Las Vegas Trip Report: Does the Winning Streak Continue?

When we last left off, I was having a fantastic day of gambling.  I had the the second biggest Las Vegas win of my lifetime.  My top Las Vegas win was back in March on a Buffalo slot machine.  If you missed that one, you can read about it here.

I had retired to my room to take a nap.  A few people have asked me how I could nap after having such a nice win.  The simple answer is that I was quite content with my win and probably fell asleep dreaming of what I wanted to spend my money on.  Hint:  It will be used to travel.

When I woke up, I went back out and headed for Fiesta Rancho.   I like trying new places.  I also like going to Station casinos because they have cheapo cigarettes.  I walked to the bus singing “I have two thousand dollarssssssssss, I have TWO thousand dollars, I have TWO THOUSAND dollars, I HAVE TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS” because it is true.  I did have TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS of winnings from today alone in my room safe.

Oh and let’s talk about the room safes at Fremont, shall we?  They are in the closet (that does not have a door, which is fine.)  But there is a step up into the closet.  You can kind of see the step in this photo.  But only because I am telling you about it so you are scanning to find it, and then are.  In real life, no one is warning  you.  So every time you go to look lovingly at your wins, you smash your toes into the step.

fremont hotel las vegas step in closet

Fiesta Rancho was a huge bust.  I could not get anything going.  This was terrible.  I didn’t want to immediately leave so I kept playing and losing.  I hate when you make an effort to visit a place and spend less time in the place than you did on the bus going there.  But I had to leave because the casino was bleeding me dry.

As an added bonus, the shopping bag my cigarettes came in melted all over my arm when I was waiting for the bus back.  My hand and arms were covered in black ink.  YAY.

I went to Binions and had a Motherlode $10 dining voucher to use.  For the first time ever, I had really bad service here.  Normally meals here are perfection, which is why I have eaten here probably a hundred times in my life.  Literally.  So I will let this one slide.

After eating, I played around Binions.  I wanted to play MY machine that gave me my two big wins.  But there was always someone on it.

I decided to play in Fremont a bit.   I played Ultimate X Double Double Bonus video poker.  I hate when I put in a $100 bill but that’s what I did.  I was close to zero when I hit for $60 so I cashed that out and ran.  But not very far because I then found myself at my favorite Supertimes Pay video poker machines.  This is why this machine is my favorite.

fremont supertimes pay quad threes

I cashed this out and went to bed.  YAY.

I am going home tomorrow.  Although I had said this morning that if I won a thousand dollars I would stay an extra day, I decided to not do that once I had a thousand dollar win.

17 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Does the Winning Streak Continue?

  1. Nancy

    Oh… this trip is ending :( I have to agree though, take the money and run! Of course, it can’t be over until you actually get on the plane and the plane takes off…

  2. Gregg Allen

    Can Jennifer or someone explain to me where each of the two (is it two?) trips begins and ends. I mean the name of the first TR of trip 1 and the name of the last TR of trip 1. And same for trip two or trip 3 if there was one. I love these TRs but I like to read them chronologically but the TRs under “2017” seem to be a mish mash unless I’m missing something which is entirely possible.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Gregg! I took three trips in 2017. just edited the page to make it (I hope) clearer which posts belong to which trip, by adding a space between the three. Ultimately, when you are in a post, you can click to the next one without going back to the Las Vegas Trip Reports tab. This way you are definitely going in chronological order.

      March: Starts with “Surprise Trip to Las Vegas” and ends with “Last Day of a Winning Trip”

      July: Starts with “Another Surprise Trip? Sure, Why Not?” and ends with “Goodbye Las Vegas Club, Mermaids and Glitter Gulch”

      August: Starts with “The One Where Anything Can Happen” and ends with “Final Day of a Winning Trip”

      I hope this helps!

      1. Gregg

        Jennifer, Thanks! I see now that part of my problem was that I use a text browser to read stuff like long articles and TRs, and text-only browsers display content differently. For example, in the text browser, I don’t see the separation of trips that you added, but I can see the separation in Chrome. Having the first and last posts of each trip takes care of that problem, though, and now I know I can always go to Chrome if the text browser confuses things. Thanks again.

  3. Mare

    Shocked about the bad Binion’s Cafe service. I haven’t eaten there 100 times like you, but the times we have eaten there the service has always been very attentive (and the food great). The Motherlode freebies even make it that much better. :)

    Good for you deciding to take the money and run!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      My comps are building high because of that Motherlode promotion. Especially since I travel solo so those $10 vouchers cover my meals in full. I love Binions so much. I wish they would reopen their hotel.

  4. Jeff

    Congrats on winning…AND running!! I have been going to Vegas since 2002, have never left a winner (unless you count my beautiful bride I married in Oct of 2005 at The Flamingo!) and swore off the place after my most recent loss this past June! Well, guess what, back I go in Dec with a comped 3 night stay at Fremont!! I love reading your trip reports, and this coming trip will be my maiden voyage flying solo. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Vegas by myself as I feel every other time I am on other peoples time and schedule!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Aw, I absolutely call leaving Vegas with your bride a win!

      I am glad you are finally getting to go solo. I feel everyone should try it. You are going to have a fantastic time. And who knows, you may win a whole lot of cash. You never know! Best of luck.

      1. Jeff

        Thanks! I just found out that the NFR Rodeo is in town for the weekend I am going…UGH! I am not a people person, so this trip should be interesting!

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          Hahah, you sound so much like me! I am the only person I know who was in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve and stayed at a non-casino hotel on Boulder Highway, just to be away from people.

          1. Jeff

            I high tailed it to Sam’s Town for a day, walked to Eastside Cannery and Longhorn, then back to Sams Town, where I won $500 on a Burning Wheel Nitro Inferno penny slot!!! So all was not lost due to the NFR!!

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