Las Vegas Trip Report: I Am Serious, Do Not Go to the ATM

Thursday, January 3, 2008

This is part three of a four part Las Vegas trip report.  To start at the beginning, go here!

I woke up with $20 cash left from last night’s losing session.  My “no ATM until you have no cash left” rule is still in effect so I need to get to losing it!

I took the bus downtown.  My first stop is Fitzgeralds, where I have $10 free slot play on my card.  I LOVE casinos that give you free slot play as a promo.   I got $5 in one shot but ended up playing it down and left with zero for my free play.

I walked over to the El Cortez to eat breakfast (at noon).  I lost ten bucks here.  Sigh.

Back to Fitzgeralds with $10 to spend before I hit the ATM.  OH HEY, again it worked.   I put the $10 into Monopoly and cashed out with $50.  I went and got fives for that and came back and won AGAIN. I did this a few times and ended up with $160.

I really love my ATM rule.

I took my new found winnings and decided to head to Binions.  I have a love/hate relationship with this casino.   I’ve never had an okay day here.  Only great ones or terrible ones.   You never know which one you are going to get, which I guess is why it’s called gambling.   This is also the one casino where I don’t get mad at myself for losing because even if I do, I am guaranteed to rack up enough comps for a Binions burger.

I played a Press Your Luck slot and it gives me NOTHING at all.  What is up with this machine?   It gave me so much money just last week!

Stopped for a Binions burger, then went back to Fitzgeralds.

I went upstairs to my favorite nickel triple play machine.   As I have mentioned before, this machine is my baby.   I’ve noted that she sometimes has sound and sometimes doesn’t.   I like it better when she has sound.   I’m sure she is going to die one day soon – twice now I have been to her and she wouldn’t accept bills.  I have a feeling that after I hit all three progressive royal jackpots, they are going to take her away.

This is as far as my notes go.  I HATE when I do that.   I’m too senile to remember what else I did this day.   I do know that I was in my room on time to watch Without a Trace.   So maybe that last entry was made around nine-ish and I went back to my room at that point.  Maybe I went back because I won, maybe I went back because I lost. I don’t know.  I’ll never know……

Want to continue reading?  Next and last part is here!

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