Las Vegas Trip Report: Royal Flush!

Sunday, December 26, 2010 – Day Thirteen of Nineteen

[This is part thirteen of a nineteen day trip report.  If you would like to start at the beginning, go here.]

I wake up at the Orleans at 9:30 and an hour later I am downstairs for my last few hours here before I move to the Imperial Palace.

My quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine is free so I give it $40 as a going away present.  Sigh.

I have a comped meal at the Orleans coffee shop for breakfast and then get going on a Carnival of Mystery slot machine:


I put all the winning tickets back in to play off the change.   I cashed out for $80 in the end.

I have to hurry it up to go and get my bag and check out.  Of course, the hotel elevators are not working again.  Sigh.

After I finally get to my room, FINALLY get back downstairs, I checked out and took a cab to the Imperial Palace.   It is popular opinion among Las Vegas addicts that the Imperial Palace is a dump.   It is popular opinion among the rest of the Earth’s population that most Las Vegas addicts don’t really know the meaning of the word “dump.”   This place is not fancy and you can have it for $20/night.  I however, have it for zero because I am comped.

I am given room 1880.   See what I mean?  It must be nice to have lived such a cul de sac namby pamby lifestyle that this room is considered a dump.

Imperial Palace bed Las Vegas

These rooms come with balconies.  You might think that most people would want Strip view but being that there is the world’s loudest bar down below that goes from noon until infinity, rooms away from the Strip are more popular.  I however, have center Strip.

Look! Bellagio fountains!

view bellagio fountains from Imperial Palace Balcony las vegasAnd of course, the beautiful night view:

view of Cosmopolitan, Bellagio and Caesars from Imperial Palace Balcony Las Vegas

The Imperial Palace has nickel Ultimate X video poker, making it the only Strip casino that has this in nickels.  I love Ultimate X and even in my most degenerate of days, am still way to petrified to try quarters.

I sit down and put a $100 bill in.  I play for a bit.  Then.

ROYAL FLUSH!  No multiplier of course.
royal flush

Next win is four of a kind twos with a kicker AND a three times multiplier:
2s x 3

Cash out $350!

The Imperial Palace also has Cleopatra Keno!  Also available in nickels.  Of course, I play it in quarters though.


Room at 2:45 for a nap.

Up at 5:00

Went completely degenerate.  Lost $100 in Ultimate X.

Dinner is at the Burger Palace inside the Imperial Palace.  All the people who call the Imperial Palace a dump, swear you can die of food poisoning from standing within a 100 yard radius of this place.  I managed  to survive though.

After my delicious meal, I played Cleopatra quarter Keno and won $100 twice!  I cashed out never!


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