Double Bonus video poker:
$20-$100 hitting four of a kind 2s
Press Your Luck slot machine: $20-$0

Me and my pee pass go back outside and get back on the Deuce.  Back downtown, I stop at my room to get situated and to glitter up my cash again, before going back to Binions.

Life of Luxury slot machine: $20-$0
Double Double Bonus video poker: $60-$0
Life slot machine: $60-$0

Now I have enough points to do the promotional swipe.  I win $25 free slot play.  Totally worth losing $140 for!

I use it all in a Cleopatra Keno and lose it all in a Cleopatra Keno.  Dammit.

Back to the El Cortez.

Four card Keno:

I am in bed at midnight.

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