Las Vegas Trip Report: the Morning Dreams Are Made Of

I am awake at 7:00 at Fremont Hotel in beautiful Downtown Las Vegas.   I love reading the notes I write in the morning.  So much whining about not wanting to go home tomorrow.  It turns out I priced flights home for the next day, so I could stay an extra day.   But they were $200 so nope.  I also wrote if I win $1000, I would buy a new flight home.   I do not remember writing this.  Let’s see how that goes, shall we?

I am out of my room at 8:00.   I count my steps and 41 of them later, I am at the Dunkin Donuts counter.

I decide to try a four game Buffalo slot machine here.  After almost losing $40, I got a $79 bonus.  It was less exciting and way more relieving.

I head over to Binions and right off the bat, look what I got on Cleopatra Keno!  That’s quarters, so $272.50.   Now we’re talking!
Cleopatra Keno 1090 credit win Binions Las Vegas

I walked from here to Main Street Station.  I have never played video poker at their Boar’s Head Bar.   This is a very well known video poker bar.  Guys, it reeks of vomit up there.  Like terribly.  Still I played and hit four of a kind sixes (no photo) and four of a kind tens (photo!)

quarter tens double double bonus video poker main street station

I have this brilliant idea to put the $75 TITO I got here, into a dollar video poker game.   Because I have never gotten a dollar royal and I am overdue.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I am still overdue because I hit nothing.

I have a $60 TITO left and I only ventured $40 cash so I am still up $20, despite having just lost $75.  Degenerate math in full effect ova heeeeeeeeeeyah.

I played some Ultimate X Double Double Bonus video poker in nickels.    YAY.

main street station ultimate x 5 x 4 main street station ultimate x queens x 4

I leave here and stop at my California Buffalo on my way back to Binions.  I am totally kicking ass today.

California Las Vegas Buffalo slot machine win 2400 x 4

Buffalo 15520 win

Oh wow!  You guys, I am doing it.  I am having the perfect Las Vegas morning.  This is the greatest thing ever!

I stop and play some Double Double Bonus video poker on quarters . The progressive Royal is $1670.  I want this so very badly but $100 did not get it, so I walk back to Binions.

I play around here a bit and before I know it, I have 40 points to get two swipes for the Motherlode promotion.  The first is for a free gift, the second is for $15 dining credit.  I take that to the coffee shop with me and get a cheese omelet.  The food here is always excellent, even more so when it is free.

It is 11:48 as I eat breakfast.  I am going to do a “cigarette after eating” stop and then go take a nap.

I sat down at a machine that was very nice to me back in March.  I play quarter Double Double Bonus video poker.  First hit:
binions quarter sevensThat glare bothers me.  I could not at all get a photo without it in it.  I  had the same problem back in March.

I keep playing.






binions royal flush

Now I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking things like “Oh shit, Jennifer hit a Royal Flush!!!”  Well guys, I hate to tell you this, but you are wrong.


I did not get a Royal Flush.


quarter aces with kicker Binions Las Vegas

Holding one Ace.  Do you believe this shit?   I could not.  I just sat there gaping at it.

I cashed out for $1600 and went to my room to show my cute little stuffed dog what his mom did.  I also tried taking an obligatory cash spiral photo but i suck at it.  Not only cannot I not master a cool spiral, I only pulled out the Royal winnings and forgot to include the rest.  Oops?

make it rain las vegas


And just like that, it is nap time!

34 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: the Morning Dreams Are Made Of

  1. GerBear18220

    OMY you are doing it girl….. having the day of your life and hope you are going to stay another night, will find out soon I guess…. Congrats to you!!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I still had one more day (but half day, as I had a late flight) I had originally wanted to stay another overnight but the funny thing about having money is that you aren’t as willing to spend it as you are when you are daydreaming about money.

  2. Nancy

    OMG – wonderful!! congrats! that is beyond cool!! I seriously don’t know how you could nap after that – I’d be so hyped up…. and this is a cliffhanger report – did you stay an extra day? did you leave on the regular flight?

