Las Vegas: Finally a Day Filled with Wins!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 – Day Sixteen of Nineteen

[This is part sixteen of a nineteen day trip report.  If you would like to start at the beginning, go here.]

I unintentionally slept until noon today.  I am finally sleeping in and my trip is coming to an end.

I am at the Riviera.  I need coffee. I planned to play $60 and get coffee, then come back and get dressed.  That did not happen.

I did get an iced coffee. Then I put a $20 bill into a progressive Double Double Bonus video poker quarter game aaaaaaand…

Wait for it…

Okay why am I making you wait for it?  I am sorry.  Without further adieu, I hit the $552 progressive for Aces with a kicker! EEEEEEEEEEE!

quarter aces with kicker

I go back to my room to show my cute little stuffed dog a picture of my beautiful win.  And to also put it away so I don’t feed it back later.  Then I go back out.

Double Double Bonus video poker $20-$40

I spotted a new Elvis quarter game, it takes nine quarters. That is out of my league but I just won $552 so I am going to go for it.  I put in a $100 bill and  hit a $325 line pay.  Whoa, today is going to be my day FINALLY!

I go out back to catch the 108 bus to Terribles Casino.   I have the Las Vegas Advisor coupon for a $100 loss rebate.  The way it works is that you turn in the coupon, then you go and lose $100, come back and get $100 slot play.  The thing is, you need to lose $100 totally.  Not that you lose $50 and win $25 and then lose another $50.  In that scenario, your losses are $100 but that $25 win shorts them to $75.  See?

I wait on line forever at the Terribles Player’s Club.  I give the boothling my coupon.   He kind of doesn’t really do anything and puts it on the counter behind him.   I just know this is going to cause me grief.  I flash back to the time I went to Mohegan Sun and the boothling did the very same thing with my $50 free play coupon and after an hour of it not showing up, another boothling had to dig through tons of discarded paper to find the coupon that the original boothling never did anything with.

But whatever, let’s go gamble!  I can do whatever I want because I HAVE to lose $100!

I put a $100 bill into fifty cent Keno and whoa, I win $292!

fifty cent keno


So I am clearly going to keep this money and screw the coupon for the loss rebate.  So not only do I have $300, I have no headache from dealing with my coupon going missing.  WIN WIN.

I try Keno again because KENO:

Stop for a break and I dropped my pee pass in the toilet again.

Quarter Keno:

At 3:45 I stop for a break at the coffee shop.   I have not eaten yet today so I order breakfast.   Then I wait about 20 minutes for my check.   I hate when this happens.  Why does this always happen?

I actually balls up and try DOLLAR Cleopatra Keno.  This was very scary.  This is nowhere near inside my budget.   I put in a $100 bill and watched it go down and then back up to $100.  I cashed out and breathed a sigh of relief.

As I am playing, a woman asks me to sell her a cigarette.  I hand her one and hold out my hand for change and she asks “You are really going to charge me?”  Uh, didn’t you just offer to pay for it?  Then she tries striking up conversation with me.  So we can thank this woman for my cash out.

I am done here so I walk over to Hard Rock to use my American Casino Guide coupon for free play.  I hit four of a kind fives with this and cash out with $70.

quarter fives

I try a Press Your Luck Big Event slot: $40-$0

I wanted to go to Ellis Island tonight but it is just easier to take the 108 bus back.  So I decide to instead go visit the Hilton.

I play a Goldfish slot and turn $40 into $90.

Monopoly Bonus City slot machine:  $20-$75, $20-$0.

I break here because I need to go get more $20 bills since I only have hundreds.  Life is so hard sometimes.

I come back to Monopoly and turn $40 into $60.  I note that maximum bet on this game is $40.  YEESH.  I am player super carefully to make sure I don’t accidentally touch that button.

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:

Quarter Wheel of Fortune slot machine:

I never once got the spin.

Moved to another Wheel of Fortune game: $20-$0.

Keno: $80-$80.

Phat Cats slot machine: $20-$0, $20-$20

I played around here forever.  I could not lose my initial $100 stake.  That is, until I finally did.  With a little hard work and persistence, you can do anything!

Put $100 in Rockin’ Billy slot machine, cashed out with $130.  I should call it a day now.

I walked back to the Rivera from here.  I got to my room at 10:00 with $120 still for today and $900 in winnings.  YAY.  This is how every day should be!

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