Las Vegas Trip Report: March 28, 2002: The Day I Accidentally Smashed My Head on a Slot Machine

Note:  This is an older Las Vegas trip report that was written back in 2002.  Most of this information is now outdated and a lot of what is mentioned no longer exists.  

Thursday, March 28, 2002 Day Five of Six

We wake up at the Barbary Coast at 7:00 am and go over our breakfast options. My mother is starving and doesn’t want to walk far. I agree to eat next door at the Flamingo only if she promises not to put any money in any machines. She agrees and we go.

They have a brunch in the morning so you can have breakfast or lunch. We stuck to the breakfast. Their buffet is actually very good. It’s too bad I now hate that place with a passion. We had a window table and spent our time watching the flamingos outside.

Off to Harrahs to play some Hollywood Squares slots. I win 518 credits on my first try. I love this game.

We move onto the Imperial Palace and they have Full of Sheep slots. Hello!  Welcome to Full of Sheep!  Play max credits. I put in $5. I hit “9 lines” and then “1 credit per line” and all of a sudden all these nickels start coming out. It turns out I didn’t hit “1 credit per line” I hit “collect winnings” I’m annoyed now. But not as annoyed as I get when the hopper empties and I have to wait for an attendant. I didn’t even get to play yet. Hello!  Welcome to Full of Sheep!  Play max credits.

Finally the attendant comes and fills my machine. I am now playing by inserting the nickels I accidentally cashed out. I win 118 credits. I attempt to continue playing and AGAIN I accidentally cash out. Why do I keep doing this? Hello!  Welcome to Full of Sheep!  Play max credits. I’m TRYING!!!

I went to pick the nickels our of the coin tray to reinsert them and I drop one on the floor. I bend over to pick it up and BANG!  I smashed my head into the machine. Hello!  Welcome to Full of Sheep!  Play max credits. Make it stop.

We leave and go to Caesars. I win 800 credits on a nickel Monopoly slot machine. Thank you Caesars – I need all I can get.

Time for a nap.

Wake up around 5:00 pm and get dressed. We take a cab to the Riviera. I play and lose $10. I’m now down too much money and I have cut into the next day’s allowance. I am now only able to play $5 in every casino.

We went to Sahara and lose my allotted $5.

From here, we take a cab downtown. First stop – Main Street Station for their buffet. So good. But I remember them having cheesecake last time and they didn’t have it this time. Maybe I am remembering incorrectly. Oh well, it’s still a really good buffet.

Play $5 on a Monopoly slot and lose.

Walked over to the California and lose $4 on a Monopoly slot. I then decide that I am going to start playing $3 on Megabucks in every downtown casino.

Las Vegas Club – lose my $3.

Golden Gate – lose my $3.

La Bayou – I can’t find Megabucks so I lose $5 on a Texas Tea slot. My mother wins about $50 on a Super Cherry slot machine. Good for her.

Golden Nugget. My mother gives me $5 to put in a Money to Burn slot machine and I lose it. I put $3 into Megabucks and I lose it.

Binions – I lose my $3. My mother has to get change. The cashier won’t give her 20 singles.  My mother opts to hate Binions and doesn’t want to give them any of her money. She doesn’t play.

Four Queens – I lose $8 here –  $3 on Megabucks and $5 on a Monopoly slot.

I am really almost out of money here.

Fremont – lose a $5 and do not play Megabucks

Last stop – Fitzgeralds. I put my $3 into a Megabucks and win $150 on my first try. Thank you Fitzgeralds!

Take a cab back to the Barbary Coast and call it a night.

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