Las Vegas: Going Degenerate Downtown in the Rain

Friday, December 17, 2010:  Day Four of Nineteen

[This is part four of a nineteen day trip report.  If you want to start at the beginning, go here.]

I am in Las Vegas so obviously I cannot sleep.  I am out at 6:00 am at the El Cortez.  I want to play Multi Strike Supertimes Pay, otherwise known as Crack.  Every downtown degenerate video poker player knows this machine inside and out.  There is just one.  JUST ONE.  In all of downtown.  It is often hard to get on it and it is no surprise that at 6:00 am this morning, Crack is taken.

So fine.   I will just play the quarter Double Double Bonus progressives that I love so much.

$20-$70 Jacks

quarter jacks

$20-$75 Queens

quarter queens


Next up on my list of places to go broke at is Fitzgeralds.

Double Double Bonus video poker quarters: $40-$0

I stop for some breakfast at the coffee shop. I used up all my comps and had to lay out 95 cents. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Its 44 degrees outside and it may rain today. I sure hope so, I am always lucky in Las Vegas when it rains!

Dunkin Donuts for coffee. Back to Fitzgeralds. I have free play at Fitzgeralds from a mailer.  I attempt to use it on a Reel ‘em In slot, but the machine won’t take my free play.  Fine I will play with cash.  $10-$40.  Take THAT sucka!

Fitzgeralds has a Rawhide slot machine with progressives on it.  I have a knack for hitting the middle one, which has to hit by $50.  So let’s put the free play through on here!   $10-35, $20-$45 by hitting the  progressive, which today is at $36.33.  This happens always.  ALWAYS.

My final $20 of free play gets me nothing.

I head back to my the El Cortez so I can go to my room and add lucky glitter to my new cash.   Oh hey, it’s raining!  No big surprise since I am up $85.

el cortez balcony rain storm

It’s 8:15 am.

I have to keep the rain momentum going so off to the quarter progressives I love so much!  I lose $100.  Ouch.

El Cortez’s Rawhide, slot machine, not to be confused with the one at Fitzgeralds that loves me: $40-$0

Full Moon slot machine: $20-$0

Invaders From the Planet Moolah slot machine:


I take a break stop at the gift shop and get a muffin and then go degenerate.  You know, because I wasn’t already going degenerate.

Diamond Spinner slot machine, $60-$0

Some other machine, $140-$0 (My biggest loss of the day, you would think I would remember what I played?)

Down $100 for the future.

I retire to the room for a two hour nap and am ready to go out and get me some winnings at 2:00.

Invaders From the Planet Moolah slot machine: $15-$0

Something – I can’t read my handwriting – $20-$0

3 way poker $20-$0

Then I spend some more time with my progressives that I love so much: $20-$65 on built up smaller wins, $20-$0, $20-$0.

I manage to GO OUTSIDE and walk to Fitzgeralds, it’s POURING outside.  I love rain in Las Vegas!

Rawhide slot machine: $20-$0

Lord of the Rings slot machine: $20-$0

Reel ‘em In sot machine: $40-$0

My machine (I honestly have no idea which MY machine I played?): $10-$0

Hello?  Where is my rain luck?

Let’s try Binions quarter Double Double Bonus video poker!

Oh hey! I got Kings, Jacks and Nines!

quarter kingsflat quarter jacksbinions quarter nines

Fremont casino: $140-$70

Golden Gate casino: All That Glitters 2: $20-$130

I love Lucy slot machine: $20-$30. I cashed out $20, lost it in a Winning Bid slot. Sigh.

Sex in the City slot machine: $40-$0

I’m only down $100 for the future which is amazing considering the damage I did tonight.

It is 7:00 right now and I am in my room with McDonalds because really, why not.  I should be defeated enough to give up but that would mean that I was not a degenerate.

At 9:00 I go back out with $125.

Invaders From the Planet Moolah slot machine: $25-$25

Rawhide slot machine: $20-$0

My progressives that I love so much: $40-$0

I managed to stop here.  So with all my degeneracy, I am really only $160 down from my future gambling budget.  I am okay with this  I mean, it is only day four. I could win a million dollars at any point in the next fifteen days!

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas: Going Degenerate Downtown in the Rain

  1. Nancy

    I love reading these old trip reports…even though I probably read them when you originally posted them on a Vegas board, and lots of machines and places have changed, they make me want to go to LV..

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      There has been so much change! I have been going through my old reports and I have found quite a few where more than half of the pictures I took are of things that no longer exist.

      I leave for Vegas in 66 days. I wish it were sooner!


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