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      OH I didn’t stay an extra day. BUT the report is not over as I was still there the next day (leaving at midnight, I had wanted to change that flight and leave the following morning)

  3. Jim

    WOW – Jennifer, that was so awesome, way to go. I so enjoy your trip reports and I thank you for taking us along with you.

  4. Valerie

    Yahooooooo! Congratulations Jen!!!!! Super duper cool wins! Please take it home and leave a winner! Then you can dream about your next trip and so can we!

  5. KenoKid

    Damn Gina!!! The one held Ace winner with the kicker is terribly more impressive then the Royal 😉

    My Semi-Blind Diapered Pug and I give you mad props!!

  6. Teresa

    and just like that – another LV trip will happen. Seriously, who could resist after a morning like that one? Good for you!

  7. Vicki J

    Awesomeness! You are NOT a degenerate. I would have probably parlayed up! Never could have taken a nap! Good job!!!!!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Thanks Vicky! I think if I hadn’t lost so fast on dollars earlier, I just might have gone nuts.

  8. Joanne

    What a fantastic report Jennifer. You crack me up every time. I chuckled when you wrote ” funny thing about having money is that you aren’t as willing to spend it as you are when you are daydreaming about money.” because even if you didn’t change your flight, I pictured you arriving home the next day and then missing it so much you already started searching for more flights back to Vegas. ……’cause I may have done that once or twice. I can’t wait for the conclusion to this one. Hurry would ya?

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Joanne!

      I definitely considered going back. The only feasible weekend for me to do so was Columbus Day. But flights were already too expensive. I may have to go to Atlantic City to get the gambling itch scratched.

  9. Mike

    Holy fuck, that’s amazing! Congrats!

    I have a myVegas question, if you don’t mind. I’m booked for one free night at Aria then paying for three nights at MSS. I’ve always wanted to stay at Luxor, though. I discovered I can get the two free night special at Luxor, but since I have a hotel booked I can’t do a second. If I cancel my Aria reservation, will I then be able to use my points for another reservation? I’m fine with losing the points on the Aria, I just want to book Luxor instead.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I did this once. I had to contact MyVegas and they opened a slot for me to book the second room reward. Another alternative is to call Mlife to move the Aria reward up closer to today and then you just don’t check in since you aren’t there yet. Then it is also counting as redeemed in October and you don’t lose a reward during your stay.

      1. Mike

        I only plan on using two rewards during the trip (it’s in December and Beatles Love is on hiatus that week). You can only redeem one free room per trip, right? Otherwise I’d do both and just pay one night out of pocket!

        So, if I call them, they can do something for me? It won’t even let me redeem points for a room offer, let alone book it.

        1. jenniferjennifer Post author

          Yeah, you can only have one room reward at a time. If you call Mlife, you can change the room date to let’s say tomorrow (if it is available) and then after you no show, the day after you can get a new reward. Or you can contact MyVegas through the game to have them open a slot for a new room reward. You would have to show them your Aria cancellation confirmation. If you do the latter, I would contact them before cancelling. I did it two years ago so it might have changed.

          1. Mike

            I called on the phone and they were able to sort it all out for me. Now I wonder if a $20 bill will get us a nicer room during one of the slowest weeks of the year!

          2. Mike

            So, you’ll be pleased to know my wife far preferred MSS to Luxor. We had a great time and broke even gambling, which is unusual for me in Vegas!

          3. jenniferjennifer Post author

            I currently have Luxor offers that I would have loved to use at any point of time prior to this year, as this years insaneo degenerate loss at Luxor now has me hating that place. And probably also triggered the offer. I am so glad your wife preferred MSS. I do too, obviously.

            I am so glad you broke even, that is a success!

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  12. Mare

    Whoo Hoo!!!!!!! What a morning!!!!! Congrats on the royal, the kicker aces, and all the other nice hits!!!! It’s SUCH a high when you have a day like that. 🙂

    If only they could all be like that, huh?!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I have never in my life had a morning like that. I was so shocked when the Aces came up. I just hit a Royal and you are going to give me MORE? Really?! YAY

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